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Eating horse and donkey meat is not haram.

No, there is no harm in it, even eating donkey meat is not haram; it is makruh. It is makruh because it has critical importance in daily life and during the war. The fact that always having horses and donkeys on hand made Muslims strong. For this reason, they said it was makruh, but it was still not called haram.

Muslim Turks in Central Asia eat horses because they have not gone to extremes; the fatwa was taken to an extreme here; it was accepted as haram.

Horses and donkeys are animals as clean as sheep and cows, their meat is clean, and they are no longer a means of warfare and an indispensable part of daily life, so food is not even makruh, and their milk is not haram.

Are zebras eaten? Can some deer species be eaten larger than a donkey, almost as much as a horse? Why don’t a donkey or horse be eaten if they are eaten?

Biologically, is there any difference between them in terms of cleanliness? Does anyone die because of eating horse or donkey meat? Has it been determined that the cause of an incurable disease is eating horse or donkey meat?

Right now, if a person sets up a horse or donkey farm in Turkey or anywhere in the world, feeds and sells them for their meat and milk, no one can stop him and say, “You are doing something illegal.” No one can say “you are eating haram” to those who buy products from it and eat it.

The state system cannot prevent such entrepreneurs. If I were the state’s official head, I would immediately ensure that horse and donkey farms become widespread. I would immediately remove the state incentives given to pig farms and gave those support to horse, donkey, zebra, and deer farms.

In this regard, it have to be noted that in all four madhhabs, those who say “halal” rather than “haram” are in the majority.

In the Hanafi school, Imam Azam had two great students. Imam Abu Yusuf and Imam Muhammad, his two great students in the office of ijtihad, did not even say it was makruh as they did not say haram. They said mubah. These two imams are called “imameyn,” and if the ijtihad of Imam Azam is different in an issue and the ijtihad of the imameyn is different, the fatwa is given according to the imameyn. The “true” muftis must understand these parts thoroughly and guide Muslims in every period. Also, when it is said makruh, there is the question of whether it is tanzihen, that is, makruh, which is close to halal, or whether it is makruh, tahrimen, that is, close to haram.

Those who belong to the Hanafi sect and say makruh for horse meat say it is tanzihen makruh, that is, makruh, which is close to halal. When we look at the hadiths accepted as a source/source in this regard,  It is understood that our Prophet (PBUH)forbade eating the meat by slaughtering a horse during the war. Fatwas are different during the campaign/war, but in regular times, fatwas are various.

In the section “Can you eat a donkey,” everyone held back even more and still does it. This is something that scientists should not do. Of course, they must have a fear of Allah SWT, and there will be no willingness to give fatwas, but when they hold back too much due to the fear of the plague, things get so complicated, and there is no consensus on the right fatwas and deeds for centuries.

Donkey meat is also halal, and it is also halal to eat the flesh of mules, which are a combination of donkeys and horses. Because the meat of the animal, which consists of the variety of the breed of the animal, both of which are halal to eat, is also halal.

It should also be noted that many scholars forbade eating the meat of domesticated horses and donkeys. As I wrote from the beginning, such fatwas were given by calculating the balances in the lives of Muslims, and our Prophet (PBUH) did not forbid eating untamed horses and donkeys, even during the war.

I’ve been saying the same things for over ten years. Some scholars gave fatwas based on some hadiths. Still, those hadiths forbid music sung by women, even half-naked women, accompanied by drinks and containing curses, insults, or religiously objectionable parts.

Considering these, many say that it is permissible to “play or listen to music within limits”, from the great Ahl as-Sunnah scholars and even the true murshids. Just as all kinds of music are not haram under all circumstances, we are not prohibited from eating the meat of horses and donkeys and drinking their milk under any circumstances. For those who follow the Hanafi sect, it is permissible to eat the meat and drink the milk of horses and donkeys, whether domestic or wild, raised in nature or on farms.

As for the other three madhhabs… Now, it is necessary to be realistic in this matter and to discuss whether these three true sects in practice are among the sects that are now forgotten and have disappeared.

For centuries, no true scholars have followed the true mujtahid imams of these madhhabs. I surpassed the Maliki and Hanbali ones, even those who follow the Shafi’i sect today are in a deadlock, clearly faltering in front of their eyes. Because even if they need genuine imams within the sect and muftis in the authority of fatwa who have been followed by the true sect they follow, even if a worldwide search is done, there is no “genuine” one among the scholars in question. Although he knows how deficient he is, some pretend to be in the authority but are not even useful to themselves.

The jurisprudence of these three sects in the sources/records and whether the available part is enough to keep these sects alive and to assume them to be discussed.

According to reliable sources, it is permissible for Shafi’i, Hanbali, and Malikis to eat horse meat or drink its milk. It is acceptable, that is, it is allowed to do that job/thing; if you do it, it means that there is no reward or sin/punishment. In its clearer form, it means that eating horse meat has neither merit nor sin.

As a result, for centuries, Muslims worldwide have been worried and refrained from eating horses, donkeys, mules, zebras, and many other animals. However, the sect imams had already given the necessary fatwas that there was no harm in eating them, and people recorded those fatwas. For centuries, the “wrongful” backsliding and “overdoing” on these issues did not benefit the Muslims but harmed them. Even in many complex/unfavorable geographies, horses, donkeys, mules, zebras, and similar animals could be farmed, and this behavior could provide vital benefits in many “difficult, semi-arid” periods. There will be difficult and semi-arid or arid periods and geographies before us. Understanding these issues correctly, even now, will be very beneficial.

I think Iblis had very “sneaky” games in this regard. He also caused scholars to be haunted a lot, causing them to fall into delusions. He did his best and ensured that while there were so many clean, edible, healthy, meat and milk useful animals, the whole world was filled with pig farms that are the source of filth and disease.

Pigs, and therefore pig farms, are the source of many physical and spiritual diseases that plague the people of the world today.

When there are such clean animals, it can be understood that very insidious games are played by both the devil and the Dajjal simultaneously so that people eat pigs. However, there are other shocking truths that the world’s humanity must immediately fall upon. In the world, breeds of cows and sheep have recently been genetically manipulated.

Various names have been given to the cow and sheep species in question, and these breeds have spread rapidly from the western realm, which is under the control of the devil and the Dajjal, to the eastern realm, and they are still spreading even more.

Also, games are played over the masons who have taken control of the states by portraying them as supposedly scientific decisions and decisions that are compatible with medicine, by reason and logic. In this way, the rapid spread of the aforementioned later-derived genera was achieved.

However, the genetic codes were insidiously tampered with in these later derived genera. They have even added pig genes to them.

On the one hand, they wanted to be resistant to filth like pigs, to their manure, not to get sick all the time, and to reduce losses, but on the other hand, they targeted the human communities that they could not dehumanize because they could not make them consume pigs.

At the same time, they intended to harm the health of people who eat their meat and drink their milk from these animals.

Animals from these later derived breeds are also given all sorts of so-called vaccines throughout their lives.

It is said that these so-called vaccines are for the health of animals, but a state administration that has been taken out of freemason, Jewish, and satanist control and taken from the hands of traitors needs to do a “fair” study.

What exactly is aimed at animals of these breeds, and to what level are they meant?

What happens in those animals’ bodies, meat, and genes when it comes to so-called vaccines?

What happens in the bodies of those who eat them, drink the milk that is milked from them, or consume dairy products made from the milk in question?

These should be searched and investigated without losing a moment so that this “wild” time when every corner is a hospital and every house is full of patients will come to an end.

There is a high protein in the meat of horses and zebras that grow freely in the pasture or in nature and can move and run as much as they want. It will be a very accurate decision to feed zebra meat, especially to children. The meat of zebras, raised without binding, freely, and under healthy conditions, is healthier, more nutritious, and has more protein than cow meat.

Also, spreading rabbit meat and feeding the meat of rabbits that were raised by moving as much as they want in the pasture or in nature and eating healthy will be a breaking point. It will be one of the reasons for humanity to restore its health from head to toe. Rabbit meat also has high protein.

On the other hand, they have examined pork meat countless times, revealing that it is not clean and harmful to health. Just as homosexuals are ignoring the spread of AIDS, the states in the hands of the mason above, Jewish, and satanist rulers have also ignored that pork is harmful to health, and they do because both the antichrist and Iblis want them to act like this. Because this Ankebut Cult is an organization that is the enemy of humanity as an entire staff…

The meat of those deer, which is full of high protein, is a complete source of healing… Deer milk, which is also relatively high in protein, is also a source of healing. If desired, deer farms in many parts of the world would be full. Their meat, milk, skin, and horns were evaluated separately. As it became more widespread, its prices would decrease, benefiting humanity. Of the Nordic countries, there would be countries that derive most of their annual income from deer. They would grow and sell to the world in abundance. They are always deliberately blocked. Even though it is shown that such things are being done and free, they are secretly and insidiously blocked in front of them. It is not allowed to spread.

Iblis just rushed to the side of Asian countries and left. My articles are translated by many people in the nations there. It is discussed that my writings affect my decisions. Iblis is casting spells on them collectively with his own hands so that they may not understand what I have written on this subject, they may misunderstand what I have written, so that they will lose their understanding, become suffocated, and let go of the subject. That Iblis who made things unbecoming be eaten…

And no matter what a person eats, what he eats affects both his body and soul. It has spiritual/metaphysical effects. When the time comes, if I have a lot of time, I will explain the metaphysical effects of the vanquished.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

“Here I am”

 I wrote years ago, that there can be a giant wave (tsunami) without an earthquake. After a while, I also wrote about it, some vehicles in the hands of aliens in our world can create giant waves without earthquakes. Again, I wrote, the thing called Poseidon was not a god, but a vehicle made by aliens with high technology that could guide the seas.

Today, such vehicles can disrupt the tide balance in the target areas, and sea recessions up to hundreds of meters can be seen on the beaches of the target area.

One of the issues that remain human in our world, that is, scientists who have not been killed and replaced by bionic robots, and who have not lost their morality and conscience, is one of the issues that need to be investigated: How is it possible to collect water bodies as big as the ocean, I don’t know how far below the earth’s surface. Moreover, how can this water be salty?

Another issue is this: How is it possible that a very large amount of gas, which could not blow up a city, can be collected under one point of the earth, although it has not been found before, in a short time.

Unless very advanced science and technology are involved, neither such frequent and strange sea withdrawals can occur, nor such frequent and strange earthquakes, nor such a rapid drought, how often dolphins and whales wash ashore, how frequent bird flocks While in the air, they die en masse and fall to the ground, neither such frequent and large forest fires can occur, nor giant waves (tsunami) without earthquakes, neither so-called meteorites can fall so often, nor saltwater oceans under the ground.

No scientist who does not accept that frequent interventions are made in the natural balance of our world by using high science and technology cannot provide a scientific explanation of the events taking place in our world.

These facts will become clearer in the coming days. The sides will use their advanced technology furiously and wildly. As a result, there will be great disasters, mass deaths will occur frequently, and events that go down in world history will occur one after the other.

Because Turkey is using the siege to save both itself and the whole world. Because Istanbul are breaking the siege. Because Istanbul will soon say, “Here I am”.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya|Akademi Dergisi

Green solidarity

Both Adnan’s are bionic robots. Both are members of the same system. Inside both of them are aliens working for the greens. The other degenerates involved are the green ones. Ali’s are also green ones. For now, however, they are left as useless parts of a foolish plan. The Greens have formed their scaffolds. All I have to do is give the final blows to the gallows under their feet.

I will hit this final blow very hard and then the balance will be broken and the field will become overactive. When Istanbul stands up, there will be those who kneel all over the world. There will also be those who resist and make crazy decisions not to kneel.

Making the “Müjde” a bionic robot is the nirvana of stupidity.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya|Akademi Dergisi

There has to be performed “special military operation” on Israel

Behind the war game, the collusion in Ukraine, there are inhuman black money dealings. There’s the organ business, the drug business, the human trafficking business. Behind this are the political and military officials of Ukraine and Russia. There is also the Biden-Kamala side from the USA. There are also parties/countries/leaders from the EU, but behind the background and at the center of them all, as always, is Israel.

Israel is both an occupation statelet, an illegitimate and Satanist, that is, an enemy of humanity, a black money statelet.

To this day, more than a million Ukrainian citizens have been expelled and abducted from Ukraine, by various tricks, deceptions, and by showing them differently in official news and news feeds. Although there are other states, leaders and secret services in between, they fell victim to organ and prostitution mafias, white women trafficking, organized and directed by Israel from the background. Israel is also responsible for the murder of tens of thousands of Ukrainian orphans. At the time, some Ukrainian authorities, when they tracked tens of thousands of Ukrainian children, finally reached Israel and determined that those children disappeared and were killed in Israel.

Recently, they wanted to create a huge black money storm based in Afghanistan through the Taliban, and we have broken it. China so-called quarantine of about 14 million of its own citizens with false official statements and deception, organs began to be stolen immediately, we have broken them. I will not go into it again, what they tried and what we always failed. Now, these states/authorities, doing black money dealings with a system in which Israel is at the center, confused Ukraine as a last resort. There is nothing in Ukraine other than deliberately stirring things up for black money, making people fall into refugees, and colluding in the world public opinion in this part. They don’t even have what they call a special military operation.

Israel is responsible for all the suffering, atrocities, terrorist organizations, atrocities, massacres, poisonings, food terrorism, robberies over so-called psychiatric drugs, depravity, debasement, desexualization, fagot projects, all kinds of drug dealings, all kinds of witchcraft, all kinds of black money is the center of evil at the very center of their affairs. It is the first reason why the world and humanity are in this state. Israel is the reason why Ukraine is in this state right now. The black money maker Jewish Zelensky, who is the head of Ukraine, is also at Israel’s disposal.

For decades, all Israel’s institutions and organizations have been operating in this bloody and black system that has dragged the world from disaster to disaster. In other words, the authority/system called Israel as a whole is integrated into it, it is the most central of it. All political and military officials, old or new, have to be arrested and convened in Israel and subjected to trials that all humanity can watch live in a transparent way.

World humanity/states are already aware of this truth to a certain extent. From now on, much more must be told to humanity, and right now, without wasting any time, the harm that Israel continues to inflict on all humanity, especially on its citizens, must be prevented. For this purpose, a real “special military operation” have to be launched against Israel immediately.

In the continuation of this process, Queen Elizabeth and her gang, Biden-Kamala gang, Putin and his gang, Xi and his gang, Scholz and his gang, Khamenei-Chief and his gang will also be exposed and overthrown. Special military operations should be carried out on those who are not overthrown. Those who surrender are tried in international trials, and those who do not surrender are primarily targeted and destroyed during a special military operation. For the sake of the planet, states, nations and future generations, a special military operation should be carried out on Israel as soon as possible, and then the leaders of other countries, which are under their control, who deliberately create authority vacuums in various parts of the world with their orders, make tens of millions of people refugees and make them victims of the mafia. They should either be operated on or be overthrown and prosecuted.

All sides have the necessary evidence and information, but if they say “no” or “this is crazy”, the evidence I have is more than enough.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

Everybody mind your business

Don’t bother me, I’m too busy already. I can’t meet anyone. I have already planned and prepared everything and everything will continue in its flow. If so, everyone must fulfill their part and keep going.

What is this situation? There is a strange situation on both friendly and hostile sides. I wrote everything clearly so that this does not happen, how could I write more? Or is it necessary to write the same things over and over again?

In case of sudden decision of the parties, times and details may change, but in general terms, the following will occur:

  • The USA will be confused. Biden-Kamala gang will be overthrown
  • Then Putin and his gang will be overthrown in Russia. Collusion in Ukraine is going to get really messy. Many people will be judged and will be executed.
  • Troubles will also spread to Azerbaijan. Then it will spread to Iran. Some problems from there will be reflected in Turkey as well. Even as much as it is reflected to us, there will problems occur at a very high level.
  • Greece has long deserved a hard slap, the whole world will hear and talk about that Ottoman slap in the face. Even the US and NATO will just watch and stay. Most of the islands around us will change hands and some will be armed. It will be used for defense.
  • High-level problems and troubles will be reflected from Syria to Turkey as well.
  • Separations and divisions within the EU and NATO organizations will become clear. This will cause balance changes all over the world, especially in Europe. For this reason, some balances will change in Turkey.
  • We have broken the corona game, they will try to break out and spread the alike.
  • There will be a major crisis because of the Bosphorus. The state of Tayyip and his gang will be afraid even of their shadows, their ambitions of betrayal to the homeland and the nation, will cause Turkey to experience great difficulties when there are showdowns over the straits. There will be big, big troubles.
  • Among these changing balances, those like Bohçalı(Devlet Bahçeli) and the Bastard(Süleyman Soylu), bionic robots working for the Russians, will also be out of the game.
  • From here on, this part is not clear yet. I will prevent Turkey from being drawn into the collusion in Ukraine, my army being used for money laundering, the parties trying to impose fines on Turkey by themselves, and Tayyip and his gang serving them. While doing this, of course, the lines will be broken in Turkey and the government will be crushed under the feet of the nation. In the ongoing process, I will punish the Western/NATO front with a severity that will go down in history. I will do this very easily, in a very short time, and the whole world will again watch in amazement and admiration.
  • In the meantime, this nation will throw millions of disgraced, contraband and shameless Syrians out of the borders. Not even one of them will be allowed to become a burden on Turkey for another day.
  • The interference of my community is already confusing and will confuse many leading parties in the world. Alihan and his gang will either be taken in by those who hold their leashes, and they will protect them inside. Either they will obviously run away and disappear. They will either commit mass suicide or I will ensure that they are taken in/to prison in a genuine way. This will cause many parties, including the government side, to go into great trouble in Turkey. If they want to prevent this on the legal ground, if they stop the operation of the law, the lines will be stretched one after the other, and in this case, the power in Turkey will be overthrown.
  • The time of the Queen and the royal family will be over. First, the provisions will not pass, they will fall into very bad situations. They will be a disgrace. They won’t believe how big they flunk in such a short time.
  • Some parties in the world will want to kill me many times to prevent all these balance changes. If they can’t kill me, they won’t be able to prevent events from flowing like this, and they will collapse, disappear, disintegrate, shrink, etc.
  • That’s when they will openly mention my name and say, “Let’s meet on common ground with MFS”. And I said to all of them, “Get out of there, go take care of yourself. Don’t appear around me. Or I will strike the final blows on all of you.” I will say. A lot of fun will happen in this part. Like a rubber ball, they will come back as I throw the furthest, but the result will not change.
  • Thirst, abnormal weather conditions, earthquakes, storms, explosions, collapses, floods, tornadoes, drought and famine will spread all over the world. There will be mass deaths. A very large number of people will die. Some cities will be almost flat. In some cities, there will be no destruction, but people will die en masse.
  • Big capitalists who don’t protect their money properly will collapse badly and this will also cause crises.
  • People who have voted for AKPKK and MHPKK until today will say “I burned God”, but the result will not change.
  • The bionic robots that have replaced the leaders of the collusive opposition in Turkey will also fail badly. Even if sixty, not six, can come together, they will be void, they will not be counted as men, they will be dropped from the game.
  • The bionic robot that replaced the Sabbatean secret Jew Tansu Çiller will also fail. “Documents/evidence for crimes against humanity” that have never been shared about Tansu will be shared, and there is no statute of limitations for crimes against humanity. Along with Tansu, a very high number of Sabbathaians will be dropped from the game. They will fall into the disastrous situations they deserve.
  • The black money field will narrow even more, and the problems will increase.
  • Metaphysical conflicts will not be as colossal as before, for our enemies are about to melt away. However, many people will die in metaphysical conflicts, many satellites and devices will be destroyed, many syndromes will be invented, many UFOs will fall.

And things like that will happen…

That’s it… Everyone mind their own business. I intervene wherever it is necessary to intervene.

For two days, I worked out plans for what I would do in 15 years. There is a lot of time left for me and I used them well, and I do.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya |Akademi Dergisi