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Melting glaciers in Greenland will not harm the world

The Istanbul government:

The most of the statements of Celal Şengör who is a secret Armenian, mason and satanist have made in the near past and still makes have no scientific basis.

It wouldn’t even create danger for the world if all of the glaciers in Greenland would melt. The claim that the oceans will rise 7 metres if the glaciers would melt completely is not based on the science, it is based on the lies on the masons and satanists and their malevolent statements. These unscientific, ignorant and baseless claims spread among the masons and satanists led by the alien elements to protect the aliens’ interests and make the aliens continue to live secretly in our world. None of the statements of Celal Şengör who is posing as a Turkish person even though he is not Turkish and who have no value of Turkishness express the opinions of Turkiye and the Turkish people.

Turkiye will do everything on its part to melt the glaciers completely as soon as possible, to have very advanced technologies to be used for this purpose and turn the entire Greenland a green land as in the time of our ancestors called the Vikings. Turkiye is the first beneficiary on the Greenland matter and it will make no compromises of its legal right. Greenland will always be at the top in the military, political, financial, religious, historical balances of Turkiye. The statements that will damage these rights and interests of Turkiye will never be tolerated.

Soon, Turkiye will have the very advanced war technologies that could destroy the alien communities under the ground with advanced technology. These weapons will be used against all of the alien parties who resist to live humanely, who resist to follow the Iblees’s path and who never give up deceiving and exploitating the world humanity.

We invite all the parties from all over the world to the struggle to liberate the science and save it from the reactionary perspectives and lies of the masons and satanists and to liberate our planet in this way.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


Great calamities will not be experienced in Turkiye

Major calamities will not occur in Turkiye.

We are not sure if Netanyahu really exist but if it is, I would like to see his face after these publications.

There are people all around the world who misunderstand some of what I wrote. The biggest, the most mind-blowing calamities will not occur in Turkiye. Minor ones will occur in Turkiye. The disasters in Turkiye will be less severe compare to those will occur in other countries. In this process, there is a possibility that the huge countries can be completely destroyed in a short time and even most of a huge continent can be destroyed in a very short time.

If there are those who have wrong acceptance about this matter, it would be better for them to be shocked now. When the expected earthquakes started, they will probably say, “Mfs told this, too and we laughed about it. Damn, he is right, again.”

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


Is this a police job?

The police are investigating the chemical factory that exploded and burned in China and what caused it. Is it a police matter?

If the Ankara government won’t collapse, then tens of countries who support it will be overthrown and collapsed.

They started to call so-called strikes at the airlines again. The planes cannot fly, they are deceiving humanity with the strikes…

The so-called schools where they make rituals and magic are burning again… There are unending fires, accidents and troubles in India. 25 People were burned in a bus recently.

Satanism, masonry, magic and the rituals do not benefit anyone. Everyone should turn back before it’s too late.

They still continue to attack to the most experienced ones in my crew. So the explosions, fires, collapses, accidents, suicides, so-called sand storms, strange rainfalls, power outages,  internet problems and so much more will continue to happen… And under the ground will be even worse than above the ground.

I’ve written openly that so many factories will burn, will be useless and their systems will be malfunctioned…

These are what is reflected in the media. It will be a documentary one day. And the parts which is reflected and isn’t reflected in the media will be the subjects of the documentaries.

Hundreds of thousands of metaphysicists can see how these things are possible. Don’t waste the time of the police, the judges in vain.

You will see what will happen to those who called arabs, they will not get away with what they did…

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


It means declaring that it has collapsed already

—  Belarusian President Lukashenko: If Russia collapses, we will remain under the rubble, we will all perish and die.

This is actually the declaration of the collapse of Russia. It means that he is saying, “Look, I don’t care how you do it, just find a way and reverse the current situation. Do something before Russia publicly collapsed. Otherwise, all of us will collapse after Russia.” to the related parties.

This is a state of crisis, fear, panic, desperation that cannot be hidden.

Even though they are collapsed, Putin and Lukashenko were going to act and cause a stir without knowing what to talk yesterday. But this plan of them also collapsed.

And now, they are looking for another parties to collapse together.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


Currently, real exchange rates are at an extreme level…

If we look at it its unpressured form by with the unbacked and bloody money, with the money from undisclosed sources, with the money that we don’t know what they have given in exchange… Also, with many manipulations and false statements…

TL/Dollar rate has been over 90 liras for months. And it is now over 150 liras… Very soon, it will be over 200 liras.

There is an unprecedented incompetence, betrayal, robbery illegality, pressure, manipulation, collapsing, hyperinflation and a major devaluation in Turkiye.

These are not the ways out of the crises. The way to overcome the crises is to comply with the Istanbul. It is to being honest, to establish justice and peace in the country, to be trusted and to attract the investors. It is to make huge investments, to increase the production rapidly by spreading it to the base and also increase the exports. On the other hand, it is to reduce the consumption and spendings and to stop the waste. It is impossible to do these without eliminating bribery and corruption on the other hand.

Do not be misled by the current situation of Turkiye. There is an Istanbul factor in Turkiye. The picture will be reversed in a very short time. Turkish lira will be the reserve currency and those who find American dollars on their way won’t even take it. It will be rubbish that much it will lose its value.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi