What protects Mecca and Medina from the Dajjal?

The real/actual dajjal is a member of the human alien species. He has very high material/technological means. He has been dragging the world humanity from one disaster to another by using these. He is extremely hostile to humanity and islam. The material and moral damages he did, the games he played, his deceptions are too many to count… The so-called conquest of Istanbul in 1453 was his middle game…

Even though he found strength to all this, he can’t do any damage the places and things in Mecca and Medina which are accepted as holy in our religion. Yes, even though he has all the high technology, his men/armies who are aliens, the jews, the masons, the satanists who are working for him from among world’s humanity, the satanist governments he installed as heads of tens of the states in the world, he still can’t do this. Because the holy places in Mecca and Medina in question are protected.

It’s correct that the places are protected through angels, but it is the sunnah of Allah that everything is created with a reason. Allah makes the angels instrumental in infidels’ acts who slaughter all the muslims. Even the infidels’ bodies can work through angels who fulfil their duty. But while all this was going on, no one can see the angels. Everyone knows, sees, evaluates the more visible reasons in the foreground.

What does the dajjal see as an obstacle against him when he wants to harm the holy places in question? Is it the angels that he doesn’t think exist?

This ummah has suffered, suffers a lot at the hands of those who are hypocrites like Ahmet Mahmut Ünlü called Cübbeli Ahmet, black moneyers, scammers mostly. Those who look carefully can see the deceptive behaviours in his eyes in that very short video. It is true that he doesn’t understand or know and he is not mentally competent enough to understand but he tells the things he can understand in a wrong way so as not to wake up the muslims.

Although he had to get caught in the winds blowing from the Akademi Dergisi. I shared my comments in writing about Mahdi (PBOH) and the events that will occur in his time that are breaking the mold. After a very short time, the human demons in the so-called Turkish media put Cübbeli on TV right away… They made programs, they have clouded the minds on purpose from the beginning to the end. He has disrupted and deflected everything deliberately, made the minds confused but he said ”there will be an Istanbul government and they will send hundreds of thousands of soldiers to the malhama”. At least he said this right. But who knows how evil his intention was, who knows what was he targeted from the background by saying this.

The holy places in Mecca and Medina are protected by highly advanced magnetic shields. The sphere-shaped magnetic shields that eyes can’t see surround the holy places. If a spaceship comes out of the ground to harm the places, the magnetic shields prevent that. UFOs that are seen everywhere and the human-looking robots the aliens built can’t get in. The other holy places on earth are protected with the same system.

He certainly knows that the Dajjal, Mahdi and the helpers of Mahdi have appeared but telling the truth is not in the interest of him. Because he is not a muslim, he is not even a human.

It’s been six, seven years, he said, himself and my community were going to sue me. Even his community was going to sue me. He was talking with a complaint filed that is prepared with false claims waving in his hand. His heart was beating fast from fear and it was reflecting in his voice and his body language. In his state of mind, he was making up stuff about me. What happened? Where is the complaint files? Where are the proofs of the allegations against me? The so-called Turkish but in reality Israelis, American, English Tv channels like CNN Turk, Haber Turk put this very dishonest men on tv.

Those who listen to this conversation of this impostor in 2019 would think about it. Even if they don’t know that the Saudi family who have the control of the country are black moneyers, massacrists, masons, satanists… Even if they don’t know that Cübbeli is a black moneyer imposter in the same system… They would think about the masonic logos of all the institutions of the so-called state that I call Saudi America. They would look at the people’s creed, deeds, the legal system, the education system, the regime’s choices in Saudi America. They would look at what conditions it’s people live under. They would look at how the Kaabe’s surroundings turned into a satanic place and think. And then they would question it. They would say ”should we consider that blasphemy has not entered, could not enter the cities that have bottomed out, have corrupted, became worse than Turkey. How could there be more blasphemy, rebellion, perversion, infamy than this, if it has entered.

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