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Atmospere is extremely tense in the field

Charles, Sunak, Trump, Aliyev, Lavrov, Netenyahu, Biden, Austin, Obama, Scholz, Miço, Xi, Tayyip, Bohçalı, Soysuz… They are all freaking out. They are so angry, so desperate.

While they are freaking out, they are making crazy plans to eliminate me in my place with the local/foreign military elements. Even George Soros is in this gang… It is a small part of the plan to land special teams from the air by helicopters… It is also small parts of the plan to send special teams from Dedeağaç toward here and bring Turkey’s military ships in the open waters of Kartal…

The next process will be stormy. The Ankebut Cult will lose, collapse, disintegrate around the world, rapidly and concretely. Therefore, they will get mad at me each time. Each time, they will want to try their crazy plans. I do not care, we can give the necessary response to all of them, we will.

My surroundings are very risky, now. The friendly elements shouldn’t walk around here. They shouldn’t act suspiciously. At least, stay out of the inner circle. They could be hit by the stray bullets.

Everyone understands that Turkey will no longer be the old Turkey. The world will no longer be the old Turkey. The conflicts will not end, until we get the result we want.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

There are many alien bases inside the mountains all around the world

Put this pyramid in a huge mountain in your imagination. Imagine that there is a very advanced science and technology and that there are human species who have different skin colours and heights. Imagine that there are entrances and exits of the mountains and the pyramid under the ground, near the top and on the sides of the mountain. Imagine that the UFOs are entering in it.

There are secret alien bases inside of the most of the big mountains in the world, very similar to what you imagined. Ask your metaphysicists, they will see it and tell you…

Most of the climbers who went to the rugged mountains and then disappeared or found dead are connected to this shocking truth. They see things that they shouldn’t see and getting killed.

How wonderful these days were…

Their science and technology was so advanced. They trusted to themselves, their weapons, technology and their houses carved into the rocks. These houses would survive even if nuclear bombs dropped on there, one after another. They trusted to their magicians, fortune-tellers, the jinn, the iblees and their satanist rituals…

But one blast was enough to destroy them.

They are in agony in their graves for thousands of years. They are keep burning. Their bodies are burning to ash in a short time and then replace with new ones. They are rip apart countless times, just like they ripped apart the innocent people, in fact the babies in the satanic rituals. It will not end. They will enter the hell after the Doomsday and there will be no end. They will stay in the hell in agony forever.

What a tragic end…

You will vacate all the mountains in Turkey, immediately, get out of there. There will be no active underground city in Turkey. You will vacate all of them. I’m not giving you time. Things that are broken, exploded, collapsed are nothing yet. You will collapse more and more everyday.

Suit yourself, then. Stay, if you wish. I will do it in your way, from now on. I will not keep the civilians, women, children out of it.

You can destroy any region you want in Turkey. I do not care. As the water sources destroyed, as the infectious diseases spreaded, as they keep the foreign elements or the so-called refugees in the country, as they continue to smuggle organs and human trafficking, I will target your underground cities directly. There is no room left for your pawns above the ground. You understand it so well that you will die en masse if you continue to challenge me. You will be destroyed, rapidly.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

Money is gone, hope is gone, the system has collapsed in the country…

No one can see two step ahead. No one want to put themselves at risks. No one trust the Ankebut Cult, the Masons and the satanists. Everyone is making plans to make contact with Istanbul and find a way to make an agreement with Istanbul… Including the companies, the bosses and the circles connected to the Ankebut Cult.

That is not only true for Turkiye, but also for tens of countries who hasn’t announced bankruptcy.

Those who are being figurants of the “fait accompli” election plan are wasting their time and will burn themselves up.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


Stop acting like you have all the power, trying to attract attention and continue to be on the agenda and save your Twitter. The servers are burning and the system is failing. It is said, “Twitter went down” everywhere.

You had a minor reputation and now, you are losing what’s left of your reputation.

You better forget about challenging Istanbul and protect your own turf, if you have the power and technology.


Tell your people to come down the field. They are in miserable condition, even on a night like this. They can’t attack us with the rituals. They cannot even protect themselves. They are dying, going into coma, killing themselves, collapsing one after another…

It’s no fun anymore…
Pull yourself together…

We are bored.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

Falling of South Korean government is imminent

The future government/s cannot resolve the problems. From now on, it will be clearly seen that the South Korea is melted away, weakened and swept away.

The Ankebut Cult try to do something to stop me because I inform people and warn the interested parties earlier and it can only prolong the process but it doesn’t change the result.

I will collapse the South Korea which is a country/nation who have gone astray in the extreme level, for the good of humanity.

I am destroying and continue to destroy the giant companies which seem like the South Korean companies but managed by England from the background, for this purpose.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi