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Hazrat Mahdi’s (AS) article series “Allegiance is for Allah”

Signs introducing us to Hazrat Mahdi (AS) and signs that his coming is near…

As for the signs;

He will be accompanied by the shirt, sword, and banner of the Messenger of Allah (PBUH). That banner has never been opened since the death of the Prophet (SAV). It will never be opened until the Mahdi’s appearance. The phrase “Al Biat’u Lillah,” that is, “Allegiance is for Allah,” will be written on its banner.

There will be a turban on his head, and a man will come out of this turban, pointing to the Mahdi and shouting: ‘Here is the Mahdi, the caliph of Allah! Follow him!’

He will plant a dry reed tree in a dry place, and it will immediately turn green and give leaves (He will make even people who do not have the qualifications and qualifications to serve the religion and the state immediately become conscious, educated, and make them serve. Moreover, these people will also raise others and be instrumental in their service).

They will ask him for a miracle; he will point to a bird flying in the air, and it will immediately fall into his hand.

A voice will be heard from the sky: ‘O people, Allah has now removed the Jabbars (bionic robots), the Hypocrites (who played the role of Muslim political leaders), and their assistants from you. He brought the best of the Ummah of Muhammad (SAV) to your head. Join him in Mecca, he is the Mahdi! His name is Ahmet B. Abdullah. Another narration: ‘Muhammad appointed Jabir, the best of his nation, to you. Catch him in Mecca, he is the Mahdi. His name is Muhammed B. Abdullah!

The ground will throw out the liver pieces like gold plates. People’s hearts will be enriched. The earth will be filled with abundance. A treasure will come out from under the Kaaba. He will distribute it in the way of Allah. “Tabut es-Sekine(Ark of the Covenant)” will be removed from Antakya or Lake Tiberias. It will be shouldered and put before him at Beyti Maqdis. When the Jews see him, they will become Muslims, with some exceptions. It will be divided for him, just as the sea was divided for the Children of Israel. It will easily pass through.

People will come from Khorasan with black flags and pay allegiance to him. Mary will meet with Isa (AS), son of Mary, and Isa will pray behind him. (This publication was shared on the social accounts of the Akademi Magazine on April 25, 2022)


The character/morality of Hazrat Mahdi (as), the way he will follow

He will follow the path of the Prophet (PBUH). He will not wake the sleeping person, nor will he shed blood. He will revive the Sunnah; he will not leave single bid’ah. In the End Times, he will fulfill the necessities of religion just like the Prophet (SAV).

He will rule the whole world like Dhul Qarnayn and Suleyman. He will break the Salibi (Cross) and kill the pig. He will give everything back to the Muslims. The earth will be filled with justice instead of cruelty and torture. He will divide everything equally with the measures of right and justice.

Thus, just as the earth’s inhabitants and sky are pleased with him, the birds in the air, the predators in the forest, and even the fish in the sea will be pleased.

There will be no one among the Ummah of Muhammad who is unsatisfied with the Mahdi. In fact, the bellman will shout, “Isn’t there anyone in need?” The answer will be ‘we don’t need it. But a man will come and say, ‘I need it’; Upon this, the Mahdi will say to him:

He will give the order, ‘Go, treasure, let him give what he wants. The man will come and explain the situation to the treasury, and he will say:

He will say, ‘Open your arms. When he opens his arms, and the treasure gives him plenty, the man will say in full regret: “I am the most greedy person of the Ummah of Muhammad (SAV)!” and will want to give back what he has taken from the treasure. But the treasury will say, ‘We do not take back what we give!’ In short, all people, good or bad, will be overwhelmed with blessings that were not seen in his time. Mercy will rain abundantly from the sky, and abundance will increase on the ground; will find all the treasures.

All countries will open their doors to him. Indian kings will bow to him and give all their treasures to Beyti Maqdis. From all sides, they will come and take refuge in him, just as bees come and take shelter in their hives. Three thousand angels will descend from heaven to the people, as in the first place, and strike the face and back of their opponents. (So they will be helped by three thousand angels) Jibril (AS) will be at the head of the angels and Mikail(AS) will be at the end.

In his time, the wolf and the sheep will graze together, the children will play with the snake and the scorpion, and when people plant one measure of wheat, they will get seven hundred measures in return. Evils such as usury, plague, adultery, and alcohol will be lifted. Relics that will live longer will be delivered to their place. The wicked will perish. There will not be a single person who bugs the Ahl al-Bayt. His word will be loved among the people. Thanks to him, Allah (c.c.) will put out the evil fitna. Safety and tranquility will prevail on earth. In fact, a woman will be able to go on Hajj without fear with five women, even though there is no man among them.

The fact that Isa (AS) also performs some of these does not prevent this. Because each of them can do the same thing, they are also likely to come. The explanation on this matter will come later. (This publication was shared on the social accounts of the Akademi Magazine on April 25, 2022)


Ibn Hajar al Makki describes Hazrat Mahdi…

– He will be sent during a period of various earthquakes.

– Constantinople (second conquest) will conquer China and Daylem mountain.

– He will come at a time when strife will appear, and his benevolence will be unrequited.

– Even a word against Islam would be too heavy for him.

– Before the Mahdi, there will be a great strife that will result in widespread massacres.

– Hz.  Mahdi will appear after a great fitnah, where all harams are considered halal.

– The caliphate will come to him while he is sitting at home, and he will be the best in the world in his time.

– Hz. Before the Mahdi appears, there will be a great event in Madinah where even the black stones will be lost in blood. In this case, killing a woman would be as easy as waving a whip. And this event will spread for 2 km, and then the Mahdi will be pledged.

– Before the Mahdi appears, trade and roads will be cut off between nations, and strife among people will increase.

– Allah (c.c.) will fill the hearts of all people with his love. Then he will walk with a tribe that is a lion during the day and a monument at night.

– His commanders are the best of people.

– A widespread and unending fitna will break out, and this will continue until the chanting of “Amir is the Mahdi, he is the real one” three times from the sky.

– He will not appear until no caliph is left in the world whose name will be mentioned.

– Before he comes, a shining star will appear from the east.

– During the conquest of Constantinople, he will raise a flag while performing ablution for the morning prayer, the sea will split into two, the water will go away on its own, and Hz. Mahdi will cross to the opposite shore. Then he will plant another flag and say, “O people, take a lesson. Just as the sea gave way to Israel, it gave way to us” after that, all of them will repeat the takbir again and again, and with 12 takbirs, the 12 signs of the city will fall. 

(This publication was shared on the social accounts of the Akademi Magazine on April 25, 2022)


Aliens (people of the sky) will also be pleased with the Mahdi

2.16— Ravyani narrated from Abu Naim Huzayfa in his book Musnad, the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said:

“Mehdi is a Recul from my son. His color is Arabic; his body is Israeli. He has a mole like a shining star on his right cheek. He will fill the earth, which was once filled with cruelty, with justice. During his caliphate, even the people of the earth and sky, and even the birds in the air, will be pleased with him.”

(This publication was shared on the social accounts of the Akademi Magazine on September 25, 2022)


4.9— From Abu Abdullah Hussein bin Ali (r.a.), He said:

“The masjid of Kufa, Abdullah b. When the wall (border) on the side of Mas’ud’s house is destroyed, then it is the loss of the property (lands, political authority) of that tribe. During the loss of that property (the event of its loss, disappearance), the Mahdi will appear (outside/appear).

[The city of Kufa is a place in Najaf, Iraq. Kufa is on the banks of the Euphrates river. It is located 170 kilometers south of Baghdad.]

(This publication was shared on the social accounts of the Akademi Magazine on September 25, 2022)


Godlessness (Atheism) will be widespread in the time of the Mahdi

4.6— Likewise, (N. b. Hammad) narrated from Abu Hurayra, He said:

“There will be no allegiance to the Mahdi unless Allah Almighty is openly denied.”
(This publication was shared on the social accounts of the Akademi Magazine on September 25, 2022)


The Mahdi will first turn to the eastern world

Seeing a fire from the east at night

4.21 — It was narrated by Abu Abdullah Hussein (RA), son of Ali. He commanded:

“When you see a sign from the sky, which is the great fire that rises from the east at night, then people will be relieved (from great troubles, problems, persecutions, injustices, massacres, etc.). That sign means the (clearly) appearance of the Mahdi.”

Night: Very troubled, difficult times from which you do not know how to get out.
Fire: (which is visible in dark nights), the path to be taken is now clear. For Muslims to understand and learn about the games, betrayals, and the system of blasphemy at that time and to move forward confidently in the right direction. So opening the way…

Fire originating from the east: Turkish/Islamic lands up to Khorasan, Tabriz, and Isfahan are subject to the Mahdi’s state, or further east, Turkish states/communities in Asia are subject to Mahdi and his state before other states/nations, them being.
(This publication was shared on the social accounts of the Akademi Magazine on September 25, 2022)


Honest astrologers/astrologers always know that he is the Mahdi

 4.18 — Kathir ibn: He said from Murna al-Khudari:

The portent of events in Ramadan is a sign in the sky (known by astrologers) that there will be conflict between people after it (the month of Ramadan). If you can catch up with him, increase your little as much as you can. (Naim b. Hammad also narrated this hadith)

(Expressions such as “A call from the sky” or “there is a sign in the sky” usually mean “Genuine astrologers see those signs before normal people, they understand and know about them.” They can know by astrology, dreams, and other metaphysical means. They can know just before the real Mahdi appears, when he appears and general information about what he will do.)

4.22 — Ebu Cafer b. Muhammed b. It was narrated by Ali (RA). He commanded:

“For three or seven days, when you see fire from the east, wait for Al-i Muhammad (Mahdi) to appear; insha’Allah, a caller will chant from the sky with the name of the Mahdi; all (of the spirits) will hear this voice. So, out of fear, those who are asleep will wake up, those who are standing will collapse, and those who are sitting will jump to their feet. May Allah have mercy on anyone who hears that voice and “responds” because this first voice is the voice of Gabriel.

(This publication was shared on the social accounts of the Akademi Magazine on September 25, 2022)


The great case where a woman was killed

The great case in Medina

4.5 — Likewise, (N.b. Hammad) narrated from Abu Hurayra. He commanded:

“There will be a big incident in Medina. So much so that the oil stones remain in the blood (Blood is spilled everywhere in question. A lot of blood is spilled). In this case, killing a woman is as easy as waving a whip. This event spreads about twenty-four miles from Medina. Then Hz. Allegiance to the Mahdi is given.”

[Medina means “city.” In many hadiths, it is used to mean “city,” and it can be any city.]

(This publication was shared on the social accounts of the Akademi Magazine on September 25, 2022)


A gray Assad and Sufyani are in front of him…

• Sufyani’s exit, Hz. One of the portents of the Mahdi’s appearance

4.53 — Naim b. Hammad narrated from Kaab, He said:

“When the mill of Beni Abbas turns… When the (Black) flag holders (ISIS and al-Qaeda) tie their horses (military vehicles) to olive trees in Damascus… And when Allah with this army destroys “Ashhab and his family,”… He will flee from them, and when there is no one left to hide… When the Jafaris and Abbasids (also) fell (defeated)… When their liver-eating sons- (ie Sufyani) sat on the pulpit of Damascus (when they dominated and captured Damascus)… The Berber tribe (North Africans) also went to Damascus. when he comes… this is the sign of the Mahdi’s coming (Mahdi fights for all the oppressed in those difficult times and blocks Sufyani).

Ashab: It means a lion with a gray color. Also, the Syrian city of Aleppo has been called Aleppo city since ancient times because its houses are made of white stone.

Assad: It means lion. It means Ghazanfar.

In the past, when Damascus was mentioned, only the current Damascus was not meant, and Damascus was then the name of very large land. The region now called Northern Syria was also included in Damascus. The region called Damascus province during the Ottoman period was not limited to the present city of Damascus, and a very large area was called Damascus.

(This publication was shared on the social accounts of the Akademi Magazine on September 25, 2022)


Mahdi will conquer Istanbul

6.3 — Likewise (N.b. Hammad) narrated from Jafar, he said:

(…) His/Mahdi’s companions/helpers are like abid (who worships a lot) at night and like lions (warriors) during the day (it is possible to clearly understand from other hadiths that the people described in this way are Turkish people). By conquering the land of the Hejaz for the Mahdi, Allah will liberate all the imprisoned Hashemites. Black flags, on the other hand, will land in Kufa and send men to the Mahdi for allegiance. Hz. The Mahdi will send his army everywhere. It destroys oppression and all oppressors. The towns come under his command. Allah makes the conquest of Constantinople in his hands effective.

(This publication was shared on the social accounts of the Akademi Magazine on September 25, 2022)


The people of Kufa are happy people

7.7 — Ibn Said and Ebni Abi Shayba narrated from Ibn Umar. He said: O people of Kufa, you are the happiest of people because of the Mahdi.

(This publication was shared on the social accounts of the Akademi Magazine on September 25, 2022)


Mahdi will fill Africa with justice

7.9 — Likewise, (N.b. Hammad) narrated from Abu Kubayl. He said:

“After an amir/administrator reigns for twelve years in Africa, a sedition occurs. And a dark-haired man fills that place with justice (becomes the new ruler) and then, when the Mahdi appears, he will fight in his favor, paying allegiance to him.”

(This publication was shared on the social accounts of the Akademi Magazine on September 25, 2022)


A man with a small black flag to be seen in Damascus

7.8 — Naim b. Hammad deported from Kaab. He said:

“When a man takes possession of Damascus and another man takes over Egypt, when the people of Damascus fight with the Egyptians, the People of Damascus enslave the Egyptian tribes, and a small black-flagged man is seen from Damascus, he will be subordinate to the Mahdi.”

(This publication was shared on the social accounts of the Akademi Magazine on September 25, 2022)


The fact that the Companions of the Kehf will be one of the Mahdi’s assistants

7.15 – In his Tafsir, Ibn Marduye interpreted the hadith of Ibn Abbas as merfu. He said:

“The Companions of the Kahf will be the Mahdi’s assistants.”

[Ashab-i Kehf is not actually seven people. More people are still alive by the will of Allah.]

(This publication was shared on the social accounts of the Akademi Magazine on September 25, 2022)


The cloud protecting the Mahdi

Abu Naim narrated from Ibn Umar. He said that the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said:

“Mr. The Mahdi will appear with a cloud on his head. A caller in that cloud said, “This is the Mahdi, the caliph of Allah. Subordinate to him.” he will shout.”

[Hadith Allah made the Tabut-u Sekine, also known as the Ark of Covenant, instrumental in protecting our Prophet (pbuh) from apparent/visible harm. Even the remnants of Gog and Magog in the world, namely the Greens and Grays, could never harm our prophet in any way for this reason.

The incident of Priest Bahira is famous, it is also mentioned in the sources. Father Bahira was actually a good metaphysician. When our Prophet was still a child, they came across Bahira at one point. Although Bahira was a child, he saw and understood with his abilities that the child he saw was a person who would be given the task of prophethood in the future, and that he was the expected true prophet. He also saw that that child was protected under extraordinary circumstances.

It is said that the priest Bahira saw a cloud above our prophet’s head. That cloud was not something that every beholder, every eye could see. If that cloud was a real cloud that everyone could see, the fame of our prophet would have surrounded the world when he was still a child, he would have suffered a lot of troubles and he would have fallen into danger. If the cloud on the Mahdi’s head were a real cloud, the same things would happen, and there would be no one left who could not see or hear. The thing called the cloud was the Coffin-u Sekine, which provided metaphysical and technological protection, and the signals it emitted were rays.]

(This publication was shared on the social accounts of the Akademi Magazine on September 25, 2022)


The incident of Priest Bahira

According to rumors, Priest Bahira was a Jew who was very interested in metaphysics. He later converted to Christianity or for some reason, looked like a Christian priest.

Hz. When our Prophet (PBUH) was nine or twelve years old, his uncle Abu Talib took him to Syria/Damascus with a caravan of Quraysh. When the convoy stayed in Busra as usual, Bahira displayed a different attitude than usual. He had a banquet prepared and invited the convoy to the feast for the first time. On the other hand, Abu Talib left him with the caravan in case our Prophet might be harmed and went to the monastery. When Bahira saw that his extraordinary energy did not move and remained stable, he asked those who had not come to dinner to come.

When our Prophet came, he noticed him. He saw thoroughly that that cloud/energy was moving with our prophet. Then he looked at the prophetic seal on our prophet’s back and was sure. He asked whose son he was. When he learned he was an orphan, he said to Abu Talib, “Take good care of him, protect him well,” and added, “Do not take this child to Damascus. “There will be some among the Jews who understand who this child is and want to harm him,” he said. On the other hand, Abu Talib finished his work immediately and returned.

By seeing those extraordinary situations on/around our prophet with his metaphysical abilities, Bahira saw some things that those who saw our prophet until that age, even his uncle Abu Talib, had not seen. Our Prophet was spiritually protected by angels and surrounded by a very strong spiritual shield, and protected from apparent/visible damage by means of the Tabut-us Sekine(Ark of the Covenant).

(This publication was shared on the social accounts of the Akademi Magazine on September 26, 2022)


The defeat of the enemy from the Turkish side

1.47 – Naim, from Kaab, said:

“The Mahdi will send an army he has organized to a Turk (an enemy coming from the side of the Turks), defeat them, and take their captives and their goods and bring them to Sam. He then frees the slaves and pays their owners the price.”

(This publication was shared on the social accounts of the Akademi Magazine on September 26, 2022)


Hz. Isa (as) will descend from the sky in the morning

9.6 — Ibn Majah, Rabbi, Ibn Huzeyme, Abu Avane, Hakim and Abu Naim narrated from Abu Imama. He said The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) addressed us. He mentioned the Dajjal and said:

Medina (Istanbul) removes the dirt inside, just as the bellows removes the rust from the iron (human devils disappear on various occasions, Satanists and masons who are members of the Ankebut Cult disappear, and Muslims have a say in the city), That day is the “day of salvation” (the real life of Istanbul). conquest). Umm Shurayk: “O Messenger of Allah, where are the Arabs that day?” said. He said: On that day, they will be few (most of the Arabs will have gone astray, and the few sincere Arabs) will take refuge in Bayt al-Maqdis, although their imam is the righteous Mahdi. There, while their imam was leading them to lead the morning prayer, they suddenly saw that Isa ibn Maryam (a.s.) had descended in the morning. This Imam (Mahdi), who has served Muslims well and ruled Muslims with justice and Islamic law by defeating the enemies of Islam/humanity, is the Prophet. He pulls back to back to put Isa forward (After that, Isa wants him to be the ruler of the Muslims). Hz. Isa (a.s.) puts his hand on his shoulders and says to him: “Go ahead and lead the prayer. For the iqama has been brought for you.” (Continue your duty of administration) then their imam (Mahdi) will lead them in prayer (He will continue to be the administrator at their head, and Isa ‘alaihis-salâm’ will serve as a spiritual/religious leader.)

[It is clearly understood that Hz. Isa was not in the time of strife, blasphemy, and cruelty, which is likened to a dark night in many hadiths, but Hz. He will descend to the earth when the Mahdi is nearing the end of this era, almost bringing the day and conquering Istanbul.]

(This publication was shared on the social accounts of the Akademi Magazine on September 26, 2022)


We’ll play open; we’ll go fast.

Southern Azerbaijan will not be left to Azerbaijan under the command of Britain and Israel.

South Azerbaijan will not be an autonomous region; it will be directly connected to Turkey. A “transition process” and a “conciliation process” will occur after Turkey is connected.

Tens of millions of Turks living in another legal system, another administrative system, another education/teaching system, and another culture will not be allowed to move into Turkey and disperse and reside freely. A collective population movement will not be permitted, but partial transitions will be allowed under all necessary conditions, and convenience will be provided.

Turkey will immediately take its governors, district governors, courts, police, military elements, and institutions to the region. Those who are primarily Turkish from the people of the area will be assigned to government offices in that region. This way, the “fitness” process will take much less time. On the other hand, the urgent problems of the region’s people will be dealt with, and solutions will be found with the state’s power.

Southern Azerbaijan will be added to the delivery limits of internet shopping sites in Turkey. The transition of cargo and transport companies to the region will be facilitated. These companies’ vehicles will be able to move freely without allowing black money transactions. The commercial settlement will also be initiated immediately, and currency settlement will also be started immediately.

We will play openly in South Azerbaijan and take a fast track. We will never allow London to implement its plans to separate Southern Azerbaijan from Iran and connect it to Azerbaijan under its command. What they want to do just because of the Turkish Union is to destroy the Turks and, on the other hand, to exploit everywhere more. A project to strengthen China insidiously against the Turkish world.

If they had been able to realize their plans, they would have stirred up the region, had the countries under their command (including Turkey, thanks to the AKPKK) colluded, and would have turned everything into a bloodbath. At that time, they were going to create an emergency cash source for themselves by doing organ work at the highest level, and on the other hand, they would carry out the Turkish massacres they wanted. At the same time, they were going to put many terrorist organizations that they founded and used on the field. Meanwhile, many Turkish communities at different points would have thought that they were fighting to “defend the homeland and the nation.” Again, they would feed on chaos; they would fight collusion again; they would make brother and sister hurt again; they would also get bloody and black money. They would kill too many birds with one stone.

Our movement is legitimate… We have no reservations about anyone.

– Besides, we protect the people of Turkey from various dangers, and to achieve this, we solve the problem in the center of the problem, namely in southern Azerbaijan.

– At the same time, we protect both the people of southern Azerbaijan and other peoples in the region from the covert occupations of the westerners, from the chaos projects, from the black money works, from the terrorist organizations under their command, from the massacres.

– On the other hand, we are fighting for human rights by standing against the oppression, massacre, and exploitation of the British spy traitors who hold the administration of Iran.

– If the USA were in our place, it would have openly intervened in the region hundreds of times so far.

– It is evident that the region does not see/does not consider itself Iranian and that they know that they are under occupation and are fighting against it. Historical facts also confirm the people of the region.

Under these conditions, the duty is Turkey’s, Turkey protect these people from persecution and ensures the protection of human rights. At first, our special forces with maroon berets will open the way, direct the field, and use weapons against every enemy element whenever necessary. Then South Azerbaijan will be officially connected to Turkey.

No country or group in world politics has the conditions and power to oppose our just/legitimate intervention. Even if they could, we would have made the same intervention under the following conditions. We would have entered the war if necessary.

| Mfs – Ground-breaking – Akademi Dergisi

It’s time to be very careful.

Keep your gold in your hand. Don’t be fooled by the drop in gold. The field is artificially adjusted so those who do not know what is going on can sell the gold and get it out of their hands. They want to collect gold. The Europe/Euro crisis I have informed you about is also very close, but please do not worry about this. Despite everything, the Euro can recover a little after a massive depreciation in a short time. However, the fact must be accepted in advance that the dollar cannot and will not recover at the expected level. In a short time, Turkey will be the world’s most reliable port, and the world’s most valuable/reliable currency will be the Turkish lira. More attention should be paid to cheating in gold purchases. Whether the gold purchased is at its actual value or other metals have been added to it is now a matter to be much more careful. Even the most trusted places will do all sorts of tricks every chance. They will hurt those whose eyes are not open.

For a while, Turkey has been filled with fake dollars printed by Tayyip; from now on, it is necessary to be very careful with fake gold. The situation in Europe, the USA, Russia, and China is the same, and in the last period, they have minted huge amounts of unrequited money. In this way, they postponed significant crises. It seems that Mfs was not justified… Now the problems will explode even more violently; they will not be able to prevent them. Under these conditions, cheating on gold is something they will never avoid. Getting used to the constant news of crime, suicide, and suspicious death is necessary. They will not hesitate to spend money on critically positioned bosses and big companies, from which they can steal money.

Don’t let sudden short-term changes deceive anyone; gold is a safe haven…

| Mfs – Ground-breaking – Akademi Dergisi

Here is the field…

Simultaneously with the turmoil in Iran, the increase in the promotion of electric vehicles, trucks, and TIRs are always related to each other. In fact, the increase in the news that batteries will be produced for electric cars and the announcement of the development of battery technology that will enable one to travel hundreds of kilometers with a 10-minute charge is always connected. The Koç family enters the business of manufacturing batteries for electric vehicles with instructions from the top. Tayyip is already getting into these jobs with the instructions he received from the same place. These and others alike have announced and published the “good news” one after the other these days when the turmoil in Iran has increased.

In fact, there is no oil and gas supply problem in the world. There are no problems that will cause electricity and natural gas bills to inflate. This crisis is artificial. It was deliberately created by a handful of masons engaged in deception, lies, and international fraud. There are many purposes in doing this, but one of their purposes is to spread electric vehicles and sell them a lot.

In fact, they have been preparing for this for a long time. Lately, I have said that electric vehicles are actually problematic vehicles; they are not as they are described, there are still serious battery problems, and the vehicles of the near future will not be electric/battery vehicles, etc. As he spoke, his business fell apart. They could not control and direct the field as they wished and always made losses. Buying electric vehicles with the current level of technology means falling victim to fraudulent activity. The Ankebut Cult happily does activities that inflict all kinds of harm on the world’s humanity. Real states of law can’t allow the sale of electric vehicles with their current batteries and systems.

I’ll explain things more when the time comes. It should be well known that I will not allow the underground and aboveground riches of South Azerbaijan to be donated to the western world, Israel, and certain Asian countries that are also connected to the Ankebut Cult. I will not allow Putin, Tayyip, Pashinyan, and Aliyev to turn things around in this region for the benefit of the Ankebut Cult. I will not let projects that will lead the region’s people to more suffering and persecution that are told to humanity in a very different way than they really are.

If I have to bring to ruin trillions of dollars in companies, or even if I have to tear apart the United States, Russia, and China simultaneously, I will do it. Still, I will not allow these plans to be implemented.

Now everyone should come to their senses, stop chasing plans that will not come true, and withdraw from Southern Azerbaijan, and I will include it in Turkey. In this move, I will also not allow those who want to set up games. For those who want to conflict or compromise, here is the field…

We will clash with those who want and mutually reduce the tension with those who want.

| Mfs – Plan-breaking – Akademi Dergisi

George Soros!

You are trying in vain and shedding blood for no use.

As your bloody hands wander over the Turkish/Islamic world, and mostly over Turkey and Turkistan (Turkish world), I will break both hands at once.

I took this hand, too; you lost it. People like you are lost. As I deserve, I take South Azerbaijan. Please don’t make a mistake. Please be sure to admit your defeat and step back. Even if you don’t, you know.

Chaos used to benefit you; now, it helps us. I will not be responsible for the blood that will be spilled, the life that will burn. Then I will get angry and make you pay for it worldwide.

If you decide to make a mess, prepare immediately for India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, China, the USA, and Russia to be shattered and all your legitimate and illegitimate business to be disrupted at once. Perhaps the world has never seen so many leaders overthrown, and many countries are breaking up.

| Mfs – Wrist-breaking – Akademi Dergisi