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They’re not astrologers; they’re dishonest

Some astrologers seriously talk about what Putin can do in 2024 and see themselves in good places in their profession. I don’t know what these so-called astrologers eat and drink, and I’m not interested, but even if Putin could see January 1, 2023, he would have accomplished a tough job. Let’s say he saw it; it’s impossible to see the second half of 2023… It’s almost impossible even to see the second quarter…

While making their calculations, they say they “did not know Putin’s exact time of birth, but somehow they were able to find it approximately.” For which Putin do they find this and talk about him? How many Putin has come and passed? We are not sure how many Putins we have killed; we cannot clear the numbers. There’s a bionic robot Putin on the field right now, and it’s not even a problem for real psychics and astrologers to verify this information. They have already confirmed those who want to verify.

Like every other issue, morality and honesty are the biggest problems in astrology and metaphysics. Astrologers, who tell our nation the opposite of what they see, know, and solve, are characterless, immoral, and dishonest if they are not in this state because of drinking, smoking weed too much and if they tell such lies while they are in their right minds. Their place is not screens or print media but prisons or if that’s not enough, cemeteries. I am against people who have become too demonized to be reintegrated into society, cared for, fed, and all kinds of expenses, including health expenses, in prisons for a lifetime with the community’s taxes.

The truth of the matter is…

Now we will play the game much harder inside and outside Turkey. We will also do things that we have not done before. We will pull the trigger whenever necessary, even if it would be considered unauthorized or illegal. We will also do some things we did not do in the metaphysical field and attack much more heavily/firmly. As I said, they have lost the valuable part of their metaphysician cadres over time. It has changed the balance. They can no longer protect the bionic robots and the aliens within them at all. Soon most of the bionic robots will be out of the game. Apart from these, we will also engage in actual conflicts in the field and share concrete evidence. We will start popular movements in dozens of countries, especially in Turkey, and ensure that those nations are truly free.

We will destroy the Ankebut Cult in every aspect, with every part of it. If my plans can be implemented in the field as I want, in a short time, bionic robots in the form of Biden and Kamala will not be on the field; they will not stop. The bionic robot in the image of Putin will not be able to be kept on the field; he will be overthrown even before Tayyip. All parties involved in collusion, in whole or in part, will be out of the game in quick succession in a short time. “How did such great events happen? Moreover, how did all this happen in such a short time?” people will argue in surprise.

The USA, England, and Russia will sink. Even those that survive will not be able to remain a “great power.” The astrologers and mediums in question also see these and other shocking issues I have not explained here. However, behind most of the astrologer and psychic team, especially in Turkey, is the organized crime, terror, and betrayal organization led by Adnan Oktar and Mehmet Haberal. They can speak and write according to the organization’s instructions or permission.

The aforementioned international crime, terror, and treason organization, of which Oktar and Haberal are also among the leaders, have extensions and connections in Russia, Azerbaijan, China, European countries, England, the USA, and dozens of other countries. They play Russia as “a side of collusion” and try to keep their “devil order” alive, in which the world’s humanity is duly put to sleep, fooled, deceived, exploited, murdered, and driven away from religion and morality.

But Putin has no future. Putin is a dead character. Russia’s job is very, very difficult. Despite all my warnings, the Russian people did not overthrow Putin and his gang and did not throw them out. Therefore, from now on, Russia, at best, can exist somewhere far inland, on a small piece of land, and as a statelet that has fallen into its own troubles. George Soros, who watches over Putin and his gang, will also try to implement his alternative plans, but those plans/moves will not work either. After all, this is explained and explained in this way, and another possibility arises. Even the parties with partial conflict, often collusion, allied themselves against Istanbul and attacked Istanbul en masse. In this regard, I would say that they still cannot let Istanbul out of the game; they cannot destroy it.

The alien person serving in the Queen is exceptional for the Dajjal and Iblis. It turns out that before the bionic robot in the image of the Queen, he used bionic robots made in the image of other members of the Royal family. Through them, he dragged the world, the world’s humanity, into material and spiritual disasters.

In my article dated March 4, 2022, titled “The dog will crawl, the caravan will always march,” “Even if they want to resist from now on, there will come a moment soon, and they will collapse down the hill. Not only the treacherous top staff in my congregation but everyone involved, right down to the Royal family, will be overthrown. “I said. The same article also stated, “The Queen and even that royal family, one of the biggest centers of evil in the world, has come to an end. The end is very near. I will come face to face, there will be conflicts, and I will be victorious again,” I said. In the same article, while describing and interpreting my dream, “Ya Hayy, Ya Qayyum,” “But the robot spider means the Ankebut Cult, which aliens have already controlled. I’m going to smash her hard and bring her down to nothing in front of me, and then I’ll destroy one of the zombie women, Queen Elizabeth, and knock her out of the game.” I said.

Even in this broadcast on March 4, everything is obvious. A zombie is a person who continues on his way as if he did not die every time even though he died… I have two of them in my dream. I drop one from the game and the other escapes from my hand. Queen Elizabeth is the person I’ve dismissed, but it’s important to understand this. That alien who served in Queen Elizabeth at the time of the dream was highly valued by her organization… That person’s death will be at my hand. At this moment, their bionic robot is dead, and the system has malfunctioned excessively; also, Queen Elizabeth’s character is cornered in world politics; I am helpless, I have no room for action, etc. Now, the same alien continues his activities in King Charles III, that is, zombies in a sense. Here I will put an end to this game. He will no longer be a zombie. If he has come to these days as a zombie, that is, if he has continued to stay in the game by constantly changing bionic robots/bodies, he will not be able to anymore because I will also kill that “important, precious” alien inside him. Moreover, it was a very, very short time.

Now, if we expand a little more, world politics will turn dust, as I did in a short time. It’s going to be everywhere. The balance of the enemies of humanity will be turned upside down. They will not be able to control their nerves. I will take this opportunity. Even if they want to control their anger, I will take the chance and continue to strike even more brutal blows one after the other. Even if they try to reciprocate, be patient, and hold back, the result will not change. In both cases, I will continue to strike more blows, and the conditions of “violent conflict” will arise. A flood or a storm will blow that will wipe out dozens of governments and leaders from world politics within days. From the mafia bosses to some religious leaders, to some opposition party leaders and the gangs around them, to the bosses of significant holdings, to the chiefs of staff of many armies, to the top names of many international organizations, everyone will be destroyed in this flood.

And as I said in March, they will be so helpless and helpless in front of me that they will only try possibilities such as slander, lies, defamation, and perjury. But the dog will crawl, and this caravan will always walk. Until we establish a single world state… Until we move into the space age, until we conquer other worlds and bring justice, happiness and happiness there… Until we destroy the human and jinn demons there… Until we go to the place where the sun rises and sets… The day the sun rises from the west. This caravan will continue on its way until Who are the members of that Kingdom, who is that antichrist, and who is that Iblis who can intercept this caravan…

I know that the world will not be the old world after this article. The great wind of change over the world will only accelerate. To speed this up, even more, I’ll also write the following. In my article titled “Arm wrestling with Queen Elizabeth,” dated July 15, 2022, I wrote the following sentences:

“Then I also wanted to arm wrestle with the alien inside this bionic robot. This is the dream, there is a computer screen in front of me, and the alien in question is in the image on the screen. I arm wrestled him through the computer system and beat him too. The bionic robot queen beside me said, “In two weeks, the whole world will listen to you, not me, in financial/financial matters; it will suit you.”

| Mfs – Ezber bozan -Akademi Dergisi

I am the Curse of Allah

I don’t care what happens to Azerbaijan. The Azerbaijan people still obey Aliyev and his wife and keep them in their heads without causing any problems. The Azerbaijani people still do not say “enough is enough” to the royal system and have a way to hell.

I will bury anyone from Turkey who supports the Azerbaijani people, army, and government in any way, together with his entire circle/gang. I do not say, statesman, officer, mafia, businessman, party leader, or member; I do not separate anyone; I will smash everywhere. I’ll put this at the top of my “before do” list. For me to say… Azerbaijan will either change, return to its factory settings, or become like a Muslim Turkish country, not in words but the essence, or it will disappear.

Everyone should understand that the so-called Turkish unity the Royal family will establish will not be Turkish unity. Masonic union, Jewish union, satanist union, Christian union, crusader union, black money union. It will be an organization to the detriment of all humanity, especially the Turks. A nation that consents and obeys such a plan, and anyone who helps and abets influential and authoritative, will also find trouble. I am in this field right now to make sure that. For some, I am a punishment from Allah. If they hadn’t gone astray, if they hadn’t used every holy one of ours and their demons, I wouldn’t have been fighting this battle and sending them to their hell. I’ll send them to their hell en masse if my tune blows.

It has been twenty years since my mother and father parted ways with one of my brothers and deleted them for good reasons. It doesn’t force me to wipe out the Azerbaijani people who look like Turks, think, believe, and live like Turkish enemies, and even do/cut the interventions/coups/punishments they deserve. The sharp sword of justice begins to appear for the people of Azerbaijan, who do not benefit from all these warnings, fairness, goodwill, sincerity, patience, wisdom, and nobility. My sword is about to unsheath…

While I’m knocking out the US, the UK, and the European States as a whole, I will never allow anyone to establish a new Asia-based Ankebut Cult when the existing Ankebut Cult is even about to cut off the blood flow to the aorta. So that you know, all parties should take their decisions accordingly.

I do not know the current/official Organization of Turkish States either. I do not know those who know or respect that organization, which is a satanist project.

I don’t know about the treason project called “I can’t fit into this world,” which was filmed within the framework of such plans of the Royal and will be broadcast soon. It was always that Sabbatean secret Jew and MIT pawn, Osman Sinav, who shot projects that supposedly served the Turkish nation but served the Royal / Dajjal system (especially the Kurtlar Vadisi series). Has Osman Sınav been exposed lately, or is there no room for action? For a few days, MIT’s men in the news media, apart from the TV series industry, have been the subject of the series. What we wrote years ago is the subject of discussion these days. I think the Royal lackeys in Turkey are pushing their luck too much.

| Mfs – Ground-breaking– Akademi Dergisi

I don’t deal with Mickey Mouse.

The Greek side is getting ridiculous. They’re talking nonsense. Currently, the priority in the ranking is not in Greece, and I have made that clear. Turkey cannot enter into a conflict with Greece unless I give it “acceptance.” Even if there is a momentary fait accompli between Turkey and Greece, that conflict will not progress and cannot continue despite me.

The Royal family, who are trying to do something in their way against my plans and decisions I have announced, to open paths and move forward in the winds that I have created or will create, and some high-level people from the USA or NATO who see no problem in serving them should know that they will not be able to play the games that they have easily played thousands of times throughout history in my revolution.

While I am implementing the decisions I have announced, I will not implement them so that there are games within the game, so that the Royal, that is, the system of the Dajjal, will also move forward or find a way to survive/exist. I will not apply it so that Masons, secret or open Jews, Satanists, or alien parties of any kind, let my struggle go to waste so that I have come to the games despite all the struggle and the price paid. I wrote it so clearly. Everyone should re-evaluate these issues.

There is also the fact that I am a person who knows the facts that are not told to humanity in the world and have told and announced some of them to society in recent years. As such a person, I know that against Turkey under my control, it would still be an unnecessary war if not only Greece but even the entire NATO were with it. They will be at odds against Turkey. I know the lungs of NATO, the EU, the Crown, the USA, Israel, and others. I have openly declared that I am tired of these ridiculous Greek shows. We only have a few days before we get more than ten million so-called refugees out of Turkey’s borders. Anything can happen about this. Even if we send only 3 million of them to Greece, there would be no state/authority called Greece. The matter did not end there; many of the European United States of America went into crisis and collapsed in a short time.

I am busy activating the field on dozens of different and individually important issues and completing the final preparations. While the bionic robot in the image of the Queen is buried, I am thinking of adding other bionic robots from the Royal family. If I want to do it, I know that if I make this decision, it won’t count for my team and me in an impossible class, not even a tough type of work.

Every time I try to “infiltrate” my attempts to open up to the Turkish world, it makes me nervous. as I get tense, I don’t deal with rattles like others. I’m not pretending to be the Greeks, who often make simple statements and attitudes so repetitive that they can be said to be “into the loop” anymore. Whoever I have a problem with, I clash with him and drop him from the game. Even if Greece try to exercise with all nato countries right now, I will keep my calm. I stay calm, evaluate the field correctly, make the right decisions, and implement and have them implemented. I will also dismiss all governments and armies that have supported him as soon as possible.

But here I am, declaring Tayyip out of the game. A level must come to this field, to this world politics. I think the MFS should not be stressed more; more stress on the MFS may cause the royal/Dajjal family to become one with the earth, its aliens, and earthlings.

By the way, I laughed a lot at the latest statements about the bionic robot in the form of Adnan Oktar. He talked like a cowardly child who hides behind the excuse, “I’ll beat you up, but my mom won’t let me fight.” That guy is already finished. I also carve the bottoms of prosecutors and judges who have served him. There are also issues related to my congregation. There are criminal cases against me. I hang Soysuz by his throat and Haberal by his feet. A lot is going on, but the supposedly very influential and authoritative people on the field are still busy trying to set up plays on the rabble. Everybody gets together. I would like to see the intelligent, agile, brave, and strong enemy in front of me so that the game can be enjoyed.

And the interested parties should make their preparations immediately. In a very short time, I will lead the energy market in this world. Whose gas, oil, mine will go to whom, to whom will be sold and to whom will not be sold, I will decide. Even in 15 days, Tayyip’s work is entirely over; he is overthrown. Immediately afterward, all kinds of “energy” resources that exist in Turkey and have not been removed due to the prohibitions of the Royal family will be directly and rapidly extracted, processed, and used. In addition, the energy resources in southern Azerbaijan and Iraq will be in the hands of Turkey. Turkey’s citizens and those in the regions in question will quickly transition to a “prosperous” and “justice” life. The riches of these places will no longer flow to the west. Before winter, there will be very beneficial financial developments for Turkey and the people in the regions in question.

The parties in the world, who do not want to waste time with a collapsed London, want to take a flight with Istanbul and can adapt to the sensitivities of Istanbul, should get ready immediately.

| Mfs – Ground-breaking – Akademi Dergisi

Eating horse and donkey meat is not haram.

No, there is no harm in it, even eating donkey meat is not haram; it is makruh. It is makruh because it has critical importance in daily life and during the war. The fact that always having horses and donkeys on hand made Muslims strong. For this reason, they said it was makruh, but it was still not called haram.

Muslim Turks in Central Asia eat horses because they have not gone to extremes; the fatwa was taken to an extreme here; it was accepted as haram.

Horses and donkeys are animals as clean as sheep and cows, their meat is clean, and they are no longer a means of warfare and an indispensable part of daily life, so food is not even makruh, and their milk is not haram.

Are zebras eaten? Can some deer species be eaten larger than a donkey, almost as much as a horse? Why don’t a donkey or horse be eaten if they are eaten?

Biologically, is there any difference between them in terms of cleanliness? Does anyone die because of eating horse or donkey meat? Has it been determined that the cause of an incurable disease is eating horse or donkey meat?

Right now, if a person sets up a horse or donkey farm in Turkey or anywhere in the world, feeds and sells them for their meat and milk, no one can stop him and say, “You are doing something illegal.” No one can say “you are eating haram” to those who buy products from it and eat it.

The state system cannot prevent such entrepreneurs. If I were the state’s official head, I would immediately ensure that horse and donkey farms become widespread. I would immediately remove the state incentives given to pig farms and gave those support to horse, donkey, zebra, and deer farms.

In this regard, it have to be noted that in all four madhhabs, those who say “halal” rather than “haram” are in the majority.

In the Hanafi school, Imam Azam had two great students. Imam Abu Yusuf and Imam Muhammad, his two great students in the office of ijtihad, did not even say it was makruh as they did not say haram. They said mubah. These two imams are called “imameyn,” and if the ijtihad of Imam Azam is different in an issue and the ijtihad of the imameyn is different, the fatwa is given according to the imameyn. The “true” muftis must understand these parts thoroughly and guide Muslims in every period. Also, when it is said makruh, there is the question of whether it is tanzihen, that is, makruh, which is close to halal, or whether it is makruh, tahrimen, that is, close to haram.

Those who belong to the Hanafi sect and say makruh for horse meat say it is tanzihen makruh, that is, makruh, which is close to halal. When we look at the hadiths accepted as a source/source in this regard,  It is understood that our Prophet (PBUH)forbade eating the meat by slaughtering a horse during the war. Fatwas are different during the campaign/war, but in regular times, fatwas are various.

In the section “Can you eat a donkey,” everyone held back even more and still does it. This is something that scientists should not do. Of course, they must have a fear of Allah SWT, and there will be no willingness to give fatwas, but when they hold back too much due to the fear of the plague, things get so complicated, and there is no consensus on the right fatwas and deeds for centuries.

Donkey meat is also halal, and it is also halal to eat the flesh of mules, which are a combination of donkeys and horses. Because the meat of the animal, which consists of the variety of the breed of the animal, both of which are halal to eat, is also halal.

It should also be noted that many scholars forbade eating the meat of domesticated horses and donkeys. As I wrote from the beginning, such fatwas were given by calculating the balances in the lives of Muslims, and our Prophet (PBUH) did not forbid eating untamed horses and donkeys, even during the war.

I’ve been saying the same things for over ten years. Some scholars gave fatwas based on some hadiths. Still, those hadiths forbid music sung by women, even half-naked women, accompanied by drinks and containing curses, insults, or religiously objectionable parts.

Considering these, many say that it is permissible to “play or listen to music within limits”, from the great Ahl as-Sunnah scholars and even the true murshids. Just as all kinds of music are not haram under all circumstances, we are not prohibited from eating the meat of horses and donkeys and drinking their milk under any circumstances. For those who follow the Hanafi sect, it is permissible to eat the meat and drink the milk of horses and donkeys, whether domestic or wild, raised in nature or on farms.

As for the other three madhhabs… Now, it is necessary to be realistic in this matter and to discuss whether these three true sects in practice are among the sects that are now forgotten and have disappeared.

For centuries, no true scholars have followed the true mujtahid imams of these madhhabs. I surpassed the Maliki and Hanbali ones, even those who follow the Shafi’i sect today are in a deadlock, clearly faltering in front of their eyes. Because even if they need genuine imams within the sect and muftis in the authority of fatwa who have been followed by the true sect they follow, even if a worldwide search is done, there is no “genuine” one among the scholars in question. Although he knows how deficient he is, some pretend to be in the authority but are not even useful to themselves.

The jurisprudence of these three sects in the sources/records and whether the available part is enough to keep these sects alive and to assume them to be discussed.

According to reliable sources, it is permissible for Shafi’i, Hanbali, and Malikis to eat horse meat or drink its milk. It is acceptable, that is, it is allowed to do that job/thing; if you do it, it means that there is no reward or sin/punishment. In its clearer form, it means that eating horse meat has neither merit nor sin.

As a result, for centuries, Muslims worldwide have been worried and refrained from eating horses, donkeys, mules, zebras, and many other animals. However, the sect imams had already given the necessary fatwas that there was no harm in eating them, and people recorded those fatwas. For centuries, the “wrongful” backsliding and “overdoing” on these issues did not benefit the Muslims but harmed them. Even in many complex/unfavorable geographies, horses, donkeys, mules, zebras, and similar animals could be farmed, and this behavior could provide vital benefits in many “difficult, semi-arid” periods. There will be difficult and semi-arid or arid periods and geographies before us. Understanding these issues correctly, even now, will be very beneficial.

I think Iblis had very “sneaky” games in this regard. He also caused scholars to be haunted a lot, causing them to fall into delusions. He did his best and ensured that while there were so many clean, edible, healthy, meat and milk useful animals, the whole world was filled with pig farms that are the source of filth and disease.

Pigs, and therefore pig farms, are the source of many physical and spiritual diseases that plague the people of the world today.

When there are such clean animals, it can be understood that very insidious games are played by both the devil and the Dajjal simultaneously so that people eat pigs. However, there are other shocking truths that the world’s humanity must immediately fall upon. In the world, breeds of cows and sheep have recently been genetically manipulated.

Various names have been given to the cow and sheep species in question, and these breeds have spread rapidly from the western realm, which is under the control of the devil and the Dajjal, to the eastern realm, and they are still spreading even more.

Also, games are played over the masons who have taken control of the states by portraying them as supposedly scientific decisions and decisions that are compatible with medicine, by reason and logic. In this way, the rapid spread of the aforementioned later-derived genera was achieved.

However, the genetic codes were insidiously tampered with in these later derived genera. They have even added pig genes to them.

On the one hand, they wanted to be resistant to filth like pigs, to their manure, not to get sick all the time, and to reduce losses, but on the other hand, they targeted the human communities that they could not dehumanize because they could not make them consume pigs.

At the same time, they intended to harm the health of people who eat their meat and drink their milk from these animals.

Animals from these later derived breeds are also given all sorts of so-called vaccines throughout their lives.

It is said that these so-called vaccines are for the health of animals, but a state administration that has been taken out of freemason, Jewish, and satanist control and taken from the hands of traitors needs to do a “fair” study.

What exactly is aimed at animals of these breeds, and to what level are they meant?

What happens in those animals’ bodies, meat, and genes when it comes to so-called vaccines?

What happens in the bodies of those who eat them, drink the milk that is milked from them, or consume dairy products made from the milk in question?

These should be searched and investigated without losing a moment so that this “wild” time when every corner is a hospital and every house is full of patients will come to an end.

There is a high protein in the meat of horses and zebras that grow freely in the pasture or in nature and can move and run as much as they want. It will be a very accurate decision to feed zebra meat, especially to children. The meat of zebras, raised without binding, freely, and under healthy conditions, is healthier, more nutritious, and has more protein than cow meat.

Also, spreading rabbit meat and feeding the meat of rabbits that were raised by moving as much as they want in the pasture or in nature and eating healthy will be a breaking point. It will be one of the reasons for humanity to restore its health from head to toe. Rabbit meat also has high protein.

On the other hand, they have examined pork meat countless times, revealing that it is not clean and harmful to health. Just as homosexuals are ignoring the spread of AIDS, the states in the hands of the mason above, Jewish, and satanist rulers have also ignored that pork is harmful to health, and they do because both the antichrist and Iblis want them to act like this. Because this Ankebut Cult is an organization that is the enemy of humanity as an entire staff…

The meat of those deer, which is full of high protein, is a complete source of healing… Deer milk, which is also relatively high in protein, is also a source of healing. If desired, deer farms in many parts of the world would be full. Their meat, milk, skin, and horns were evaluated separately. As it became more widespread, its prices would decrease, benefiting humanity. Of the Nordic countries, there would be countries that derive most of their annual income from deer. They would grow and sell to the world in abundance. They are always deliberately blocked. Even though it is shown that such things are being done and free, they are secretly and insidiously blocked in front of them. It is not allowed to spread.

Iblis just rushed to the side of Asian countries and left. My articles are translated by many people in the nations there. It is discussed that my writings affect my decisions. Iblis is casting spells on them collectively with his own hands so that they may not understand what I have written on this subject, they may misunderstand what I have written, so that they will lose their understanding, become suffocated, and let go of the subject. That Iblis who made things unbecoming be eaten…

And no matter what a person eats, what he eats affects both his body and soul. It has spiritual/metaphysical effects. When the time comes, if I have a lot of time, I will explain the metaphysical effects of the vanquished.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

We were playing nicely

Okay, don’t cry too much. I really didn’t expect her to die. If I were convinced that he would die, I wouldn’t have crashed so hard, and I wouldn’t have thrown world politics on him. I was as surprised as you. How could I have known that he was much weaker, unqualified, and mindless than I had ever imagined… But what happened, she died. Those who do not want to die from now on should be wise and stay away from the Royal system, the system of Iblis, and the system of the Dajjal. Next time, those who are going to die should inform them somehow; let’s stop our signal. How well we were playing, we had risen after a long time; it was a pleasure to fight. What will happen now…

| Mfs – Ground-breaking – Akademi Dergisi