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It’s time to be very careful.

Keep your gold in your hand. Don’t be fooled by the drop in gold. The field is artificially adjusted so those who do not know what is going on can sell the gold and get it out of their hands. They want to collect gold. The Europe/Euro crisis I have informed you about is also very close, but please do not worry about this. Despite everything, the Euro can recover a little after a massive depreciation in a short time. However, the fact must be accepted in advance that the dollar cannot and will not recover at the expected level. In a short time, Turkey will be the world’s most reliable port, and the world’s most valuable/reliable currency will be the Turkish lira. More attention should be paid to cheating in gold purchases. Whether the gold purchased is at its actual value or other metals have been added to it is now a matter to be much more careful. Even the most trusted places will do all sorts of tricks every chance. They will hurt those whose eyes are not open.

For a while, Turkey has been filled with fake dollars printed by Tayyip; from now on, it is necessary to be very careful with fake gold. The situation in Europe, the USA, Russia, and China is the same, and in the last period, they have minted huge amounts of unrequited money. In this way, they postponed significant crises. It seems that Mfs was not justified… Now the problems will explode even more violently; they will not be able to prevent them. Under these conditions, cheating on gold is something they will never avoid. Getting used to the constant news of crime, suicide, and suspicious death is necessary. They will not hesitate to spend money on critically positioned bosses and big companies, from which they can steal money.

Don’t let sudden short-term changes deceive anyone; gold is a safe haven…

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Everything will happen so fast

Everyone is playing their own game in Iran right now. Games are played within games, but we will be the winners. In the Iranian issue, the London-based satanic system will lose. The so-called mullahs, those black-money traitors, who have been exploiting the Iranian people in material and moral fields to this day, in collusion with England, will be overthrown. Khamenei is already dead. It is not Khamenei in appearance, but the person playing the role of Khamenei will also be overthrown.

Southern Azerbaijan will be included in our lands very soon. We will have lands down/south to the Persian Gulf. From there to the east, the lands from under the Caspian Sea to Turkmenistan and Afghanistan will be included in our borders. Before the Iran crisis ends, Iraq will also get involved, and the London-based system will lose there too. During this turmoil, we will also send so-called refugees to countries. We will definitely block the flow of refugees to Turkey. We will openly begin implementing a “foreign policy that solves problems at the center.”

We will never allow the “just” and “lawful” struggle currently underway in Iran to fade. We will defeat all collusive parties. Only those who stand by Istanbul sincerely can be in the “winners club” at this stage. During this struggle, we will “openly” stand by the region’s people with all our state means. We will not refrain from making military interventions when necessary. If there are presumptuous states, we will always be ready to engage in military conflicts with them. I will also make interventions to accelerate and facilitate these in world politics.

This is a beginning, and we will save many of our lands from the artificial borders and artificial states drawn by the London-based system and include them in our country. I told you, everything will happen very fast.

Those who stand in front of Istanbul and still try to keep Tayyip in power will see their heads burn without digesting what is happening in Iran. Even if the Russian people do not take the “honorable” stance expected of them, I will also destroy Putin, whom I swore to destroy. But in this case, Russia and the Russian people will also be destroyed.

The parties in Iran who want to live in justice, in peace, and without exploitation should immediately openly contact Turkey. Even though we have not officially taken over the administration of Turkey, we have all the main organs unofficially… I will not allow those who want to betray Turkey and that region’s people in these parts.

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They are all over

Tayyip’s burden is very, very heavy. He can’t even carry himself for a while. Moreover, the responsibility is getting heavier every day. His feet were already unable to accept this burden, but he could stand “a little longer” with “unusual” methods. Even if Putin takes his arm now, he cannot carry Tayyip. Even if he were watching so that Tayyip would not be overthrown, he would still not be able to prevent Tayyip from being overthrown. It is possible that he can prolong Tayyip’s overthrow for a short time, but he can be overthrown before Tayyip. A person should not be under burdens that he cannot carry. A Tayyip, who has determined his “political suicide” with his preferences, has played games, is distracted every time despite all the opportunities offered, and has already exhausted all his credits, is useless to anyone. Even if Superman is not an imaginary hero, even if Superman takes his arm, he can no longer save Tayyip. If I say, “Tayyip era is over,” it is over. Those who move in the opposite direction have finished themselves.

SCO is over
Xi, is over
Putin is done
Tayyip, is over
Aliyev, is over
EU is finished
The USA is finished
NATO is finished
The royal family is finished
Israel is done
The old and evil world order is over.
For all the steps taken without keeping up with the new world order centered in Istanbul, suffering and troubles have been taken and are being taken in vain.

In addition, it should be known that those who put Tayyip, whose overthrow has only a few days left, could not get anything in Turkey. Such decisions and attitudes have already harmed Turkey’s relations with post-Putin Russia. Even as of now, Akkuyu N. G. S. is finished. Decisions and interventions that will cause “great” troubles, losses, and losses to Russia will also come one after another from Istanbul. All parties in the world will follow the developments as an example.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

I don’t deal with Mickey Mouse.

The Greek side is getting ridiculous. They’re talking nonsense. Currently, the priority in the ranking is not in Greece, and I have made that clear. Turkey cannot enter into a conflict with Greece unless I give it “acceptance.” Even if there is a momentary fait accompli between Turkey and Greece, that conflict will not progress and cannot continue despite me.

The Royal family, who are trying to do something in their way against my plans and decisions I have announced, to open paths and move forward in the winds that I have created or will create, and some high-level people from the USA or NATO who see no problem in serving them should know that they will not be able to play the games that they have easily played thousands of times throughout history in my revolution.

While I am implementing the decisions I have announced, I will not implement them so that there are games within the game, so that the Royal, that is, the system of the Dajjal, will also move forward or find a way to survive/exist. I will not apply it so that Masons, secret or open Jews, Satanists, or alien parties of any kind, let my struggle go to waste so that I have come to the games despite all the struggle and the price paid. I wrote it so clearly. Everyone should re-evaluate these issues.

There is also the fact that I am a person who knows the facts that are not told to humanity in the world and have told and announced some of them to society in recent years. As such a person, I know that against Turkey under my control, it would still be an unnecessary war if not only Greece but even the entire NATO were with it. They will be at odds against Turkey. I know the lungs of NATO, the EU, the Crown, the USA, Israel, and others. I have openly declared that I am tired of these ridiculous Greek shows. We only have a few days before we get more than ten million so-called refugees out of Turkey’s borders. Anything can happen about this. Even if we send only 3 million of them to Greece, there would be no state/authority called Greece. The matter did not end there; many of the European United States of America went into crisis and collapsed in a short time.

I am busy activating the field on dozens of different and individually important issues and completing the final preparations. While the bionic robot in the image of the Queen is buried, I am thinking of adding other bionic robots from the Royal family. If I want to do it, I know that if I make this decision, it won’t count for my team and me in an impossible class, not even a tough type of work.

Every time I try to “infiltrate” my attempts to open up to the Turkish world, it makes me nervous. as I get tense, I don’t deal with rattles like others. I’m not pretending to be the Greeks, who often make simple statements and attitudes so repetitive that they can be said to be “into the loop” anymore. Whoever I have a problem with, I clash with him and drop him from the game. Even if Greece try to exercise with all nato countries right now, I will keep my calm. I stay calm, evaluate the field correctly, make the right decisions, and implement and have them implemented. I will also dismiss all governments and armies that have supported him as soon as possible.

But here I am, declaring Tayyip out of the game. A level must come to this field, to this world politics. I think the MFS should not be stressed more; more stress on the MFS may cause the royal/Dajjal family to become one with the earth, its aliens, and earthlings.

By the way, I laughed a lot at the latest statements about the bionic robot in the form of Adnan Oktar. He talked like a cowardly child who hides behind the excuse, “I’ll beat you up, but my mom won’t let me fight.” That guy is already finished. I also carve the bottoms of prosecutors and judges who have served him. There are also issues related to my congregation. There are criminal cases against me. I hang Soysuz by his throat and Haberal by his feet. A lot is going on, but the supposedly very influential and authoritative people on the field are still busy trying to set up plays on the rabble. Everybody gets together. I would like to see the intelligent, agile, brave, and strong enemy in front of me so that the game can be enjoyed.

And the interested parties should make their preparations immediately. In a very short time, I will lead the energy market in this world. Whose gas, oil, mine will go to whom, to whom will be sold and to whom will not be sold, I will decide. Even in 15 days, Tayyip’s work is entirely over; he is overthrown. Immediately afterward, all kinds of “energy” resources that exist in Turkey and have not been removed due to the prohibitions of the Royal family will be directly and rapidly extracted, processed, and used. In addition, the energy resources in southern Azerbaijan and Iraq will be in the hands of Turkey. Turkey’s citizens and those in the regions in question will quickly transition to a “prosperous” and “justice” life. The riches of these places will no longer flow to the west. Before winter, there will be very beneficial financial developments for Turkey and the people in the regions in question.

The parties in the world, who do not want to waste time with a collapsed London, want to take a flight with Istanbul and can adapt to the sensitivities of Istanbul, should get ready immediately.

| Mfs – Ground-breaking – Akademi Dergisi

Haramzade’s new villas

Alihan Kuriş, a person who has been fed with haram money stolen from Muslims, as well as black money from mafia affairs, has been one of the representatives of a system of betrayal and black money that has been going on for generations and who has been raised like his treacherous ancestors since he opened his eyes to this world, and his brother Tunahan. new villas…

The community of the people of Süleyman was almost crushed to the bottom. Knowledge, deeds, sincerity, and service/jihad have been deliberately destroyed. The problems of Muslims worldwide, especially in Turkey, are increasing daily, and genuine scholars must solve them and protect them from material/spiritual dangers. A nation is dragged into disasters collectively by the organized and insidious blows of its enemies. Still, our community is also dragged into disasters separately and collectively by the same Turkish/Islamic enemies.

Our community has already become the plaything of political parties, the pawn of mafia bosses, mafia mothers, Tansu, Meral, Adnan Oktarians, and others. It has been transformed into an organization of organized crime, terrorism, and treason. Violence, harassment, and rape cases in our community’s homes were also reported frequently, and the so-called Turkish press and media, which are under the control of freemasons, have been ignoring this news as much as possible for a while. The real Suleimanians in the congregation, who are now forced to live with their faces on the ground, ask, “What’s going on?” As we say and we tell the shocking truths in Akademi Magazine, those thieves who have eaten haram all their lives get worried, they sit and get up, but after a while, they continue to pursue only haram as before. They don’t fix any problem; they don’t want it fixed. Since the judicial authorities have not done their duty to this day, this has happened. The safety of life, property, and honor of Turkish citizens, who still think that our community is an “Islamic community and educational institution,” continues to be in danger.

Genuine Suleiman people, “What is Alihan Kuriş busy with at a time like this?” If they are wondering, let them learn from us that they are busy with profiteering, robbery, betrayal, serving masonry, dealing with various black money makers, including Adnan Oktarcılar, dating dishonest women, drinking alcoholic beverages, gambling, and trying to become rich like Karun.

“From now on, do not help the congregation financially, do not err because of your compassion. Do not give sacrifice money to the community, and do not send share money online. Do not remain a registered person in any institution of the congregation. Resign, get away,” I said. Because the rest of that money, except for a small part, still flows to Freemasonry, to the enemies of Turks and Islam, to the international black money system of the Queen of England, Israel, the USA, and Europe. Alihan and his gang try to be like Karun by taking their share in these works.

Recently, our venerable elder asked for new dormitories to be built. We must be very diligent in this regard.” They hit a whole world of money, and they are. Dozens of people openly complain and see that large sums of money have been taken from him, that the dormitories are not built, that money is not turned into service, and that they are drunk. They reach the clapping administrative staff and explain their problems, and they are distracted and circulated by them. It is impossible to know the exact number of the sincere Suleiman people, who, although they could not give such large sums of money in their way, and it is not possible to know with certainty the enormous amount of money collected from them.

If enough money is collected to build a hundred dormitories/courses, a show or two dormitories are built, and the rest of the money is poured into the system. Most parts of those one or two dormitories are built with aid, without spending any money. They even turn the valuable lands donated for the construction of the dormitory into cash with various games and pour them into the black money systems. While doing all this, they are closely intertwined with Adnan Oktar and his gang. As a matter of fact, among the communities in Turkey that have been turned into black money counters and turned into criminal organizations, Adnan Oktar has nothing to do with organized crime, terrorism, and treason. Adnan Oktar’s attitude towards the world all these years comes from his position in the secret international Jewish and freemason criminal organization. It occupies the highest place.

Moreover, the Adnancilar are using even the Suleymanian people community to engage in human smuggling through our courses worldwide. Even in the secret parts of some of our courses, they do not hesitate to perform the satanist rituals that kill people for Iblis. Although not often, they do not hesitate to murder their students and teachers in rituals from time to time. In our courses, they do not hesitate to commit many grave crimes, including prostitution and drugs, in an organized manner through secret Jewish and secret Armenian men who pretend to be a teacher or teacher in charge. In countries like Iraq, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and Africa, where the authority is weaker, our courses are used and are being used at a higher rate.

These two very luxurious villas, the pictures of which you can see below, are located at the address of “Kısıklı Street, Ramiz Paşa Street, No 5 Üsküdar”. Alihan and his family did not build these villas with the family’s financial means. They had it done with the money stolen from the Muslims, and the black money works, thanks to the community facilities. After all, the financial means that the family has, which seem to be clean, have been obtained from the secret services, the Masonic sect, the Adnanists, and the profiteering within the community for a very long time. There are also black coins from scavenger Sabbatean, Kemal Kacar, and Arif Ahmet Denizolgun.

The name of the company that built the two villas in question: Asra Group

Names of company owners: Sacit Öğdür, Mücahit Öğdür, Mustafa Öğdür.

Mustafa Öğdür also owns a construction company called Koza Mesken. These are the people who are constantly doing business with Alihan.

Öğdür brothers said, “Oh, my teacher, let no one hear or know that the owner of this place is our elder. Then there will be a lot of trouble. They keep saying, “We need to be very careful; we shouldn’t talk about these issues.”

As I wrote long ago, even if only the assets of Alihan and other family members are investigated seriously, this organization of organized crime, terrorism and treason will collapse. Afterward, a massive fire breaks out quickly, reaching the MIT, Soysuz, Adnanians, Meral Akşener, Tansu Çiller, and Tayyip, then burning the USA and Europe and getting the Queen.

Now I’m slowly starting that fire. If you can put it out, here is the challenge…

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