“It was a great show”

I was bored last night. Metaphysical conflicts have no taste either. There is no enemy element in the field that has the power to fight. So much so that even the magicians, mediums, and jinn tribes of India and China have been melted down and destroyed for days and nights. Yet they were their last hope. Few metaphysicians from all over the world are trying to exist. They try not to make the field look empty. Their job is not left to me, my team takes care of it and gives the necessary responses. Against us, a worldwide mobilization could not yield results. There’s no way they’ll ever get it after that.

I’ve already arranged and prepared every job in every field, and I couldn’t find a job to deal with at night, so I kept it and wrote a movie script. I was confused, I wrote it in minutes, but what is in the script? States, governments, armies, intrigues, aliens, action, high science and technology, spies, robots, masons, explosions, bombings, traitors, grudge, hatred, revenge, satanism and more… It is very difficult to write such a scenario in summary, but I tried.

The scenario, in rough outlines, is as follows:

A bionic robot, working for the greens, the USA President Biden colludes with Russian President Putin, who is also a bionic robot and works for the greens. While making remarkable statements one after the other throughout the days, one day he also makes statements such as “He can’t stay in power anymore” and brings his back in the following days. The world is very surprised by these explanations. They look to see what’s next, make brainstorms, make probability calculations, but even if they get very close, they cannot reach the real truth, the knowledge of what is actually going on in the field. Biden: “The new world order is being established. We may all have to subordinate ourselves to one king. We must act together against that person and his organization, who is our common enemy.” Shortly after his statement and the threats he made to governments/leaders behind the scenes, an interstate military organization under the leadership of Biden takes action and puts Russia under pressure. They prefer naval battles rather than land and air conflicts. They also pass their navy through the straits of Turkey. Freemasons in Turkey are also influential in this part. The Russians play the role of being very angry at this. Mutual confrontations that shook the humanity of the world, all the heavy sentences made surprise everyone. Discussions of “Is there a third world war” are held and watched for hours on TV channels in states around the world. Hundreds of thousands of columns are written in newspapers and news sites.

Finally, the US and Russian navies come face to face in the Black Sea. Mutual cannon shots are fired. A few US ships are sunk, and a few soldiers are lost. Field conditions are set. At the same time, there are officials from Turkey among the players of this collusion.

Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar, a bionic robot, also plays his role. The Russians, in the strongest terms, explain in the strongest terms that Turkey plays an important role in causing these harms to them by the USA and the countries acting under the leadership of the USA and that this is unacceptable. Hulusi and his gang make statements that touch the veins of the Russians.

As if this weren’t enough, a few military ships belonging to the US navy were forced to dock on the Black Sea coast of Turkey and take shelter. Turkey’s illegitimate government also allows this asylum. It is noteworthy that these ships dock on the western Black Sea coasts in Turkey. Then Russia plays the role of anger towards the USA and Turkey. First, they fired a large number of missiles at Ukraine, where they had colluded and dragged millions of civilians into organ and prostitution mafia.

Then it causes a disturbance even more. The collusion that was demonstrated in the past with the Yavuz and Midilli ships continues to be demonstrated once again. Biden also makes provocations in the style of “You cannot burn, you cannot strike, you cannot destroy” against the Russians’ “We burn, we destroy, we will strike” level. Austin, the USA Secretary of Defense, who is also a bionic robot with a green alien inside, also makes statements one after another that supports Biden, provokes the Russians, and puts Turkey in the line of fire. People like Putin, Shoigu, Lavrov, Peskov, Zaharova, Macron, Scholz, Stoltenberg, Ursula, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, are also bionic robots, also run with fuel to the fire. Everyone plays their part perfectly, and so they come to the final part of their plan. The part of the plan so far is aimed at establishing the visible reasons/excuses for the last part, but the last part is really geared towards wreaking havoc.

While the world humanity is watching the collusion, not knowing what will happen, long-range Russian missiles are fired to the Western Black Seasides. These missiles are apparently targeting the naval elements of the US and its allies of the Western Black Sea coast, and Turkey is clearly not hit. But this is also a game. The USA government/authorities, colluding with Russia, have a nuclear submarine in that area at that time. It is ensured that the nuclear submarine is deliberately shot down.

Shortly after the explosion of the nuclear submarine in question, the high-pressure wind and the burning heat caused by the explosion enters inwards from the Black Sea coasts of Istanbul and Sakarya and explodes many dangerous facilities, warehouses, and pipelines in the region, including the Tüpraş Izmit facility. . There are also very interesting things that no one would have thought of before. Somehow, at the same time, an earthquake occurs in the region. With the explosion of Tüpraş, successive explosions that started from the Gulf of Izmit continue along the Gebze, Tuzla, Pendik, Kartal, Maltepe lines. At those moments, explosions occur on the surrounding islands, especially on the Big Island. Even before the disaster reaches this stage, hundreds of thousands of civilians perish in very disastrous ways. It will never be possible to know with certainty how many of them are babies, children, women, and pregnant women.

Many TV channels in the world cut their broadcasts and give the news of this disaster if it develops at the last minute. “It was a great show,” the bionic robot plays the Queen of England, one of the top executives of bionic robots around the world, tells his men.

While the audience have conditioned themselves to have a sad ending, they are shaken and surprised as the scenes of the movie continue. A Turkey-based and inter-state organization emerges that knows in advance that all these will be done. With such an ingenious plan, they act so bravely and in such an organized way that they drop the collusive parties into the wells they dug in a short time. With their interventions, people revolt in dozens of leading countries of the world one after another, governments collapse, leaders are overthrown, coups happen, trials take place. Even in a short time, the number of those who receive death sentences reaches tens of thousands.

The humanity of the world goes on the hunt for freemasons, jews, and bionic robots with great hatred. The international organizations under their control are immediately dissolved. The overthrow of the Biden-Kamala gang in the USA right after the disaster in Turkey, and the overthrow of the Putin gang in Russia right after that shocks the audience, but at that moment or when the movie is over, no one says, “No, it’s not that bad. This was illogical. They cannot say that these scenes were far from realism. These parts of the movie continue to shake the audience separately and one after the other.

Within a few years, the world order completely changes and a giant revolution takes place. New world order is established. Turkey becomes the new center and the new leader of the world.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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