Why should Turks fight and die for everyone?

Russians are not dying for Russia, Turks are dying. As if it’s not enough, do Turks have to die in Ukraine? The Russians who saw the possibility of war are currently fleeing to the countries all over the world and also fleeing to Turkey. We are not indifferent to that Russia is sending the Turks first to the front and we will distrupt their plans at every opportunity. We will turn this situation against Russia soon. If the Turks in those lands has to become soldiers, be armed and fight, then they will fight for their own freedom. They will fight to save their lands from Russia’s occupation, exploitation and assimilation. We will ensure this.

But Ukraine is nothing to us, either and we will not stand beside them. The statements of the Ankara government who betrays our country and the statements of the thick headed people, the so-called advisors acting like occupation governors, does not bind us. That kind of statements represents the American government and the American intelligence. Turkey is neither on the Russians’ side nor on the Ukranians’ side in this war. Ukraine is nothing to Turkey and to Turkish people. If someone has to fight for Ukraine which has gone astray more than Sodome and Gomorrah, all the western world, especially England’s royal family who made them that way and the USA controlled by the royals should go and fight for them. We won’t even lift a finger. We will never allow an artificial opinion in favor of Ukraine to be created.

In the 1950s, we have become a simple pawn of NATO and we had great pain and suffering unnecessarily. What were we doing in Korea… We went, we died, we paid heavy prices and obtained nothing because of the treason of the so-called statesmen who are actually english/american spies, the so-called religious men in Turkey and the journalists who aided and abetted their crimes. We will prevent being said “what were we doing in Ukraine?” after a while.

It is clear that the thick-headed english/american spies are on Ukraine’s side in this war but Turkey is not on anyone’s side in this war. Turkey will not be anyone’s colony and they will not be anyone’s soldiers/army for free. The ”New Turkey” discourses of AKPKK which is an english/USA project might be a deception. But despite this, it is clearly visible that a new Istanbul-based Turkey, a new territory, a new world have been established. Turkey will fight only for it’s national and religious values and it’s own interests and will go to war when it’s necessary. Of course, a patriot will deal with the thick-headed american spies who want to betray new Istanbul-based Turkey that is already established and even settled.

It is right next to us, in South Azerbaijan 45 million Turks have rebelled against persecution, exploitation and occupation. They are challenging the artificial borders drawn by London-based anti-human system, the impositions and the human rights violations. Turkey has kept deaf, blind and unresponsive against this. Even in these circumstances, they still sing the Ukraine song in Turkey is an indicator of the betrayals of the Ankara government have become unbearable and it needs to be overthrown.

Ukrainians, Russians come to our country, they have fun in a perverted sort of a way and our government authority put them on a pedestal… And the Turks should go to the fronts where they’re supposed to go and die for them, really?

No… The American, Russian, English and German spies and all the Europian spies in Turkey and in the Turkic world must die. Especially those who look like advisors, ambassadors, consuls, press and media members among them.

Now come on, rise up! Does the London-based satanic system still want wars and deaths? Then they should send their own people and they should die. We, as the Turkic world will observe them without interfering to cleanse the world.

Once again, we have seen that the whole world being a plaything in the hands of the Iblees and human/jinn satans who work for him when the Turks stop fighting. It is clear that the world is in need of the real Turks to fight like Turks, by saying ”nizam-ı alem”. These days doesn’t seem too far.

| Mfs – Ezber bozan – Akademi Dergisi


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