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Some artificial tectonic plates were/are being created on Earth.

(This publication is a unilaterally published version of Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya’s correspondence with a follower on his social media application)

I was waiting for these kinds of questions to come. The answers to the questions are straightforward, and even some of those who asked found their answers.

Not all of the so-called tectonic plates are, of course. An answer to the question is in this part…

Shouldn’t some of the things described as underground plate movements not be the movement of giant living spaces that I described at night and called the metal box system?

What should Mfs do if prominent scientists are stuck with these if they still resist not opening their horizons? I think it’s time to consider whether they might be malicious.

In our world, a great deal of science and technology has been achieved, despite the insidious interception of the alien parties who are secretly amongst us.

Today, even at the limited and hindered level of science and technology, we can scan deep underground, determine soil and rock types, and detect magma and volcano parts. Even if these are volcanoes that have ceased to be active a long time ago, even with our level of technology, vehicles can be made that will not burn if you throw them on the volcano, will preserve its integrity, and will not pass a caustic level of heat inside.

We now know a lot about the natural balance of the planet. According to these balances, we have already discovered the winds, gases, magnetic field balances, the living, finding direction, shaping, and spreading of biological diversity. The system I described is not the only one.

While some artificial islands or artificial continents are built entirely like a sea or a spacecraft, some of them are a kind of filling techniques made with different techniques by deciding that they will not move again, and as I always say, these past technology eras, current science, and technology It was so advanced that it could not even compare with our level.

In other words, while the previous works were being carried out, matter, light, stone, soil, and the bodies of living things were not looked at with the eyes we are looking at right now, lifting huge weights was like child’s play.

Even now, artificial intelligence exceeds our intelligence. Still, they were at an even more extreme level then, and as you can see, these systems were not made by employing billions of people, putting in a lot of effort, and spending a lot of time. For him, there was science, technology, and tools.

Now let’s move on to the answer to the other part of the question. Even today, if great work is to be done on land if a considerable facility is to be built there, whether there is an earthquake zone, whether there are magma movements, and many other things are not looked at.

Would those who could install these systems at that time undertake such work without looking at them from these aspects?

Of course, if they are going to make a large artificial island that stays in place, looks natural from the outside, and looks like a metal box, they will make some subtleties when placing the living space like a metal box; they will not close some areas.

They will naturally rise from there, and they will allow the magma to rise to the very top of the artificial island, and for people at that level of technology, it’s not even a problem.

For this reason, there is intense magma movement in Japan, and on such an island, there are volcanoes; it is unnecessary to say how artificial islands can be there. After this explanation, it is necessary to draw attention to the USA again.

Scientists follow some tectonic plate/plate movements in the world closely. Some of these also occur on the Oregon and Washington coasts.

Now, if the “real” and honest scientists of the world looked at these matters this way, they would immediately grasp everything.

Since this is their field of expertise, they will be able to explain these issues more accurately and detailedly than I can.

As in my correspondence shared at night, there are artificial parts, artificial plates, or to put it correctly, living spaces such as metal boxes under it, on the coasts of the American continent and especially on the shores of the USA; there are parts filled with rocks and soil at a very high level. Here’s what I told you. They are losing control of them. They haven’t done most of this themselves. Their technology was insufficient; many alien species are living in them now… They found it ready; they mainly settled.

Nowadays, they cannot even take proper measures against their looming disaster.

This is a great danger for them and the human communities living on these filled artificial beaches.

It has always been talked about that the Mayans believed that Doomsday would come in 2012. A famous earthquake/disaster movie called 2012 was also shot.

In that movie, the beaches of the USA were lying and sinking in the waters of the ocean, just like giant ships with unbalanced loads tilted to one side.

Perhaps there were exceptionally good metaphysicians among the Mayans.

They saw that one day, disasters similar to the scenes in this movie would happen worldwide, especially in the USA.

Thinking that such great land fragmentations and disasters would not be possible with earthquakes and storms, they said, “This is the apocalypse at best. Otherwise, such things will not happen on this planet.”

I wrote this a conjecture recently, but I think it needs to be considered and talked about.

Perhaps the metaphysicians in question were very close to determining the date, but they did not quite hit the mark.

They said 2012, but they didn’t know it would happen in 2022

Maybe 2023 or 2024 or 2030, such things will happen, and they made minor mistakes in determining the date and understanding and evaluating what they saw.

The apocalypse did not break in 2012, the date they determined, even though they surprisingly have a lot of information and are an exciting community whose secrets are still unsolved.

It is helpful to sit down and talk about why the Mayans, who were surprisingly accurate in many aspects, were wrong in this regard.

Could it also be that alien species have partially destroyed the so-called underground plate movements, due to which parts of some settlements have become uninhabitable?

Could these rapid changes be interpreted as the very rapid shrinking of the plates in question and could be mistaken?

Could some alien species even be expanding parts of their habitat over time? Could it be that scientists from the people of the world are making inaccurate comments because they do not know this?

There’s also this part. While such underground settlements were being built in the past technology eras, could they have preferred the places where magma activities were first?

Could they have turned magma into energy/fuel?

Could some volcanoes in the world, not on the coasts of the continents but somewhat inland, be artificial?

Could the alien species that make and use them decide when to spew lava?

UFOs that quickly entered the volcano were recorded by different people at many other points worldwide. Why do these UFOs go inside volcanoes?

Where do they go from there? Do they always come back?

That’s why I put off telling many things I know for decades, but let’s say this much now. These are systems that can be made similar even with the science and technology of our world.

These are no longer things that can be said as “it can’t be, it’s not possible, this is a frivolous claim.” If the people of the world did more research, if those who research and talk about the issues were more honest, I would explain such matters in a shorter time and more detail. Otherwise, it is not helpful to tell, and there are even harms.

Now that I think about it, I should add that too. Volcanoes are more needed in one way or another. Things that make the surrounding soil fertilize and cultivate very well. If real/honest scientists are left in this world, they will come out and explain them with scientific-level details and visuals/reenactments.

Adolf Hitler was a bionic robot, he did not become a Muslim

(This publication is a unilaterally published version of Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya’s correspondence with a follower on his social media application)
Now it’s time for some things to be known; even in such mutual correspondence, I write shocking truths to everyone openly.

The stories of Hitler told to us in our congregation are also fabricated.

Hitler did not become a Muslim. He became a bionic robot.

While the Grays were trying to establish a new world order based in England, Germany, and Israel, which they were about to declare, the Greens and other alien species acting with them wanted to prevent this and establish a world order in their own way.

Other alien species living underground, mostly in the Antarctic region of the world, also got a little involved in this struggle. The bionic robot built in the image of Hitler was also under their control. Inside was an alien that was neither green nor gray. However, this species was more close to the Greens.

At that time, just as during the “Theatre of the Conquest of Istanbul”, many important events took place while there were very, very complicated and constantly changing balances.

Everything was shown differently in the world of humanity, but behind the scenes, alien species were fighting with each other.

The bionic robot, built in the image of Hitler, worked mostly for the Greens. He fought against Israel, England, the British royal family, and the Dajjal system.

For the official establishment of Israel, plans were established through England and the royal family and were implemented on the ground. Initially, Germany was also reshaped within the framework of this plan. It was strengthened quickly, with Jewish money, and more from the background, with the intervention of the grays.

Contrary to what happened in history, Germany was going to wage a war against the east, not the west. It would only crush a few places in the west that were under the control of the greens.

Afterward, the greens started to dominate in this war by agreeing with some other alien species; they took over the balance in Germany and took over the power.

The Grays, the alien species moving with them, and the earth-man Jews, masons, and Satanists, who were toys in their hands, seemed to be left in the middle and were surprised at what they had been through. With a final move, Germany canceled the plan and instead declared the USA a supposed superpower.

They strengthened and equipped the USA “inexplicably under normal conditions,” and in a very short time, they gave newly discovered scientific techniques through bionic robot scientists when necessary, then they continued this war through the USA.

The story is very, very long and indeed very complex, but if Hitler had not been defeated or if different agreements had not been made in his last time and his struggle had not been deliberately weakened, the so-called state of Israel in Palestine, which was taken from us by betrayal and alien games, in reality, that terrorist organization would not have been established, Israel would not have officially existed. England would probably be completely destroyed, and new political maps would be drawn. The superpower of the world would be Germany, not the USA.

From that date to this day, world history flows very differently. In the face of the question “why did Hitler not invade Turkey,” even Jew/Mason İlber Ortaylı and his peers around the world are tense; they do not know what to say, they are aware that there are balances that they cannot explain, but even the answer to that question can be given by understanding these balances correctly.

Now, there is this truth behind the fact that many issues in the world cannot be explained properly. Alien species have wars or collusion among themselves, hiding as much as possible from us humans of the world.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

Looking for a door?

If there are those among you who are looking for doors, passages, tunnels, or those who will, let them not bother. With the technology in the hands of alien species on Earth, it is not necessary to make a door to enter and exit a place. They open any wall with a light they hold and pass through it. Then he turns off the light and the wall returns to its previous state. They enter and exit bionic robots frequently, but they also have doors, lids, zippers, etc. there are no parts.

That claim, which has been spoken among the world’s humanity for decades, is true. UFOs can stand on top of a house, emitting a light towards the house, and can pull someone up in their house. Even if the person is awake, he cannot escape this intervention. Concrete ceiling in between and also steel joinery or wood joinery roof etc. none of the things are a hindrance. Then they turn off the light and everything is back to normal, from the ceiling to the roof. This is very old technology for them. The people of the world developed and used it ten thousand years ago. I wrote a lot about what happened after that, everyone knows now.

| Mfs – Ezber bozan – Akademi Dergisi

 A kind of Göbekli Tepe…

Watch the video of the Asian man doing some kind of Göbekli Tepe without being fully aware of what he is doing…

Göbekli Tepe was nothing more than a small part of a highly developed mining operation/construction site. It was established to make some of the liquefied mines extracted from the ground easily accessible to UFO-style vehicles on the ground. In this video, liquefied mines were flowing in the water-flowing channels, Göbekli Tepe. The technology was so advanced that for such a temporary mining operation, there was no need to set up systems with steel joinery to make long labors and incur great expenses. They could make huge rocks into the shape they wanted in a short time and easily. They were able to transport these rocks in a short time, even if they were far away. The bottom of Göbekli Tepe is more important than the top… They have known and hidden for decades that parts of the underground in that region were built with very, very advanced technologies. Even these days, the important things found there are not left to Turkey; they are immediately sent to the USA, England, and Israel thanks to the official traitors.

Those who built and used Göbekli Tepe for the first time left traces and marks that can only be made with high science and technology, but other and more primitive tribes also used it for the next thousands of years. The simple and non-technological interventions made by the people of the later ages are explained and shown to the world’s humanity. The same trick is done for the pyramids. After those who built the pyramids with very high technology, people who did not have science and technology also used or intervened for a long time. Most of all, the so-called British scientists (always Satanists) deceived the world’s humanity about the pyramids from the very beginning. For about ten years, we have also broken the rules about Göbekli Tepe. We got the attention. So much so that despite the heavy censorship applied to our publications, we had Göbekli Tepe publications reaching hundreds of thousands of people in a concise time. These publications and the critical information we provided indirectly reached tens of millions of people. Its effect has been seen worldwide. Nowadays, the needle is turning towards us, towards the truth. While the international satanist deep state is writhing on the ground and is about to take its last breath, the lies about Göbekli Tepe are about to be destroyed… Even Göbekli Tepe shows that the history told to the world of humanity is full of lies; in the past much more advanced science and technology, science than in the present. It proves that there are epochs of morality, spirituality, and civilization and that the theory of evolution is a malicious project of hostility to religion and humanity, spread mainly through secret Jews and Satanists.

Effective and authoritative people, academics, members of the press, and even social media actors, who still call it a “Temple” when there is no concrete evidence that it is a temple, should be subject to investigations. It is necessary to determine whether they are members of an inhumane international satanist organization, the Ankebut Cult, and the members should be punished in the harshest way they deserve. It is also necessary to investigate whether the persons in question have anything to do with the masonic sect and whether they use the masonic organization to “act in an organized manner”. No group or organization/sect has the right to deceive the world’s humanity, distort scientific facts with lies and deceptions, enmity against religion and morality, and try to turn people into animals with no excuse. The people and organizations in question who want the material and moral disaster of not only a group of people or a nation but also all people in the world and who are constantly operating with lies, sedition, traps, bullying, injustice, prohibitions, censorship, murders and massacres for this purpose. Their destruction is one of the most fundamental duties of humanity.

Mfs – Ezber bozan – Akademi Dergisi

It’s still the same movie, the same trick…

It is not clear what is being sent to space, and what will happen to whom.
The year is 2022, but the words Moon and nuclear are still in the news together. How many people know what is going on in the background… Even if not only the USA, but all the states in the world allied together with their powers and technologies, they can do nothing to the Moon and the people on the Moon.

The first time the USA tried to go to the Moon, it was like hitting a wall. Then it looked for ways to drop nuclear bombs on the Moon, one after the other. This was later leaked to the press and the media. The situation in Soviet Russia was no different from the United States. They also hit the wall. Then the USA and Russia wanted to act jointly on the Moon projects. They carried out some secret joint projects. Instead of sending spacecraft and astronauts, they were able to send satellites to orbit the Moon and robots to land on the Moon’s surface. From that day until today, they have always exhibited strange attitudes and decisions and wanted to hide the shocking facts about the Moon. There were shocking broadcasts about why they stayed so far from the Moon, and even some famous movies were made. In some documentary works prepared in the last few years, the gigantic military facilities on the Moon, the towers kilometers high, and the satellite dishes kilometers in diameter have been told based on concrete evidence. Thus, the points that I have been telling for years have been confirmed by their concrete proofs and the statements of high-ranking retired officers from the US Army.

Influential and authoritative people in the USA and Russia learned at that time that the Moon is an artificial planet, that Muslims dominate the Moon, that science and technology are very, very advanced there, and that they do not interfere with anything in our world unless it is necessary…

As I have written for years, there is no religious permission to make interventions that will disrupt the testing process of the humanity of this world. Muslim elements on the moon are not allowed to make these interventions. If that had been allowed, neither the Greens, Grays, USA, Russia, China, Satanists, black money makers, organ traffickers, forced prostitution, NASA, or NATO would remain in this world. In just two days, they’d make it all history. In doing so, perhaps they would not have suffered any casualties.
I have been writing since years ago that the Moon is an artificial planet and there are layers to it. Many world people have left the world there. There are even scholars and virtuous people. There are also Muslims among the human species of other worlds. There is no racism there, there is no ignorance there, and there is no grudge and hatred. There is no unjust bloodshed there. There is no colonialism there. Iblis is not mentioned there. There is real humanity there, there is happiness, and there is peace. There is the use of science and technology for the benefit of humanity. There is common humanity, a common civilization.

Members of the Ankebut Cult have made millions of false news and statements so far. This is the truth that they have not been able to tell the world for more than half a century, and they do not want to tell… They are still squirming. At that time, they franticly discussed sending nuclear bombs to the Moon and detonating it, but they soon realized how ridiculous they had been with these thoughts and accepted. They admitted that they were not even as good as an ant against an elephant. Some of them came out from time to time and spoke to the press and media, saying, “If they were enemies to us, we would have been destroyed”, but they did not tell the rest of what they knew.

Still, we often hear the news that the words Moon and nuclear are used together. When we look at the news by saying, “What is it, what is going on”, we see ideas about establishing a nuclear power plant on the Moon, projects aimed at ensuring that rockets that will go to the Moon will be nuclear-powered rockets, and often the US Department of Defense Advanced Research Projects Office (DARPA)… We read or listen to and watch tales, and lies, as if everything was very peaceful, everything was done with pure and even angelic intentions, as if everything was being done or will be done for the benefit of humanity.

How can we trust the satanic elements that have been telling tales/lies about the Moon, Mars, our solar system, and space as a whole for more than fifty years and still trying to continue this with an inter-state organized activity?

They could not and cannot attack the Moon with nuclear bombs or rockets. Nor can they establish a settlement area on the Moon. They are so afraid that they have not been able to send astronauts to the Moon again for decades. They remain so cowardly and timid in the face of the Moon, in the face of those on the Moon. So what are they doing with all these nuclear projects? Who can guarantee that one of the things they call a nuclear rocket will not fall on the top of a country/city they are targeting, killing hundreds of thousands or even millions of innocent civilians when they want to? In 1945, the USA, which was asked to become a superpower by the Masons/Jews, had done this before the eyes of the world, why not now?

Years ago, I wrote that NASA was in a quagmire, in a crisis that could not even build its rocket engine, and that’s why certain companies wanted to be put ahead of NASA. I have written for years that those companies are not doing well either, because the USA is in a quagmire, and Elon Musk and his companies are overrated. Nowadays, companies in the USA are also about to kick their feet in common terms. When the USA, which has been introduced to the world as a super power with the press and media activities, and which is showing its last struggles these days not to stand up, without hesitation, when the USA is trying to become a so-called superpower. Who can guarantee that he will not do what he has done again, or even more violently, before he leaves the stage? It is necessary to be very careful until the certain states that the Ankebut Cult uses to exploit, murder, and turn the world into hell are destroyed. The states in question have used even the International space station in an alliance to the detriment of humanity all this time. They used it in artificial drought and famine projects in the world, in projects to send drought signals to the world from space. They also used it as part of the system they used to make artificial earthquakes, floods, storms, typhoons, and tornadoes. They also used it as part of the system they used to collectively exercise mind control over the people of a country or region. What do those states that have done this even through the most visible space station, in this process where they are struggling not to collapse….

The alliances established, controlled, and controlled by the Ankebut Cult, including the United Nations and NATO, are long gone. A new international alliance must be established. A new supervisory agency affiliated with this alliance should be established immediately. It should be prevented that any state in the world, especially the USA, China, and Russia, can send whatever they want to space according to their minds. Independent controllers, acting on behalf of humanity, should be able to control whether the things that are sent to space are things that will harm humanity. Sending weapons and strategic weapons to space should be banned as a common and final decision of humanity. Countries that are not included in this international organization and do not allow independent and transparent inspections should see the necessary attitudes, pressures, and embargoes from all countries of the world, even the USA, China, and Russia. If necessary for the protection of humanity, these countries should be declared unanimous war. The alliance in question should also cancel the tales told about space and tell the realities of space to the world of humanity as soon as possible. This is one of the most fundamental rights of humanity.

Now, honest, honest scientists, ideas, education, religions, and politicians of this world must unite against the deception and misinformation of the world’s humanity by acting in an organized manner. This hatred of humanity, these games, these lies, these movie pinwheels are boring now…

I am always ready to do my bit to ensure that the said international organization and auditing institution can be established as soon as possible and that freemasons, Satanists, and people who are caught up in various anti-human tendencies do not infiltrate its employees.

Now, a new world order must be established in which hostility to humanity and its enemies does not dominate.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi