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Octopuses and crocodiles were brought to our world from other worlds…

But at a time in the distant past, not as today, but at a time when much more advanced science and technology than today, the people of the world went beyond in the science of genetics. They did not recognize moral, conscientious, religious boundaries, but they created thousands of new animals by combining the genetic codes of animal species.

One of those thousands of animal species is the one you see, also called the witch’s scrub(Tarsius glis)…

The witch lemurs(Tarsius glis) were genetically engineered at that time, by combining the genetic codes of owls and monkeys. They couldn’t get what they wanted, and they experimented with merging too many genetic codes with slight differences, resulting in many species of witch lemurs with very similar but distinct differences.

This type of animal, called the witch lemur, is a bird-brained animal. In other words, their brains are very small and even their eyes are bigger than their brains. The mobility of their heads is just like owls. Their ability to stand on trees and tree branches, their feathers, their eyes, and their ability to see is all thanks to the genetic codes coming from owls. Today’s science is at a level that can analyze these animals and understand with certainty that they were derived by genetic engineering, but there is another deficiency: morality/honor.

How immoral it is to try to explain these animals with the deception of evolution, to call primates, to keep on lying without relying on any concrete scientific evidence. Even the people of that time, who crossed borders and interfered with the order of nature when they had advanced science and technology, were perhaps more honest than today’s evolutionists.


No mammal has it.

The research group led by Marissa Ramsier from the University of California, USA, determined that the small creature, also known as “witch lemurs”, makes sounds above 20 kilohertz and can detect sounds at this frequency.

Scientists stated that a few mammalian species, including bats, whales, and domestic cats, can make sounds in this frequency range, but they cannot come close to the Philippine Tarsier in this regard.

The Philippine Tarsier makes noises around 70 kHz and can detect sounds above 90 kHz when warning of a threat or calling to go on a cricket hunt. According to the study, published in the journal Biology Letters, this frequency range yields the highest figures ever measured for mammals.

This 55-million-year-old witch lemur (tarsier) fossil found in China also contributed to the emergence of this species, which we call the witch lemur, by combining the genetic codes of humans, monkeys, and owls, which even led to the creation of dinosaurs by combining the genetic codes of birds of prey and reptiles with no limits in genetic engineering millions of years ago. It greatly strengthens the possibility that they caused it.

Evolutionist conjurers, who are wrongly called scientists, studied this fossil for ten years. Due to some differences in the heel and foot of the fossil, they immediately wanted to use this as a tool for their fallacy and to increase the hostility to religion they displayed under the mask of “scientific” in the world. They declared this fossil to be the so-called intermediate form between humans and primates. However, while witch lemurs, which did not exist in the nature/creation of our world, were derived by genetic engineering millions of years ago, a very high number of trials were made and various types of witch lemurs with slight differences were derived. That’s all…

There is no “intermediate form” of humans or animals in the world, there never was. There is no room for an honest/moral scientist based on scientific grounds to declare this fossil a transitional fossil.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


They will not be able to go out in public, and those who die will be cursed

Those in NASA will not be able to go out in public, and those who died will be cursed behind their backs.

Do you know why the instruction “Mercury will never be observed with the Hubble Space Telescope” was given?

The rays emanating from Mercury, which has no atmosphere and extraordinary temperature, would damage the lenses and systems of the Hubble Space Telescope.

This is a big lie… Mercury has an atmosphere. It has an atmosphere of sufficient level and sufficient features. This is an atmosphere that makes it so close to the sun that it is not a problem… Mercury has life on earth, settlements, cities, buildings, seas, and oceans.

There are also huge cities built underground. As I always say, there are artificial sun rays, artificial heating, artificial lighting, artificial humidification, artificial wind in such underground cities/bases. In fact, there are artificial lakes, large water resources in those cities, and agriculture is also done.

I have always told you that there are similar situations in giant alien bases or cities in our world, and recently these have been scripts for some movies. Those who live there think that they live on earth. Living in cities underground on Mercury is more comfortable than living above it.

Facilities on earth are mostly built for work/study purposes. Mercury people live in underground cities and come to earth to work.
Air pollution is dominant on earth, the climate is arid, the trees are few, the vegetation is mostly in the form of shrubs and in shades of yellow… Mercury is a place of exile and Mercury’s history is very staggering.

Also, the claim that Mercury has a huge core layer inside is not true. Yes, its core is relatively large to our world’s system, but not as big as it is exaggerated. By spreading this lie, they make Mercury to be accepted as a lifeless planet in minds.

There isn’t much animal diversity on Earth on Mercury. There are mostly reptiles. In underground cities, there are cats, dogs, horses, and many kinds of animals. They even raise fish. They stole most of the animal species from our world. It is even possible to find Trout in our world there.

Mercury people experienced a disaster similar to Noah’s flood in the past and they disappeared. After a while, life started there again.

When the Mercury people became irreligious, immoral, cruel, and miserable, they were destroyed like the people of Pompeii, like the people of Noah. Allah mediated this destruction with the Greens and Grays (Gog and Magog). Gog and Magog, who destroyed the ferocious Mercurys on Mercury, settled on Mercury.

Hazrat Dhu’l Qarnayn, also known as Oğuz Kağan, struck and crushed Gog and Magog, who settled on Mercury and had very high technology, with higher technology. During the conflicts that broke out during this time, the planet Mercury was also hit hard.

Later, during the reign of Hazrat Suleiman, a hybrid species causing trouble in and around our world was exiled to Mercury. The current Mercurys are such an exiled species.

Hazrat Sulaiman did not challenge this troublesome hybrid human species. While sending them to Mercury, he said, “Take whatever you want from here. Settle in there, don’t make trouble here.” said.
As I always say…  In the time of Hazrat Sulaiman AS, science and technology in our world had reached the highest possible level, and this did not happen by transfer from another world. It was then that this troublesome hybrid breed took with them everything they would ever need. They started to rebuild it.

They went to as many planets as they could with their UFO, stole something from them all, and brought it to Mercury. They still steal from various planets whatever they need.

Concerned that our world will not be among the worlds that self-destruct due to very advanced science and technology, During the reign of   Hazrat Sulaiman, science and technology were destroyed by state power, but it was not so with Mercury. There is still very high science and technology in them at the moment. They continue to steal our sinkholes, mineral waters, and potable waters.

The Mercurys, who show no mercy to the people of other planets and behave very brutally lack humanity, and Islam, are also extremely cruel to each other. There, too, a wealthy and powerful but outnumbered mass dominates the rest.

Let’s come back to the Hubble Space Telescope…

“After being placed into orbit in 1990, scientists found that the main mirror was misplaced in a way that limited the telescope’s work. This issue was fixed on a space shuttle voyage in 1993. ‘ but don’t believe it. It worked perfectly as it sat in Hubble orbit. It took very clear images from all over, and those at NASA were shocked aftershock.

They saw that there is life everywhere, even in our solar system, that there are different types of people, and that most of them live at a science and technology level that is more advanced than us.

The Ankebut Cult, which is essentially anti-human, essentially Satanist, and ruled by Iblis at the top, did not allow NASA under its control (even their logos have Satanist meanings) to announce the information and images they obtained to the world of humanity. They played this trick for three years. They are still playing their tricks and keeping the humanity of the world asleep.

On the other hand, when they saw the various planets very clearly, they admired the construction techniques and high-tech vehicles there. By brainstorming with them, they developed techniques and technologies for our world.

There are so many topics to be written and told about this Mercury issue alone. I’ll tell you when the time comes. We’re going too fast, and even that much is too heavy for many, and even that much forces the balance bars of the world to move.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya|Akademi Dergisi

There were metaphysical wars in ancient Egypt

Metaphysical conflicts and even great metaphysical wars were very frequent in ancient Egypt.

At that time, alien-human species could come to our world without hiding and operating. The Egyptians did not find it strange that alien-human species lived among themselves without harming themselves, even took part in the administrative staff from time to time, and sometimes even the Pharaohs were alien species. I had told you before that some very famous Pharaohs were not people of our world. Asaf, the vizier of Sulaiman (AS), was not the person of our world.

As I always say, the technology of our world was very advanced at that time, and there was no need for technology transfer from space. The people of our planet also used to travel to and from other worlds-planets, or they would go and stay. As a result of this traffic between the worlds, many hybrid species were formed in various parts of space, as well as Negroes, Japanese and Chinese.

There would inevitably be wars between worlds, just as there were wars between states-leaders in our world. Conflicts between worlds would often be with metaphysical techniques, as they are now. The Egyptians also wore various high-tech helmets on their heads to be protected from such attacks, and these were depicted on the walls of historical monuments in Egypt.

Today, all alien-human species use all kinds of helmets to protect themselves from metaphysical attacks or to strengthen their metaphysical signals. Still, metaphysicians in the secret services of some states of our world use similar helmets. In other words, our world has already reached some of the high technology depicted in Egypt thousands of years ago. It should also be known that helmets and other tools-devices are used in metaphysical conflicts. These are already included in the Egyptian drawings in question. After these explanations, the people I keep calling the think tank in the world will look at the issue from this perspective and immediately solve hundreds of things that they have not been able to solve until today.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya|Akademi Dergisi

Gather up, and I’ll tell you the Jupiter facts too!

 You all gather up, and I’ll also tell you the Jupiter facts. Jupiter is not a gas giant…

Thinking that you know what NASA and similar space organizations are telling about Jupiter, I get right to the point.

What is seen in these pictures is shown to us as Jupiter is nothing but the outermost layer of a protective shield made to protect Jupiter from attacks.

The shield consists of three layers, and there are regular space gaps between the layers. The outermost layer is energetically charged and contains dust and gases. Jupiter is much smaller than this shield and stays inside at the center.

This system can be compared to the layers of our Earth. Just as the Earth’s outermost layer/shell and its inner core at the center are standing, Jupiter in this shield looks tiny, just like it. Even in this state, the planet Jupiter is a much larger planet than our Earth.

The weakest parts of Jupiter’s shield are located in the polar regions, and there have been those who attacked Jupiter by infiltrating through these parts before.

Jupiter’s vegetation is not green like ours but pale yellow. Despite this, many plant species on Jupiter are in shades of light brown apart from shades of yellow.

Its waters are not transparent/colorless like ours. It looks dirty/pale white when placed in a glass. It is like the color of the glass when water is given too much chlorine for us. The fact that the water is like this is also related to its atmosphere. The waters in Jupiter’s seas and oceans also do not appear blue but somewhat grayish. This is due to the structure/chemistry of the water, its atmosphere, and the protection shields slightly refract the sunlight. Also, Jupiter has no tide/tide, and its oceans are incomparably much, much deeper than ours.

The sky on Jupiter likewise appears in shades of light gray rather than shades of blue. There are also mountains, hills, plains, and deserts… It also rains and snows, and there are also storms.

People are so savage.

Their average height is two and a half times our average height. Their average height is two and a half times our average height. They have relatively thin bodies, but their hands, feet, and heads are disproportionately large compared to our bodies. Their shape is slightly different.

Their skin is off-white… Their skin, similar to the skin of hairless cats, is not scaly/textured. There are light gray color fluctuations in places on their white skin. They resemble some types of marble in our world.
They don’t have hair; they have very weak eyebrows, beards, and mustaches are not available in all; rare breeds do. In general, they have no hair on their body. They don’t have auricles, but they do have ear holes. Their eyes are always black, with no pupils of any other color. Their heads and faces are enormous, as are their hands and feet. His facial features look brutal. It looks rough. It resembles the coarse facial features of greens.

There are only a few billion people on the whole planet. There are very few Muslims among them, and nowadays, they do not know the religion of Islam correctly; they do not live it, and a period of ignorance prevails.

If we look at the year of our world, they live an average of seven hundred years. Already in our world, for the first time, an average of seven hundred years was lived. Then, when the age of science and technology was reached, the genetics of both animals and humans were manipulated, and lifespans increased to thousands of years. I have explained these parts before. Science and technology were deliberately destroyed in the time of Solomon so that our world would not be one of the self-destructing worlds with the insane science and technology it reached. Before it was destroyed, genetics was again tampered with, and lifespans were adjusted to what they are now.

Jupiterians have always been aggressive throughout history. Once upon a time, their technology was very high, and they went to other planets and attacked; they made constant massacres. They also built the energy shield protecting Jupiter with their own technology to protect themselves from counter-attacks.

They could pass through this shield themselves. They hurt a lot, and after a while, a Muslim species among the human species in space, using their high technology, easily bypassed the Jupiters’ shields, entered Jupiter, and almost passed over the Jupiterians. Their lineage was about to be destroyed, so few were left. In the meantime, they lost the people in the think tank. They suddenly fell behind in science and technology and couldn’t get out of the shield they made.

The wild Jupiters have experienced this state several times throughout their history. Someone from our world did this once to the savage Jupiters in their history. Hazrat Zulkarneyn, also known as Oghuz Khan in the past and who was a Turk and was the ruler of a single state that ruled the whole world, crushed the dehumanized Jupiterians and cursed them on top of that. (More about 7 thousand 5 hundred years ago than today)

Although unconfirmed, there is a claim/belief that the blood/genes of the Greens and Grays, which we also know as Gog and Magog, are mixed with the genes of the Jupiterians. Once the Jupiterians went to many planets, they established sexual relations, causing hybrid species to form. I have been claiming for years that the Chinese, who are famous for their brutality in our world, are an alien/earth hybrid species and that the genes of the Greens and Grays have been mixed in their genes.

Jupiterians do not dress; they do not cover, even though their bodies need to be covered. They are immoral, irreligious… Only a tiny number of Muslims wear them. In our world, they look like tribes that live like animals in jungles.

The Jupiterians describe themselves as the deities, the creators of countless different human species throughout space. They’ve gone astray and gone astray. They believe all other human species carry their blood/genes and give them life. At this time, they have no contact or exchange with any human species in space. In technology, however, they seem to be about a few centuries ahead of us.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya|Akademi Dergisi

 Diana is a victim?

Let’s do brainstorm once again…

Princess Diana of the British Royal family was living the beloved life with Dodi al-Fayed, who is said to be a Muslim Arab. There was talk of getting married, and one night, the car they were in entered a tunnel and crashed (!). Diana and Dodi died in the accident. It was alleged that the driver was drunk, all the blame was laid on him. Diana’s bodyguard vanished into thin air. The so-called accident was covered by state power. Almost everyone in the world who hears about the issue believes that it was not an accident.

The official story is in sight, but the questions are:

Did Diana realize that the royals weren’t real people, they were replaced? Did she see/understand that her husband was a replaced by a bionic robot, that he occasionally malfunctioned?

Even if she couldn’t figure out that much, did he learn about the Satanist rituals of the royal members, human sacrifices to the Devil in these rituals, hunting parties by chasing little children left in the forest with horses and shooting them with guns, and similar perversions and she didn’t aknowledge?

Was it not accepted by the royal family, who were fierce enemies of Islam and humanity, that he would continue on his way with Dodi, who is known as a Muslim, and therefore she fell victim for a murder seemingly accident?

Has Diana, who was called “the kindest member of the royal family” and “the only kind-hearted member of the royal family”, always been ostracized because she did not fall so low as to dehumanize, become the enemy of all humanity, and worship Satan, as requested?

Or was Diana also a replaced, and in the shape of her a bionic robot produced ,a human alien species inside a bionic robot?

If not, what really happened? Who is Diana really and when and where did the real Diana die or did she die?

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi