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They will sacrifice the children they kidnapped in the earthquake

They will sacrifice some of the children they kidnapped from Maraş-based earthquake regions to the iblees in the rituals over the next few days.

The rituals will take place simultaneously in different places all around the world and also in  the Fener Greek Patriarchate and these children will be sacrificed. The Greek officials are coming to Turkiye to join these rituals.

They timed their visit on the full moon. They also observe the astrological and metaphysical balances. Then, they will try to make the artificial disasters, explosions, invasions, if they won’t change their decisions…

They consider the people who died under the rubble or died somehow after the earthquake as people who sacrificed to the iblees…

That is why they still resisting and trying not to send the State’s resources and assistance to the disaster regions, even though they are exposed.

Even from now on, they will cause infectious diseases in the disaster regions if it is possible and consider the deads as people who sacrificed to the iblees and they will be happy about it.

Satanism is such a damned thing and no one give them a hard time because the satanists have the control of this country through the Masons. Because the Masonry is a satanic cult. It is no one but the Iblees that they called the Great Architect of the Universe.

“I will travel to Constantinople(He doesn’t say Istanbul) tomorrow. I will attend the Sunday of Orthodoxy Patriarchal and Archieratic Divine Liturgy and will be received by his All holiness, Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew. (Bartholomew has no such authority and is not recognised. This is a serious issue can cause a crisis between the two states but the traitor Ankara government has no problem with that.)”

So, they are saying that “no matter what will happen to Istanbul and its surroundings, the Fener Greek Patriarchate is one of the epicenter of this evil…”

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

The waters will not rise, the ground will collapse…

I’ve written it before. The collapses we are informed in the hadiths will occur. Dukhan will cause this. Coffin-i Sekine, the rod of hz. Moses and also something else that have miraculous characteristics will cause this. Dabbatul-ard will also cause this. That person (Dabbatul-ard) will shake the Earth…

The underground cities will be ruined as if they had not existed the day before. Large areas will suddenly collapse because of the collapses will be occured under the ground. So many cities on Earth will collapse, disappear as if they had not existed the day before. When it is happening in different parts of the world, some collapsed areas will go below sea-level and the areas will be filled with sea water. It is one of the reasons why the areas will be disappeared.

Great destructive disasters will occur, so many and great disasters… Hz. Mahdi will not die before he have experience disasters similar to the disasters took place in the time of the great prophets that are still spreading from language to language and before he cause these disasters to happen. He will be instrumental to similar disasters to Noah’s flood to happen.

If you are wondering where the collapse and extinction will happen, look at the areas where satanism, Masonry, witchcraft, rituals, LGBT, organ and human trafficking, atheism, idolatry, corruption/fornication is most intense. Take into consideration that there is no islamic country in the world, that those areas that appear islamic countries and nations are actually worse than the westerners. Take into consideration that also Asia is in miserable conditions. Everywhere can collapse at any time.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


Don’t have to believe

The recent publications about the core of the Earth are malicious… The core of the Earth does not stop and it does not spin in the opposite direction. If it stops, great disasters would occur until it stops. And if it spins in the opposite direction, it would change the balance of everything. It would make the Earth uninhabitable.

I have said it in my shocking publications months ago that some alien species interfere with the core of the world to break down the Mount Qaff known as the Van Allen Radiation Belt. Because the energy shield is drawing its energy from the core of the Earth. They stayed back for a while because of my publications but they are cornered now. They want to escape from this world and they are taking risks. They have started to prepare the minds for extraordinary situations to happen. When this occurs, they will say “that’s what they told, that’s the reason why it have occured”.

At that time, they were preparing the minds by saying “There will be massive explosions on the sun and there will be negative reflections of it on our world. They are deceiving everyone. I was saying that “There will be no explosion on the sun as they claim and the alleged events that the sun will cause on our world will not occur. What happened? None of this happened. They fell silent…

No one should believe these simple lies of those because of the academics, the leading press and media outlets or the leaders, governments are spreading them.

There is more time to remove the shield that is protecting our planet. Many events will take place here, in this world and then the shield will be removed…

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


It is enough…

Australia is one of the central bases of the aliens’ evil forces who invaded Earth in a covert way…

Australia is the primary enemy and the target of those who want to save the world from this covert invasion and the exploitation…

Australia has failed to have the fight needed within the country, until now. If they cannot have it, if they cannot leave the Ankebut Cult, the world humanity will do what it needs to do to Australia.

Military interventions will be carried out in Australia to save the world humanity and also to save the people of Australia and to gain their true freedom. It is Turkey and its true allies who will do this.

The underground and the aboveground resources of Australia will be presented to the service of the humanity and to the benefit for the humanity.

We will use very advanced techniques, the techniques considered as extreme, even today and we will connect the continent of Australia to the continent of Asia from land. We will fill the wide and long region between the continents with rocks. Therefore, the islands and cays between the region will be connected from the land. A brand new atmosphere, environment and balance will be formed there. The aliens who are the enemies of humanity won’t be able to use these lands. There will be humanity, justice, goodness, education, moralty in the region.

The intervention to the genetic codes of the humans, animals and plants will be prevented on those lands. All the people in the region from Australia to Asia will be protected from the material and moral dangers.

If we can’t live comfortably above the ground, then we will not allow them to live comfortably under the ground. They can no longer attack us insidiously as they please. They can no longer ruin our health, genetic codes, lands, animals, seas, fishes.

From now on, I’m targeting all the crossings they use to come out from the ground to above the ground with their vehicles and I am blocking them, as I have blocked the straits and canals around the world. I am blocking all of them. Those who will be burned, crushed, shredded can go to hell… I am not to blame, they are… I am showing a defence reflex, not attacking.

From now on, if they will not act wisely, especially if they will stand against my plans and goals for Turkey and its surroundings, I will target all the systems, technology, canals, vehicles, technique personnel, the artificial sun that they use to survive, to provide clean air to breath, provide water and treatment, the energy sources that keep them alive. I wouldn’t even care even for ten second, if I hear that tens of billions of aliens has died in just one day in disastrous ways.

That is enough… I will not allow anyone to do devilry against anyone. I will not let those who don’t take my advice and act stubborn live, nor under neither above the ground in this world. There is only one place for those who turned out to be devils to live and it is the hell…

They play with the air… Our climate has already become a toy… They are stealing our water into the ground. The fishes and the other sea creatures in our seas are being destroyed. They put fish species into the sea that they developed in the laboratory and ruin the balance. They deliberately creat mucilage in our seas by increasing the heat and with intense gas emmission. Our forests are being burned. Our crops being withered in the fields. Our livestock animals are being killed en masse or one by one. Various viruses being spread deliberately. If a different kind of virus spread out, they want to declare it a pandemic to harvest human organs.

The genetic codes of our people are being attacked. Our children, our girls and women are being kidnapped. Our states’ administrations are being filtrated and black and bloody businesses being done through our states’ institutions. The conscientious and good people left are being attacked by their own governments. The persecution and brutality to this agree make even the animals wail. Even the bees are being annihilated deliberately.

Those who seem to want to fix the world like Bill Gates, Elon Musk etc. being imposed on the world humanity. They hit again and again, mercilessly.

The world is filled with persecution, there are screams and wails throughout the whole world. Millions of 12 year old girls are forced to prostitution. Organ smuggling has reached in an extreme level, there is no life and physical safety for anyone.

The world has turned into a hell but do the aliens who cause all of this will live their life with no trouble?

Will they live their life by continuing what they have done, and will we let them get away with what they did, without punishment?

It is not going to happen… What goes around comes around and from now on, blood for blood, eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, civilian for a civilian, woman for a woman, child for a child, water source for a water source, energy source for an energy source, food source for a food source… From now on, that is the way it will be. It is not our fault, we will defend ourselves, I will never allow this evil system to continue, even if the whole world will be destroyed and burned down.

I am starting to burn the world, both under and above the ground… If there is one has the power to stop me, I dare you.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


Russia kneels before Istanbul Administration

Lavrov is very nervous. They are trying to save Putin’s character and China. They are worried that they will take a bigger hit, if these two will fall.

Putin doesn’t exist. Putin’s character is actually took out of the game. They are using the last few bionic robots they have left. They can’t build new ones. If there is a malfunction in a robot they use in the field, they use the parts of the robot they have left as replacement parts. There is no any alien human in Putin’s robot since 22 december. All the qualified alien humans who are posing as Putin have died. Also the robot posing as Putin is empty. They can get inside of the robot but no one of them wants to be inside of Putin’s robot and die. That is why they don’t want Putin’s bionic robot to be in public and they don’t want to use it in the field because its empty and controlled via remote control/intervention and artificial intelligence.

I’m drawing attention to the subject for a while that almost all the bionic robots that are known as the world leaders and are known as their influential men are empty. The process is moving toward as I informed. The bionic robot system of the aliens who directs everything in the world with the bionic robots is about to collapse completely… Therefore, very big events will occur in the near future.

They couldn’t celebrated Christmas properly even in Russia, in the state/land under their control. They were scared to operate demonstration flights or to organize surface-to-air firework displays. They had to direct the citizens not to blow fireworks.

Because Russia bends its knee to Istanbul in recent months, it is going through unimaginable things and the world carefully following the process. Those who in Russia didn’t want to even more humiliated and lose strenght. Therefore, they had to take extreme measures. But, this attitude caused them strenght, reputation, money loss and they still continue to lose.

Russia is now extremely defenseless against a military intervention of a foreign country. Istanbul has destroyed Russia from the inside. Because Russia stood against Istanbul on many issues. Istanbul will bring Russia to its knees completely to bring down Iran and the Ankara government. And also Istanbul will bring Biden/Kamala duo and the gangs behind them to their knees, with the same purpose and will strike the final blows.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi