I’m not playing games here

  • The problems Taiwan have with the surrounding countries are not our issue. It is not important for us wheter Taiwan will be connected to China or not. Also it is not important for us if a big conflict break out on the Taiwan issue. It is possible that we are not a side of this conflict, we will not be. We are not an actual member of NATO. I don’t want any dissident voice on these issues in Turkey. Everyone should consider well what sort of games they will be in, what sort of fire they will throw Turkey into and therefore how violent the respond will be. Also they should consider their own end and speak or write accordingly.
  • I’m not a person who force the South Korea or another counry to democracy. I’m not a democrat and I will never be. I will never force anybody to the satanic system called democracy. No one has the right to force anybody to the democratic system. The situation of the north Korea is obvious and it is not well. Democracy is not the solution of their problems. Other than that, it doesn’t bother me that Taiwan, South Korea and Japan is being sides on this issue or their involvement in the conflicts.
  • There are no places called the South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Ukraine, Finland, Sweden, Norway, England, Israel, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Singapore, Denmark, Holland, Armenia, Iran on my map. I’ve already crossed off them. The political maps will change in those geographies. I extented the necessary hand to the most of them at the time, I gave them time, I warned them, they made their choices. They’ve prepared their own end. Turkey and Turkey’s real allies will not get caught the artificial winds about these states blowing towards us from the western world. The western world or more accurately the greys will seek to implement their plans for the regions in question of Asia. They will not get us involved into this. If they try to get us involved, we will be on the Asian side.
  • It’s been years since I’ve crossed the Armenians/Christians that are the pawns of the western world in Turkey off my list. In the last period, they made me angry about the secret Christians. I’ve declared my decisions and my anger partly. Since then, the secret Christian tratiors continue to fall like autumn leaves. Their financial losses and casualties are rising rapidly. And it will continue for a while longer. Despite this, some elements around the world who pretends like they’re on the same denominator with me has started to play tricks on the secret Christian politicians in our country. This is a grave mistake… It’s unbelievable that the elements in USA that I open up the field for them in a while made a grave decision at a time like this. I warn you on this issue.
  • Tayyip and his gang are finished. Just because they’re finished that doesn’t mean there is an obligation to address the secret Christians’ so-called political parties and their so-called political leaders or to see them as an alternative. I will not take Tayyip down by election. I will take him down by a legitimate public, justice system and by a military coup. While doing this, I will take the secret Christians’ so-called parties and their organizations to jail. I will make TBMM a central court room. I’ve said this repeatedly. What’s not to understand? If it is understood, then who do they rely on that they make decisions against me, It’s impossible to understand. I will strangle anyone who supports or allows the secret Christians who betrays all kinds of betrayals to this country and nation, who have engaged in all kind of terrorist activities, who have actively worked for all kind of black money businesses, especially Abdullah Gül. I will disrupt their business, their political balance and their black money businesses. I will destroy their administration and their giant companies. I’m telling you…
  • While I’m paying a heavy price to liberate my country from England’s covert occupation, exploitation, and from the regime they imposed, the secret armenian traitor who says ‘I came to bring Turkey into the light’ can’t even have a place under my feet. I will destroy him, his gang and all the parties in the world who act with them. I’m not playing a game over here. I’m defending my country and my nation.
  • There’s an atmosphere of fear in Egypt. I do not consider Egypt worth to address. They should withdraw if they want. If they won’t, they should show what they got against us. It would be our next target after Greece. We would save Egypt from the dictators, black moneyers, human butchers, human enemies, satanist magicians and include Egypt into our lands.
  • Not only the south Azerbaijan, the entire ancient turkish lands called Iran will be included into our lands. Those who want to send their military elements into the region to prevent this, should not seek excuses, should not set up colluding games, should send them right away. I’m not saying ‘they can’t send’ but they can’t take them back.
  • Australia will be out of England’s control. We will provide the necessary support for Australia together in this process.
  • I’m not against a nuclear war anymore. I will not prevent anyone who wants to use nuclear. I will only prevent it to be used against Turkey and it’s real allies.
  • The underground has turned into a hell. There are those who burn, collapsed, exploded. They are constantly trying to make contact with me. They’re begging me to stop. I’ve warned them. As long as the artificial drought, famine, the artificial energy cirisis, high-tech attacks to the humans and the animals, LGBT pressure, terror, organ and people smuggling continue on the surface of the Earth, I will continue to cause big problems under the ground. I do not allow the Iblees’ plans and the dajjal’s plans, I will not.
  • I will take the whole Qatari civilians or soldiers, also everyone who are doing business with Qatar or Qataris from among the turkish citizens out of the game. Most of them will die in a short time, and terrible things will happen to the rest of them.
  • The greens’, the greys’ or the other species’ conflicts does not interest me. I don’t want to see Imran Khan as the head of Pakistan and Bolsonaro as the head of Brazil.

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