They are melting

As it is seen, the ongoing Russia-Ukraine collusion continue to collapse rapidly with the Istanbul’s just in time and appropriate interventions. But while someone is attempting to start the Turkey-Greece collusion, someone wants to keep the expectation and the discussion of the Third World War continue.

There’s still time for the Third World War. I will start the war and I will end it. And the Group of States under my leadership will be victorious. The London-based system has no power to start a world war anymore. As I’ve stated clearly earlier, they might attempt a third world war, they would be embarrassed and there would not be a real third world war unless I let them.

The unnecessary and artificial third world war issue should be dropped off the agenda rapidly as the Turkey-Greece issue is dropping off the agenda.

We don’t need big crises, London needs. USA needs. UN needs. Those pathetic countries that has been swelled and so-called strengthened by sucking blood needs. Time is running against them, not us. They are melting away like ice put under sunlight, they’re disappearing.

It popped into my head, The SCO is not mentioned that much around here lately.

Someone say ”these are labor pains, these things will happen and it will be fine afterwards”. But these are not labor pains for everyone. On the contrary, this is the death pains for those who have made all kinds of betrayals to the Turks by playing the role of turkish and muslim for centuries… Their stories will end here. Some of them have accepted the west has already collapsed and will continue to collapse, even though they still can’t believe it. And they’ve attempted to make Turkey an undeclared colony of China afterwards is intolerable. It is intolerable that they are still bragging about the project called ”One Belt One Road ” which has already collapsed. Aside from that, even China has collapsed and this is nothing but a new treason to hide it from our people. Turkey will not enter another cage after getting out of a cage. To prevent this, all the cryptos will enter the grave, if it’s necessary. Everyone has to be careful of their words, their actions and how they redirect in those critical moments.

Yes, both the east and the west of the world has collapsed. The cryptos who are worshipping the western world by acting like one of us on our land until today fell into a void. There is no longer a state, a leader or a balance that can strengthen them against us. While Istanbul is striking the final blows on the current world order, the cryptos who are looking for a party to hold their leash must know that this time Istanbul will tie their leashes on their gravestone.

Also, it’s pointless for the crypto groups to look for a new government or a leader for after Tayyip. In fact, all the parties including the ones playing upon Binali Yıldırım for this purpose are trying in vain. From now on, elections might never happen again in this country. Or, if an election will be held one more time, none of the traitors can’t even make their pawns candidate.

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