I burn them

I said it…

I said that ”the colluding war between Russia and Ukraine makes me very nervous and it has to end now. Ukrainian people which has gone astray more than Sodome and Gomorrah can go to hell but so many children and innocent people are getting hurt, not in just Ukraine but everywhere because of this colluding war”.

Yes, I said it from the beginning… Nobody listened, again. The both parties should know that all what I’ve done until today is the guarantee of what I am capable of doing. This war must end immediately with the defeat of Ukraine or I will end it. While doing this, I will also destroy both the east and the west of the world, not just Russia and Ukraine.

None of the black money dictators are safe even in their countries. They could go up in flames in their palaces. The half of the soldiers and the officers in their army could be dead by morning. Thousands of the military vehicles might become useless. Their satellites, radars, missile systems, submarines, aircraft carriers, everything could break down. Anything could happen at any moment in their country.

I will break everyone into atoms who is kidnapping babies, children, teenagers, adults and the organ smugglers, also the ones who is killing people or animals to sacrifice for the iblees. For this purpose, I will burn those who started this colluding war, in the fire of the wars.

I will burn everywhere in this world as long as the percecution, massacre of humanity, innocents, children continue and no one can stop me. Thousands of people has been killed to sacrifice for the iblees in the rituals in the last 24 hours but nothing happened to me and nothing will happen.

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