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Abdulhamid II was a simple pawn.

(This publication is a unilaterally published version of Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya’s correspondence with a follower in the social media application) Here, knowing and finding what happened and why in the last period of the Ottoman Empire, who actually served, is related to understanding the parties in question and the balances.

Even Abdulhamid II was a very simple pawn used between these balances. He had nothing to do with Islam, not even with humanity.

While one of the parties/groups wanted to make and implement plans regarding the Ottoman Empire, the other group was making moves against them. On the face of it, the Ottoman Empire was collapsing, degenerating, and collapsing from within.

It is also true, but on a deeper look, the Ottoman Empire was deliberately undermined by the Freemasons working for England. There are also Christians, Jews, and other complicated events in this part due to the disagreements of different parties and groups. Still, when looked more deeply, the aliens were applying their ambitions to the Ottoman Empire or exhibiting politics against those who wanted to implement it.

Since his youth, Abdulhamid was the exact opposite of what we were told.

He was a person who was fused with Jewish and Armenian merchants, black moneyers, and traitors.

Supposedly, his policy to keep the Ottoman Empire alive “despite everything” was not based on his own decisions and intelligence. In the background were secret men guiding him, their connections to the English, the Jews, and the Armenians/Christians.

Abdulhamid was a person who had determined his side among the chaotic balances in the field, but he certainly did not choose the Turkish/Islamic side.

Contrary to what is claimed and thought, he was not anti-Armenian. He always loved the Armenians very much and cared for them insidiously. To not see this anymore, it is necessary to be blind or a hypocrite who does not know what justice is and does not fear Allah.

Our absolute master did not say words that approved and praised Abdulhamid the second; they are always fabrications of the cryptos that have taken over our community from the top.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

Kemaaal! Kemaaaalll!

“Yellows” will not save you and your gang Kemaaallll!

You went too far last time, you cut yourself and your gang shrouds Kemaaallll!

What was yesterday’s panic? How many people did not understand that you gave messages to Armenia within us with that video you shared at 22:00, Kemal? You understood from yesterday that this day will be lived, that the tension will rise this much, you gave your messages in a panic state, but you were too late Kemaaaall!
 You took part as the biggest traitors in the cruel traps set by the western world against this state, this nation, this army, Kemaaaall!
This is how you destroyed the Ottoman Empire, you threw millions of our soldiers in front of our enemies with treason in the process of collapse Kemaaalll!

You shared the corruption documents that were already shared years ago and remained on the agenda for weeks. You panicked too much, you rushed it too much. You also gave your messages in a very vulgar way, and you were extremely nervous with your body and facial expressions. Rather than being the party that exposed the criminals, you were more like a member of a red-handed party. Kemaaallll, you’ve thoroughly dragged yourself and your gang to the bottom! You have become a criminal, Kemaall!

How did you give your messages clearly, “My aim is not to draw attention to scandals, but the deaf sultan heard them too.” saying and making the real purpose of it realized… Did we put the state into a coma? We stood up to prevent betrayals, betrayals, terrorists, we tried to protect our nation and our army, are we guilty, Kemal? We tried to take the power of the state into our hands, the power of our state, which has been in your hands for more than a hundred years, was divided into two, did we cause double-headedness Kemaaaallll?

Are we the party that put him into a coma, are we the ones who are trying to fix it, are you the one who has used the power of our state for more than a century to enmity against Turks and Islam, to black money, dishonesty, assimilation policies, exploitation, massacres, terrorists, to the interests of western countries, Kemal?

Kemal the terrorist… Kemal, who, like his ancestors, was the pawn of England and the Queen… The collusive opposition Kemal… Kemal, the secret Armenian traitor… Kemaalll, the black money maker…

Kamaaalll, who also poops in whatever he eats! Kemal, without hesitation, tried to throw thousands, tens of thousands of Mehmets(Turkish soldiers) in front of the terrorists in Syria, as per the orders he received from the outside.

Kemal, who took part in all this betrayal and terrorism, immediately became a “patriot” when his plans were ruined… Kemal made “one forward, two back”…

“Things took a turn for the worse, we got into a dead end. We’re at the end. There is no slate left in this business. The AKP, which we have been doing all the dirty work together for all these years, is now in trouble to save itself. They can escape at any time. Planes are ready. But we were in the middle. We have no place to run. Everyone should know this situation, take a step back from now on, and get rid of small penalties even if you are going to get penalties. I’m doing you a favor right now, get me right. The plans were messed up. We will be guilty, O yellows/terrorists/YPGs./PKKs/Armenians/Christians… What I want to do is to save you from being guilty. Listen to me. Hurry, save yourself now. Because you are not on the agenda of the AKP. They don’t care about you. They have many alternative plans, but we are left behind… Let me tell you about their plans. They will flee to the USA, not to Qatar. They think that Qatar cannot keep them, they will have to return them, but the USA will not. However, none of us should flee to the USA. The new future MFS power will not leave you alone there, and it will bring you. By God, you are wrong. Do not try to escape abroad in vain, it is useless. Finally, listen to me and immediately end the “works” you have been doing through associations and foundations. Do not have any official duties anywhere, and do not fall under the scope of the operations to be carried out. We have also infiltrated the associations of Islamic communities a lot, back off from all of them, especially the associations of the MFS community. In this way, you will be seen as innocent and innocent. Understand my messages well, raise your heads, do not stand still, act now and join us.” Those who don’t understand your messages should leave their places and sell kokoreç(grilled sheep’s intestines) on the streets.

Right Kemal, right… You have nowhere to go, no place to run, Kemal… But you are not innocent, you will not suffer any injustice. There will be no so-called trials, no prosecutors or judges who have been bought or given orders, as was done to me. There will be no organized ambushes, no lies will be told, no slanders will be thrown, and no false documents will be drawn up, Kemal! All of you will be hanged by real Turkish judges, being tried fairly and transparently. You and the traitors like you at the top will be tried transparently in the court of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, and you will be hanged live in a place in the garden.

Now, someone will come out and say, “Really, what happened that you showed a high activity during the day yesterday? Were you very worried? There was no atmosphere in which AKP members would collapse and flee? Did you suddenly hear some things that were not reflected in the press and media? And why did you give strange messages on the very night of a few documents that were known and widely heard that were shared years ago? Look, everyone has been baffled since last night. While everyone’s surprise continues to increase today, a very remarkable article about MFS came. We can’t understand what’s going on, or is MFS telling the truth as always? Have you always fought collisionally with the AKP all these years? Did they do all the corruption, oppression, massacres, terrorists, sacrifices, and uncountable evils with you? Did you play so mean? Are you really all working together in England? And even yesterday, were you involved in such great treachery that would set the entire state, nation, and army on fire? And did you hit hard rock out of nowhere? What’s going on, what’s going on? Who are you really, who are you? What have we done to you, why have you done us such great evil, for so long? What did you want from us?” If so, how will you respond?

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

A scalpel stroke

Panic and fear are increasing among the secret Armenians and secret Jews who have infiltrated all over our community. They are not in a good mood, they are not smiling. They can’t see ahead, they have no hope for the future. They don’t even know what to do. Arguments and divisions between them are also increasing.

On the other hand, I openly write that I have not struck any blows yet, that I have only slightly moved the square. Now, I see that there is a secret Jew named Kaan Özeser in the Sultanahmet Higher Education Boys’ Dormitory on the European side of Istanbul. Even though he is known as Kaan among us, if a scalpel is struck on this secret Jewish person whose real name is Cohen, not only him but hundreds of others like him, his lifeblood will be cut. They’re all knocked out of the game in one move. And they fall noisily.

If we only get an investigation to be launched against Cohen Özeser, the investigation will soon reach Gülderen and Alihan Kuriş and Seyfettin Alkan as well. Immediately afterward, there are secret Armenians, secret Jews, secret masons, secret black moneyers, secret pedophiles, secret torturers, secret traitors, and enemies of the state/nation, gathered around Gülderen and Alihan. It turns out that dozens of acts defined as crimes in the TCK have been carried out by them countless times, and crimes have been committed and continued to be committed in an organized manner. It turns out that even many of our courses, which we know as the home of knowledge, are used in mafia-style black money works and even in human and organ smuggling. I have already said that there will be a lot of noise indeed, and the truths that come out will shake not only Turkey but also the world.

Yes, yes… I’m not exaggerating, it will be, and they really have a scalpel hit.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

Who actually wrote the letters and treatises

Why have they deceived the people of Süleymanlı?

Who actually wrote some of the letters and treatises that are said to have been written by our Master, and that have been taught to the members of our community for decades with this claim, and which are made to be embraced and honored?

I am writing articles like this one after the other among many works in a limited time. For this reason, I am writing from the most crucial and summary part without making any lengthy words, without reminding, without linking to previous publications, without explaining some parts.

Our Master did not write those letters and treatises. Our Prophet (pbuh) wrote/prepared the famous Elif juz, which teaches only the letters and movements of the Qur’an al-Kareem in an ingenious way. In any case, the Ummah did not have a shortage of sources, and they have expressed this over and over again. In fact, there was great corruption in that era and great games were played on the disciples. Books published in the name of Said-i Nursi, who was their so-called master, who was actually a secret Armenian and Christian bishop, were spreading everywhere. Even the Shell company was covering the printing and distribution costs of these treatises, known as Risale-i Nur. Masons have been mobilizing to distribute these so-called Islamic tracts. In fact, it is planned to put these treatises, written by the orthodox and Christian clergy in the Fener Greek Patriarchate, in place of the Qur’an, or even before it. It is necessary to know and understand the conditions of that era very well, so that it is possible to understand why a true murshid in that era acted like this. If he had written works himself, crypto people in the community would have falsified his works after him. Maybe they would even try to put the Qur’an al-Kareem in front of it. I have written a lot about these parts in the past years, but when the time comes, I will explain these matters in a long way, perhaps out loud.

The person who wrote those letters and epistles allegedly written by Süleyman Hilmi Tunahan (q.s.) is Muhammet İhsan Oğuz, who was also a Sabbatean secret Jew. He was one of the traitors who set up a trap for Muslims by playing the role of a Muslim. It was mostly the Sabbatean Jews in our community who read his treatises in our congregation, claiming that they were the treatises of our master. Although M. İhsan Oğuz is also a Sabbatai crypto-Jew, he did not intervene properly in these lies. He used to say, “No, these works are mine. But he didn’t. Below is a work/file that can be opened/downloaded in pdf format, revealing who actually wrote these letters and treatises. Those who prepared and spread this file are also crypto people. However, the files was prepared seriously and almost entirely by staying true to the truth. We Muslims look at what is said, not what is said. Even if the Pharaoh tells the truth, we say “it is true”. While the study in question has clearly revealed the truth on this matter, we do not deny the truth because those who say it are not the right people.

Among those who had this file prepared, is Zeki Çalışkan, a lawyer I wrote about that he is a secret Armenian and missionary, that he was the founder of IHH, that he used to be at the center of the community, that he continued on his way with the AKPKK project, that he did all kinds of black money, including killing people for his organs. Years ago, he talked about this issue at length on his social media account, opened it up for discussion and stood behind it. Maybe he expected me to get involved, but I never got involved. Because all of what was told was true, it was proven, and a bitter truth was in front of us. When the following pdf file is examined with this preliminary information, it is clear that the truth is obvious before everyone’s eyes, but that there are many people with crypto IDs in our community before and after the change of the world of our Master, and that there are some falsifications. can be understood to be advanced. The details of this part can be understood, and the details of this part, where our Prophet (pbuh) actually infiltrated them with an ingenious policy at the most severe time of unbelief, and that he challenged it with this ingenious policy in conditions where it was not possible to serve Islam.

mektuplar ve bazı mesail-i mühimmeİndir

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

See also: https://doi.org/10.30622/tarr.522264

Süleymanlılar community and the secret Jews

M** (Academy Magazine follower) Friday, March 4, 16:02

Dear Sir, I am curious about your thoughts on a subject. I am currently working on history lesson for kpss(Public Personnel Selection Examination) and there is a subject that is on my mind. Where did we Turks come from? It’s so fragmentarily that I can’t stand to reason in my mind. Or do you have a recommendation for a resource to read this topic?

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya, March 4, 2022, 16:41

“Is there a race called the Turk or not?”

We are descended from Yafes, one of the sons of Noah (pbuh) from his other son, Sam, the Jews  are descended. After the expiration of Noah (pbuh)., the sons of Yafes and the sons of Sam continued uneventfully and lived together for a long time. They intermarried, they got together. Every certain opinion and codes are mixed with each other. The thousands of prophets that came after this happened and that we call “the prophets of Israel” can be called both Semitic/Jewish, Semitic/Arab, and Yafesi/Turk. I’ve already made this known with what I’ve told you in the past. In the codes of Yusha ‘alaihis-salam'(pbhu), Musa ‘alaihis-salam’ and Davud’s ‘alaihis-salam’, there were both Semitic/Arab and Yafesi/Turkishness, and there were many Turks around them. Hazrat Zulkarneyn, one of the greatest Turks in history, was also related to the prophets we know as “the true prophet sent to the Children of Israel”. In other words, the races called Turkish, Arab and Jewish for tens of thousands of years descended from the same foundation. They’re all brothers, they’re all relatives… In any case, racism is strictly forbidden/haram in Islam… The Devil then played tricks, smashed the Semitic/Jewish ones and dragged them to Satanism. He has tied it to himself, told them about their ancestry and history, always with lies, and made them tell.

A professor from Erdoğan’s A team :There is no Turkish race

The Jews who were deceived by Iblis like this and the secret Jews in Turkey come out at every opportunity and ask, “Is there a race called Turks or not?” they argue. They believe that Turks are also Jews, that they do not know this and that they are assimilated. That’s why they call themselves “Öztürkler”. Many secret Jewish families in Turkey bear this surname and give this name to their commercial establishments. There is even a so-called mehter march written by one of these secret Jews. They also call it the “New Manzikert March”. They pride themselves on their superiority and the enormous victories of the Turks, which are indisputably visible in history. They believe that the Turks of that time were also Jews who did not know that they were actually Jews. Sedat Pek-er, one of the famous secret Jewish mafia bosses in Turkey, also opened a website called “Öztürkler” in his time. It was inaugurated with a ceremony. A large group of secret Jews attended that festive and entertaining ceremony. Who were among them?

Here, Fatih’s son, Bayezid II, was led astray by such allegations. He considered himself a Jew who later figured out that he was a Jew. Then he became a mason and progressed to satanism. There was no cruelty and betrayal, perversion and disgrace that he did not do. Finally, he was poisoned by his son, Yavuz Sultan Selim Han, and was killed as an example. Recently, his grave is also a center of disgrace/filth… Even this is not unwise. Some of the masters and teachers in our community have been saying for decades, “Your ancestry/origin is always Jewish. You have assimilated, return to your origin. Look, we always have the political, financial and military power in Turkey. They said, “Don’t suffer for nothing.”

Ferhan, one of our(Ustadh) master’s daughters, her children Gülderen Kuriş and Mehmet Beyazıt Denizolgun, and their children Alihan Kuriş and Fatih Süleyman Denizolgun also turned out to be people who consider themselves Jewish, Masonic and Satanist. They were recruited and caused great damage. They are involved in all kinds of betrayal and black money dealings, crimes that are considered serious crimes according to the TCK(Turkish Penal Code), and connections.

For decades, they have prevented our community from reaching its goal, slowed down, betrayed, persecuted the sincere Süleymanlı(Süleymanian) people, expelled them from the community, killed some, attacked with witchcraft, and recently, they have completely taken over the administration of our community.

Ferhan’s husband, Kamil Denizolgun, was not a Muslim either. His ancestry was partly Armenian, partly secret Jews. It will soon be clear to everyone how Hazrat Üstadh kept this religion alive with great suffering and ingenious policies that even everyone’s mind cannot bear at the most severe time of the Dajjal’s blasphemy, how he continued to serve under all conditions, and played a wheel within a wheel. No one will be left in any doubt. Because much more than what is wanted and expected, proofs and proofs will be scattered.

Do we misunderstand or Doğu Perinçek,also secret Jew and Armenian,claims:There is no Turkish race

Today, Jews distort this historical fact and say, “Turks are actually Jews.” It’s not like that, as I said… There is a lot of kinship, a lot of common codes/genes. If we look at it from that point of view, what we know as Jews can also be called Turkish and Arab. Those who are known as Turkish can also be called Arabs and Jews. Those who are known as Arabs can also be called Turks and Jews. It depends on how it is viewed. After all, all humans are the sons of an Adam and an Eve. In addition, if we look after Noah’s flood, the second father of all people today is Noah. In fact, I told you, that period was so complicated that even the genes of alien human species were mixed among the genes of the people of the world at that time. This is not what the Jews claim. Everyone has codes in everyone’s genes. Even to alien codes…

Just as Iblis deceived the Jews, there was no human lineage apart from the sexual relationship of Iblis and Eve.

When I told it and announced it ten years ago, it made a big noise in Turkey, and it has now become one of the facts that everyone has heard and known, that those people who thought they were purebred Jews since Sam almost became extinct in the past. The Khazar Turks became Judaized and accepted themselves as Jews, but those who say they are Jewish in the world have not been become extinct. As of now, at least ninety-five percent of those who consider themselves Jewish in the world are actually Khazar Turks.

These things are so complicated…

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

Some additions to the article:

Ferhan Denizolgun (in a blue suit) who started to see herself as a Jew and dealt great blows to our community for decades, and her daughter Ayşe Gülderen Kuriş (behind her, in a striped dress) who considers herself Jewish like her.

Alihan Kuriş’s mother, she manages our community secretly and Jewish behind background
Ayşe Gülderen Kuriş
Ferhan Denizolgun’s husband and is also secret Jewish / Armenian Kamil Denizolgun

Ferhan Denizolgun’s husband and is also secret Jewish / Armenian Kamil Denizolgun

In the name of the family -ol and – gun the syllables, the secret Jewish families in Turkey, the name and family names are used frequently. For example: Ongun, Oral

The person to the left of Kamil’s left is Arif Ahmet Denizolgun. The person on the right is Mehmet Beyazit Denizolgun. Kamil’s third child is Ayşe Gülderen. Alihan Kuriş is the son of Ayşe Gülderen.

These peel members are centuries between the Turks, including Turkish and Muslims, they live hypocritely.

He is a wacky person who sees no harm being deputy in AKPKK, organized crime, terrorist and treason organization, abuses our religion, case and values for black money and politics at every opportunities .

Fatih Süleyman is the son of Mehmet Beyazit Denizolgun. AKPKK criminal organization against Ahmet Denizolgun always supported Mehmet Beyazit Denizolgun, they wanted to bring him to head of our community, but could not succeed. He was also made deputy.

After him, his son Fatih Süleyman, made deputy in AKPKK or epanorthosis made militant of AKPKK.

Gülderen and Alihan Kuriş in the administration of the community frequently talk to Fatih Süleyman. This gang, their real identities, intentions, connections, crimes are insight, manages our community with the Jewish / Mason Mindset.These are the real reasons for these many problems which grow gigantically in the community and in the country. This is a betrayal mindset that wants not to resolve the problems and wants to hinder deliberately, break its function and disfunction this case.

Aforementioned New Manzikert March

Is Kamil Denizolgun the grandson of Mustafa Reşid Pasha, one of the secret Jews and one of the leading masons who destroyed the Ottoman state from within?

Is there any kinship between the famous traitor Mustafa Reşid Pasha and Kamil Denizolgun?

Hürses newspaper writer Fehmi Çalmuk, who is known for his closeness to the Milli Görüş community, wrote a remarkable article about the Süleymanlılar Community in his column dated 28 August 2018.

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