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I will burn mercilessly.

17 AUGUST 2022 – 13:00

What appears in the square is not the real Tayyip. He is a bionic robot with a “three fists” gray inside that works with the Queen’s Dajjal system.

After what I have explained openly recently, it has probably been understood that the bionic robot in the image of Tayyip does not work for Israel, Judaism, or Freemasonry. They are constantly working on the system of the Dajjal based on the Queen. These are the enemies of all humanity. They don’t care about Jews or Israel. They have already manipulated religious and political leaders in Israel, or bionic robots have already replaced them. The Sanhedrin is an organization entirely under the control of aliens.

In Turkey, as in many countries, there are secret parts under the buildings of the most prominent institutions in the nation’s administration, especially the Presidency, the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, and the MIT. Some of them also have hidden parts under the hidden parts. The first secret part is already the secret part that the world’s people and state officials know, secretly enter, and use, while there are secret parts that alien parties enter and use. There are games within games. There are many wells inside the well in many respects. Thanks to such places, systems, and bionic robots, they can become a state within the state and manage their bionic robots. Thus, they want to lead and manage all states, all nations, and humanity through states. However, since the decision differences between different alien human species cannot be avoided, not everyone on the field is colluding. There are confused balances.

The bionic robot made in the image of Tayyip also occasionally enters the secret part of the underground aliens. It is repaired, maintained, and adjusted. If the alien human inside the bionic robot is too warped and incapacitated, or if he dies from being struck by metaphysics, he is also replaced in the underground part in question. Sometimes, if these things take a long time, another bionic robot replica made in the image of Tayyip goes up and manages the environment. The members of many governments in the world, the officers in the commanding ranks of the armies, extensive holdings, large religious communities, prominent Masonic masters, prominent religious leaders, and the people who need to replace them to hold power, have always been replaced by bionic robots. Since Istanbul has started to destroy this system in the world in recent years, more practical and authorized people in Turkey have been replaced by bionic robots.
After giving this information openly, I write this candidly and with great anger that I can still control:

Even now, I will not be bothered by the extermination of thousands of so-called Turkish officers and Turkish soldiers under their command, and the so-called opposition/militia, actually terrorist organizations, still in Syria in one day. Yes, even if our army loses ten thousand soldiers and hundreds of officers in one day, I will not have any problems with those who do this. I will settle accounts with the so-called Turkish and world-people traitors who caused this. I will take revenge on them, their organizations, and their bases. From now on, I will never allow or allow the punishment of those among Turkish officers and soldiers, who are in any region abroad, who desert by disobeying orders. No power can punish fugitive officers and soldiers by using our system to the detriment of our nation and our state without trampling on me. And no power in this world can crush me.
I will not look into the eyes of some countries, governments, armies, and prominent business people who are still on my side in the Syrian issue, stalling and colluding with the Queen’s system. They, too, must now have a clear stance or perish along with our enemies.
I have said many times I will burn the whole world if necessary, but I will not send my army to Syria. I will not keep one so-called refugee here. I will also throw those who have been given so-called citizenship beyond the borders. It is not the responsibility of our nation, our state, to spend additional expenses on sending them to their countries. Let them go as they came. Do they take human smugglers, go on foot, swim in the sea, or do Israel/USA/UK take advantage of the opportunity and steal their organs or sell them to the prostitution mafia? It is not my nation’s responsibility. Those who do not protect their homeland flee like cowards and dishonors, those who are spineless risk all kinds of dangers.

We will not send our army to Syria to avoid these dangers. We will not keep more than ten million refugees in our country. We will not allow any of us to be donated to other states. Let everyone accept Turkey is no longer the old Turkey. Otherwise, Mfs will burn the world.

For Turkey, Tayyip, AKPKK, MHPKK, and the CHPKK, HDPKK, the so-called IYI party, all-six gangs, etc.. In Turkey, the so-called modern republican system, democratic system, and electoral system imposed by England have collapsed. Games and traps have been corrupted, and the system of the Dajjal has been exposed. After that, there will be no elections in Turkey. Even if it is tried to be done with a fait accompli, it will not be valid; it will not solve the chaos, and it will not change the result. In any case, we will officially take over the country’s administration.

I am writing this very clearly. Those who have made official or unofficial statements in parallel with Istanbul in the last two or three days, from different countries of the world and groups within Turkey, and those who make statements as if they support Istanbul’s last stand, should now openly put their hands under the responsibility. Let them show their sincerity. We will look at actions, not words. We have no fear of anyone. Forewarned, I will crush that Queen and her system under my feet. I will destroy the USA and other countries that are pawns and subcontractors to him.

We are also downloading Tayyip. We remove those who work with him and those who collude with him. We do not leave a NATO or US base in this country. Let those with us make the moves that will lead to the same result as us, openly and immediately. Immediately after this article, they should make their official explanations so that everyone can “doubtfully” understand. Let them say, “We are here too; we are with you.”

Meanwhile, we simultaneously destroy and expose Tansu Çiller, nicknamed “the rose of the CIA,” and those who work in her system. They have exceeded the limit. Since they want to see power, let’s fight. No matter how many internal and external enemies we have, we invite them all to the field/mat.

| Mfs – Ezber bozan – Akademi Dergisi

We’re coming, they don’t bother

There are those who seriously think they can take me. They’re also considering taking on some people they think are related to me. Let the Israelis not leave their hotels or even open their doors this weekend, aside from that, it seems that we will fight in the squares and protect our country. Looks like they’re going to speed us up.

What will happen in Istanbul this weekend, it seems, will be given as breaking news in dozens of countries around the world. It seems that this weekend, Turkey will truly regain its freedom and Turkey will strangle our inner Israel, the Masonic sect, the Freemasons, the secret Jews, the secret Armenians, who are the tools of keeping Turkey under covert occupation.

It seems that the Turkish nation will fill the streets and squares. He will take his state from the hands of the traitors in a short time. It will perhaps expel so-called refugees from its borders in just two days. Come on, we hold our guns with our hearts, whoever can come out, we will come, even if they won’t come.

We are the state, we are the people… We are in the army, we are in the police force, we are in the streets, we are in the streets, we are tradesmen, we are citizens, we are civil servants, we are teachers, we are everywhere.

Turkey belongs to the Turks, not the secret Jews, the secret Armenians, who play the Turkish role. As a result of this turmoil, neither so-called refugees can stay here, nor those so-called ambassadors and embassies, neither NATO and US bases, nor AKPKK, MHPKK, nor collusive opposition parties. In the next phase, there will be no issue called the “Syrian crisis”, neither the BOP nor the great Israeli project nor even a statelet called Israel.

Now, those who trust their fists and heart should come. Those who cannot come alone should come in an alliance. Let the national rise now begin. Let the sky enter, let the red come out from the heart of the traitor…

This is Istanbul, this is no longer the capital of Turkey, but the capital of the world…

Mehmet Fahri İstanbullu | Akademi Dergisi

Anyone may shoot them

I will not/will not regard the attacks/interventions against Bayraktar UAVs and SİHAs anywhere in the world, including Turkey, as actions against Turkey, the Turkish nation, and Istanbul.

The excessive level of lying, exploitation/fraud, and deception that is going on through Bayraktar is now very annoying. For this reason, I will not be disturbed by whichever side is revealing Bayraktar’s true face, helplessness, fraud, and lies, even if it is my enemy. There will be no problem for unmanned vehicles and our pilots anyway. In that case, everyone can hunt Bayraktar for their own pleasure, and no one will cause them any trouble.

Eighty-odd million nations can no longer be deceived by traitors, masons, black moneyers and businessmen, and press/media agents who commit organized crimes with them. I will not allow this.

Even that black money man, traitor, US pawn Zelenski, whom they inexplicably embraced, heroized, defended, came out and confessed the truth. “With all due respect, but Bayraktar UAVs and SİHAs are not as effective and critically important as it is expressed,” he said. What more can you say, how can you say…

It is also complicity and an act of treason to hide this statement of Zelensky, that the Bayraktars are hunted like flies in Ukraine, and the facts/figures that the Russians have announced through the official authorities from this nation. Due to AKPKK’s so-called projects based on fraud and forgery, this nation has suffered a great deal and continues to do so. Bayraktar lies, Bayraktar deception, the Italian copy is much bigger than the ones made over the alleged ATAK helicopters. They’ve gone too far now. A whole state cannot be governed by lies, ulterior motives, frauds, frauds, and betrayals in every field. There is no such state or government. Governments and foreign companies that cooperate with these scoundrels should also take their feet.

Behind this Bayraktar, there are many crimes, many frauds, and even betrayals. Again, I warn you from the beginning, if I see those who are trying to make decisions and move against me, even I cannot be sure what I will do, where I will stand, or whether I will stop.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

Let the final preparations be completed

Let the public and all parties inside and outside the country be prepared.

Anyone who has been wronged by the so-called FETO… Anyone who has been slandered and punished with false evidence, false witnesses, and punishments… I will evacuate them all, no matter whether they are of origin. I will ensure that they are tried again and with justice. And that will happen very, very soon.
I will bring back to their previous duties those who want to serve this state and nation sincerely, by obeying the law, and by not being involved in terrorism, crimes, or betrayals. I’ll give it one more chance. I will return their legitimately earned money to those whose immovable property has been taken away.

I will make after all of the transportable and real estate that were illegally confiscated from associations and foundations established for the purpose of serving our religion and our nation. I will only charge part of the justice system with this. They will work with law enforcement officers who have been given special and broad powers to their orders. They will overhaul everything again, they will scrutinize everything. They will trace and confiscate all of the foundation’s properties, money, and immovables that belonged to the public and were donated to be used for the public interest. Those who committed crimes in this process, whoever they are, will be tried and punished. The salvaged funds and real estate will be transferred to a real foundation that will be newly established and under state control. The foundation in question will publish all its activities, expenditures, and incomes on its website every 15 days in the clearest way possible. Anyone in the world will be able to see every move.

We have made sure that everyone has already heard and figured out that Fethullah Gülen is also a secret Armenian and MIT/CIA joint personnel. The top staff of the community established through Gülen is full of secret Armenians, secret Jews, secret Greeks, secret Yazidis, terrorists, swindlers, traitors, and murderers, and they are not touched. The top staff of AKPKK is also the same… They are no different from each other. AKPKK is an organized crime, terror, and treason organization that was expelled from FETÖ… I will release everyone who was oppressed, wronged, deceived, or used during their collusion and money fights, who was not involved in any legal crime during the whole process but was punished.

Neither Tayyip nor those holding his leash can prevent me from doing this. Neither the MIT(so-called national security organization of Turkey), the CIA, the British, nor the enemies of humanity and Islam in Israel can prevent it. I don’t care how much noise it will make, how messy it will be, or who will get hurt. In this country, there will be a state system like a state. There will be justice. Muslim or non-Muslim, Turkish or Kurdish or Armenian or Jewish… Turkish citizen or not… It doesn’t matter, there will be justice for everyone. Even traitors and enemies of humanity will be judged with justice. No one will be treated unfairly. Here, a distorted, broken state system that the Satanists and the Queen want, a state system based on exploitation, and Turkish/Islamic hostility will no longer prevail. Here there will no longer be a state system in which Masons are a state within a state. It will be made clear that the real parallel state is not Muslims who have been deceived, deceived, deceived, robbed, and exploited through various Islamic-appearing communities and sects, but rather Armenia within us, Israel within us, and the Masonic sect. In this part, injustice and cruelty will not be done to anyone. No one will be deprived of their right to a fair trial. It is already ready with the concrete evidence needed to ensure all this.

As always, I gave the clearest information from the beginning. After that, it’s up to everyone’s free will. I don’t force anyone. Everyone makes their own choices freely, but I pave the way for those who follow the path of good, I hang those who stubbornly follow the path of evil and betrayal.

Also, in a very short time, I will initiate a very big “revival movement” from the head to the toe, that is, the process of bringing every problematic part back to life and making it functional. I will choose to bring foreign nationals who want to serve our state and nation sincerely, who have the education and qualifications in the fields we need, to Turkey. I will not give citizenship. I will give a very long settlement permit. These people will be highly valued and treated very, very well. They will live in very good conditions. I will also ensure that those among them who have served for a long time with determination and sincerity and those we believe will be made citizens.

From now on, the justice of Yavuz, Fatih, and Kanuni will be applied in this country.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

Kemaaal! Kemaaaalll!

“Yellows” will not save you and your gang Kemaaallll!

You went too far last time, you cut yourself and your gang shrouds Kemaaallll!

What was yesterday’s panic? How many people did not understand that you gave messages to Armenia within us with that video you shared at 22:00, Kemal? You understood from yesterday that this day will be lived, that the tension will rise this much, you gave your messages in a panic state, but you were too late Kemaaaall!
 You took part as the biggest traitors in the cruel traps set by the western world against this state, this nation, this army, Kemaaaall!
This is how you destroyed the Ottoman Empire, you threw millions of our soldiers in front of our enemies with treason in the process of collapse Kemaaalll!

You shared the corruption documents that were already shared years ago and remained on the agenda for weeks. You panicked too much, you rushed it too much. You also gave your messages in a very vulgar way, and you were extremely nervous with your body and facial expressions. Rather than being the party that exposed the criminals, you were more like a member of a red-handed party. Kemaaallll, you’ve thoroughly dragged yourself and your gang to the bottom! You have become a criminal, Kemaall!

How did you give your messages clearly, “My aim is not to draw attention to scandals, but the deaf sultan heard them too.” saying and making the real purpose of it realized… Did we put the state into a coma? We stood up to prevent betrayals, betrayals, terrorists, we tried to protect our nation and our army, are we guilty, Kemal? We tried to take the power of the state into our hands, the power of our state, which has been in your hands for more than a hundred years, was divided into two, did we cause double-headedness Kemaaaallll?

Are we the party that put him into a coma, are we the ones who are trying to fix it, are you the one who has used the power of our state for more than a century to enmity against Turks and Islam, to black money, dishonesty, assimilation policies, exploitation, massacres, terrorists, to the interests of western countries, Kemal?

Kemal the terrorist… Kemal, who, like his ancestors, was the pawn of England and the Queen… The collusive opposition Kemal… Kemal, the secret Armenian traitor… Kemaalll, the black money maker…

Kamaaalll, who also poops in whatever he eats! Kemal, without hesitation, tried to throw thousands, tens of thousands of Mehmets(Turkish soldiers) in front of the terrorists in Syria, as per the orders he received from the outside.

Kemal, who took part in all this betrayal and terrorism, immediately became a “patriot” when his plans were ruined… Kemal made “one forward, two back”…

“Things took a turn for the worse, we got into a dead end. We’re at the end. There is no slate left in this business. The AKP, which we have been doing all the dirty work together for all these years, is now in trouble to save itself. They can escape at any time. Planes are ready. But we were in the middle. We have no place to run. Everyone should know this situation, take a step back from now on, and get rid of small penalties even if you are going to get penalties. I’m doing you a favor right now, get me right. The plans were messed up. We will be guilty, O yellows/terrorists/YPGs./PKKs/Armenians/Christians… What I want to do is to save you from being guilty. Listen to me. Hurry, save yourself now. Because you are not on the agenda of the AKP. They don’t care about you. They have many alternative plans, but we are left behind… Let me tell you about their plans. They will flee to the USA, not to Qatar. They think that Qatar cannot keep them, they will have to return them, but the USA will not. However, none of us should flee to the USA. The new future MFS power will not leave you alone there, and it will bring you. By God, you are wrong. Do not try to escape abroad in vain, it is useless. Finally, listen to me and immediately end the “works” you have been doing through associations and foundations. Do not have any official duties anywhere, and do not fall under the scope of the operations to be carried out. We have also infiltrated the associations of Islamic communities a lot, back off from all of them, especially the associations of the MFS community. In this way, you will be seen as innocent and innocent. Understand my messages well, raise your heads, do not stand still, act now and join us.” Those who don’t understand your messages should leave their places and sell kokoreç(grilled sheep’s intestines) on the streets.

Right Kemal, right… You have nowhere to go, no place to run, Kemal… But you are not innocent, you will not suffer any injustice. There will be no so-called trials, no prosecutors or judges who have been bought or given orders, as was done to me. There will be no organized ambushes, no lies will be told, no slanders will be thrown, and no false documents will be drawn up, Kemal! All of you will be hanged by real Turkish judges, being tried fairly and transparently. You and the traitors like you at the top will be tried transparently in the court of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, and you will be hanged live in a place in the garden.

Now, someone will come out and say, “Really, what happened that you showed a high activity during the day yesterday? Were you very worried? There was no atmosphere in which AKP members would collapse and flee? Did you suddenly hear some things that were not reflected in the press and media? And why did you give strange messages on the very night of a few documents that were known and widely heard that were shared years ago? Look, everyone has been baffled since last night. While everyone’s surprise continues to increase today, a very remarkable article about MFS came. We can’t understand what’s going on, or is MFS telling the truth as always? Have you always fought collisionally with the AKP all these years? Did they do all the corruption, oppression, massacres, terrorists, sacrifices, and uncountable evils with you? Did you play so mean? Are you really all working together in England? And even yesterday, were you involved in such great treachery that would set the entire state, nation, and army on fire? And did you hit hard rock out of nowhere? What’s going on, what’s going on? Who are you really, who are you? What have we done to you, why have you done us such great evil, for so long? What did you want from us?” If so, how will you respond?

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi