Our hands will be on the alert

Tayyip is losing his power inside and outside the country, he is disappearing. The number of those who are giving up on him, getting away from him is increasing rapidly. This cause Tayyip falling out with not just the black moneyer businessmen, but the mafias and the terror organisations who are doing business with Tayyip. The balances of the terror and black money businesses are changing in and around Turkey, as on many matters. The various countries want to achieve some goals, want to lead the elements in the region for this purpose in these moments. The fact that the London-based system is collapsing and the appearance of the internal groupings may cause to create new balances.

Mostly the terror organizations who are doing black money business with each other from the background and the so-called islamic terror organizations are boiling up. There are some terror organizations trying to unite, to form an alliance against Tayyip and they are about to come to the end. Tayyip and his gang neither have the intelligence force, nor the power to deal with the threat elements in question.

Tayyip and his gang can go to hell but these developments concern Turkey’s national security. It seems that the work will fall on us. We will conduct military operations on the official basis through our state institutions, we will also conduct off-book operations. We will clean up the rapidly rising danger that is against Turkey, before it takes shape and before it can arise.

We will make the necessary interventions to the head team before the underdogs inside and around Turkey. The front is wide. We will take the thick-headed tratiors and the so-called US ambassador in Ankara first on the list… We’ll write down Iran’s Hizballah and Turkey’s Hizballah right below them and the London’s tool terror elements in Syria. That troublemaker IHH is involved and we’ll destroy them too.

We will not hesitate about a turmoil in our country. A turmoil benefits us. We will do a great cleansing during the time, we will deport the so-called refugees and include the south Azerbeijan in Turkey.

| Mfs – Ezber bozan – Akademi Dergisi


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