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Some artificial tectonic plates were/are being created on Earth.

(This publication is a unilaterally published version of Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya’s correspondence with a follower on his social media application)

I was waiting for these kinds of questions to come. The answers to the questions are straightforward, and even some of those who asked found their answers.

Not all of the so-called tectonic plates are, of course. An answer to the question is in this part…

Shouldn’t some of the things described as underground plate movements not be the movement of giant living spaces that I described at night and called the metal box system?

What should Mfs do if prominent scientists are stuck with these if they still resist not opening their horizons? I think it’s time to consider whether they might be malicious.

In our world, a great deal of science and technology has been achieved, despite the insidious interception of the alien parties who are secretly amongst us.

Today, even at the limited and hindered level of science and technology, we can scan deep underground, determine soil and rock types, and detect magma and volcano parts. Even if these are volcanoes that have ceased to be active a long time ago, even with our level of technology, vehicles can be made that will not burn if you throw them on the volcano, will preserve its integrity, and will not pass a caustic level of heat inside.

We now know a lot about the natural balance of the planet. According to these balances, we have already discovered the winds, gases, magnetic field balances, the living, finding direction, shaping, and spreading of biological diversity. The system I described is not the only one.

While some artificial islands or artificial continents are built entirely like a sea or a spacecraft, some of them are a kind of filling techniques made with different techniques by deciding that they will not move again, and as I always say, these past technology eras, current science, and technology It was so advanced that it could not even compare with our level.

In other words, while the previous works were being carried out, matter, light, stone, soil, and the bodies of living things were not looked at with the eyes we are looking at right now, lifting huge weights was like child’s play.

Even now, artificial intelligence exceeds our intelligence. Still, they were at an even more extreme level then, and as you can see, these systems were not made by employing billions of people, putting in a lot of effort, and spending a lot of time. For him, there was science, technology, and tools.

Now let’s move on to the answer to the other part of the question. Even today, if great work is to be done on land if a considerable facility is to be built there, whether there is an earthquake zone, whether there are magma movements, and many other things are not looked at.

Would those who could install these systems at that time undertake such work without looking at them from these aspects?

Of course, if they are going to make a large artificial island that stays in place, looks natural from the outside, and looks like a metal box, they will make some subtleties when placing the living space like a metal box; they will not close some areas.

They will naturally rise from there, and they will allow the magma to rise to the very top of the artificial island, and for people at that level of technology, it’s not even a problem.

For this reason, there is intense magma movement in Japan, and on such an island, there are volcanoes; it is unnecessary to say how artificial islands can be there. After this explanation, it is necessary to draw attention to the USA again.

Scientists follow some tectonic plate/plate movements in the world closely. Some of these also occur on the Oregon and Washington coasts.

Now, if the “real” and honest scientists of the world looked at these matters this way, they would immediately grasp everything.

Since this is their field of expertise, they will be able to explain these issues more accurately and detailedly than I can.

As in my correspondence shared at night, there are artificial parts, artificial plates, or to put it correctly, living spaces such as metal boxes under it, on the coasts of the American continent and especially on the shores of the USA; there are parts filled with rocks and soil at a very high level. Here’s what I told you. They are losing control of them. They haven’t done most of this themselves. Their technology was insufficient; many alien species are living in them now… They found it ready; they mainly settled.

Nowadays, they cannot even take proper measures against their looming disaster.

This is a great danger for them and the human communities living on these filled artificial beaches.

It has always been talked about that the Mayans believed that Doomsday would come in 2012. A famous earthquake/disaster movie called 2012 was also shot.

In that movie, the beaches of the USA were lying and sinking in the waters of the ocean, just like giant ships with unbalanced loads tilted to one side.

Perhaps there were exceptionally good metaphysicians among the Mayans.

They saw that one day, disasters similar to the scenes in this movie would happen worldwide, especially in the USA.

Thinking that such great land fragmentations and disasters would not be possible with earthquakes and storms, they said, “This is the apocalypse at best. Otherwise, such things will not happen on this planet.”

I wrote this a conjecture recently, but I think it needs to be considered and talked about.

Perhaps the metaphysicians in question were very close to determining the date, but they did not quite hit the mark.

They said 2012, but they didn’t know it would happen in 2022

Maybe 2023 or 2024 or 2030, such things will happen, and they made minor mistakes in determining the date and understanding and evaluating what they saw.

The apocalypse did not break in 2012, the date they determined, even though they surprisingly have a lot of information and are an exciting community whose secrets are still unsolved.

It is helpful to sit down and talk about why the Mayans, who were surprisingly accurate in many aspects, were wrong in this regard.

Could it also be that alien species have partially destroyed the so-called underground plate movements, due to which parts of some settlements have become uninhabitable?

Could these rapid changes be interpreted as the very rapid shrinking of the plates in question and could be mistaken?

Could some alien species even be expanding parts of their habitat over time? Could it be that scientists from the people of the world are making inaccurate comments because they do not know this?

There’s also this part. While such underground settlements were being built in the past technology eras, could they have preferred the places where magma activities were first?

Could they have turned magma into energy/fuel?

Could some volcanoes in the world, not on the coasts of the continents but somewhat inland, be artificial?

Could the alien species that make and use them decide when to spew lava?

UFOs that quickly entered the volcano were recorded by different people at many other points worldwide. Why do these UFOs go inside volcanoes?

Where do they go from there? Do they always come back?

That’s why I put off telling many things I know for decades, but let’s say this much now. These are systems that can be made similar even with the science and technology of our world.

These are no longer things that can be said as “it can’t be, it’s not possible, this is a frivolous claim.” If the people of the world did more research, if those who research and talk about the issues were more honest, I would explain such matters in a shorter time and more detail. Otherwise, it is not helpful to tell, and there are even harms.

Now that I think about it, I should add that too. Volcanoes are more needed in one way or another. Things that make the surrounding soil fertilize and cultivate very well. If real/honest scientists are left in this world, they will come out and explain them with scientific-level details and visuals/reenactments.

Looking for a door?

If there are those among you who are looking for doors, passages, tunnels, or those who will, let them not bother. With the technology in the hands of alien species on Earth, it is not necessary to make a door to enter and exit a place. They open any wall with a light they hold and pass through it. Then he turns off the light and the wall returns to its previous state. They enter and exit bionic robots frequently, but they also have doors, lids, zippers, etc. there are no parts.

That claim, which has been spoken among the world’s humanity for decades, is true. UFOs can stand on top of a house, emitting a light towards the house, and can pull someone up in their house. Even if the person is awake, he cannot escape this intervention. Concrete ceiling in between and also steel joinery or wood joinery roof etc. none of the things are a hindrance. Then they turn off the light and everything is back to normal, from the ceiling to the roof. This is very old technology for them. The people of the world developed and used it ten thousand years ago. I wrote a lot about what happened after that, everyone knows now.

| Mfs – Ezber bozan – Akademi Dergisi

 A kind of Göbekli Tepe…

Watch the video of the Asian man doing some kind of Göbekli Tepe without being fully aware of what he is doing…

Göbekli Tepe was nothing more than a small part of a highly developed mining operation/construction site. It was established to make some of the liquefied mines extracted from the ground easily accessible to UFO-style vehicles on the ground. In this video, liquefied mines were flowing in the water-flowing channels, Göbekli Tepe. The technology was so advanced that for such a temporary mining operation, there was no need to set up systems with steel joinery to make long labors and incur great expenses. They could make huge rocks into the shape they wanted in a short time and easily. They were able to transport these rocks in a short time, even if they were far away. The bottom of Göbekli Tepe is more important than the top… They have known and hidden for decades that parts of the underground in that region were built with very, very advanced technologies. Even these days, the important things found there are not left to Turkey; they are immediately sent to the USA, England, and Israel thanks to the official traitors.

Those who built and used Göbekli Tepe for the first time left traces and marks that can only be made with high science and technology, but other and more primitive tribes also used it for the next thousands of years. The simple and non-technological interventions made by the people of the later ages are explained and shown to the world’s humanity. The same trick is done for the pyramids. After those who built the pyramids with very high technology, people who did not have science and technology also used or intervened for a long time. Most of all, the so-called British scientists (always Satanists) deceived the world’s humanity about the pyramids from the very beginning. For about ten years, we have also broken the rules about Göbekli Tepe. We got the attention. So much so that despite the heavy censorship applied to our publications, we had Göbekli Tepe publications reaching hundreds of thousands of people in a concise time. These publications and the critical information we provided indirectly reached tens of millions of people. Its effect has been seen worldwide. Nowadays, the needle is turning towards us, towards the truth. While the international satanist deep state is writhing on the ground and is about to take its last breath, the lies about Göbekli Tepe are about to be destroyed… Even Göbekli Tepe shows that the history told to the world of humanity is full of lies; in the past much more advanced science and technology, science than in the present. It proves that there are epochs of morality, spirituality, and civilization and that the theory of evolution is a malicious project of hostility to religion and humanity, spread mainly through secret Jews and Satanists.

Effective and authoritative people, academics, members of the press, and even social media actors, who still call it a “Temple” when there is no concrete evidence that it is a temple, should be subject to investigations. It is necessary to determine whether they are members of an inhumane international satanist organization, the Ankebut Cult, and the members should be punished in the harshest way they deserve. It is also necessary to investigate whether the persons in question have anything to do with the masonic sect and whether they use the masonic organization to “act in an organized manner”. No group or organization/sect has the right to deceive the world’s humanity, distort scientific facts with lies and deceptions, enmity against religion and morality, and try to turn people into animals with no excuse. The people and organizations in question who want the material and moral disaster of not only a group of people or a nation but also all people in the world and who are constantly operating with lies, sedition, traps, bullying, injustice, prohibitions, censorship, murders and massacres for this purpose. Their destruction is one of the most fundamental duties of humanity.

Mfs – Ezber bozan – Akademi Dergisi

Dhul-Qarnayn medicine

There is no such thing as “five thousand years of alternative Chinese medicine” or “five thousand years of traditional Chinese medicine”. There is no such thing as “traditional Indian medicine”. There is no such thing as “traditional Japanese medicine”.

here is a truth called “Dhul-Qarnayn medicine”. The Chinese, Japanese, Indians and other nations mentioned/known in these matters learned about that medicinal plant culture from Muslim Turks 7-9 thousand years ago, when the world was the only state and Hazrat Dhul-Qarnayn was the ruler of the whole world. Not only the Chinese, Indians, and Japanese, but also all other nations learned from the Turks at that time. Until today, those who could pass it on from generation to generation passed it on, and those who could not forget. Those who could transfer it could not transfer it fully and correctly. Although he could not destroy or corrupt completely, Iblis constantly played tricks and corrupted beliefs and practices as much as he could in each generation/era. He doesn’t stop, he is still trying to break them. As he keeps on breaking them.

Not only about “medicinal plants”, but also about many other issues such as needle prickling (acupuncture), and blood letting (cupping), very useful information spread from the Turks in a way that the whole world could hear, learn, apply and benefit from. There was no internet at that time, there were much more advanced communication/communication technologies. A person did not need a computer or a telephone device to access information. There was no need for devices with screens and keyboards. The technology of the era was at the highest level of technology attainable by the humanity of any world, and it did not come from outside, it was developed/formed in our world.

Hazrat Dhul-Qarnayn (AS) in this way, the aliens named Gog and Magog have already set a barrier to two nations, and to protect our planet, he built a  protection shield, which is now called the Van Allen radiation belt, which prevents the aliens from attacking. If in Sulaiman (AS) time science and technology were not deliberately removed, world humanity would at best do things that would destroy its planet or its entire solar system. In one possibility, he would make a technological intervention that would cause the apocalypse to break out, causing the unseen/disappearance of all space and even the heavens above space, and the apocalypse to break out.


The origin of what is called yoga or meditation, which is thought to have spread to the world mostly from China and India, is the nexus.

The connection made by the members of the Islamic religion who prefer the way of Sufism… The connection that is still made by Sufi Muslims today and will be made until the Day of Judgment…

In the time of Hazrat Dhul-Qarnayn( AS) and the time of Hazrat Suleiman(AS), who lived right after him, rabita(nexus) was daily worship known to the whole world and performed by a very high number of people. Over time, Islamic sciences were forgotten, those who broke the connection with its originality, those who practiced it with different beliefs, and purposes and in different ways, spread and spread… Already, the origins of yoga, meditation, and reiki… Also, when we look at the origins of traditional Chinese, Japanese, Indian, and Korean medicine, it is clear that the origins of none of them can be known or explained. in front of your eyes…
Very few people in the world know their origin, but they do not want to tell. Because they are not honest, moral, honorable. They don’t want the good of humanity.

I always tell you, that all the prophets from Hazrat Adam (AS-PBUH) to this day and Doomsday are the prophets of the religion of Islam. There was only one religion and many prophets from time to time. The prophets who came from every age always conveyed the religion of Islam and all the prophets made a nexus. As long as there were people who believed in them, the prophets described the connection to the people they saw fit to make the connection, and they had it done. They taught more profound sciences and secrets to non-connected Muslims than they taught the unconnected Muslims.

A general awareness/becoming conscious should be formed on these and similar issues, and then I will explain the facts that will shake the world one by one in a short time. I will also tell you the truth about some structures still in front of the eyes of humanity, statues found in excavations or handcrafted tools, and what is intended to be told in some inscriptions.

By the way, Islam was also very common among the Sumerians. Not the prostitutes of the Sumerians, as it is believed or slandered, but the chaste women wore headscarves. The Sumerians used to pray with open hands like us Muslims, they would make ablution, they would pray, and they would grow beards like us. They would wear caps, wrap turbans, and sing rosaries. This fact has already been proven by scientific findings. Yes, archaeological findings have already proven this fact, but the Ankebut Cult does not tell them. The Turkish and Muslim-looking cryptos among us also constitute the footwork of the Ankebut Cult, they live as simple pawns of the Ankebut Cult, and those people tell us, in other words, the Muslim Turks, about Sumerians in a very different way. Most of them are already Masons, and the Ankebut Cult spreads all kinds of false information, ideas, and beliefs through the Masonic sect, just as it does almost every inhumane activity through the Masonic sect.

Almost all of these people say that because they don’t know the truth about the Sumerians and they think the lies told to them are true. Although their number is very small, some of them also know the truth about the Sumerians, but they also deceive the people who make up their base. They know that if they tell these facts, there will be no Ankebut Cult, no Satanism or even Judaism/Hebrew, no Masonic order, and no Israeli occupation state.

In one way or another, to attack Muslims today, especially Muslim Turks, and to make them appear outdated and bigoted… To show themselves as noble, civilized, intelligent, rational, and superior. Even the Sumerians, who were used as material to make a historical narrative contrary to the “history of the prophets”, are Muslims.

Moreover, as claimed by scholars from different nations of the world for more than two centuries, the Sumerians are actually Turks… Yes, I am extremely serious and sincere, as always in all matters. The Sumerians were Muslim Turks. In the time of Hazrat Dhul-Qarnayn, the center of the world was the land called Anatolia today, which some thought was the homeland of Greeks, Jews, Armenians, Yazidis, and Assyrians. The capital of the world, on the other hand, was the city called Istanbul today and referred to as “the place where two seas meet” in the verse. In other words, we Muslim Turks have been here for a very long time, more than ten thousand years, but also for more than ten thousand years, we are in every part of the world, in all parts of the world, including what is now called Mesopotamia. During the reigns of Hz.Dhul-Qarnayn and Hz. Suleiman, Istanbul, Anatolia, and Mesopotamia were regions where Turks lived intensely. Today, many nations in history, which are used as a tool to raise a flag and fight against Turks/Muslims, were both Muslims and Turks.

From now on, Iblis’ organization, namely the Ankebut Cult, has nothing left in the intellectual/theological plan and will remain. I have been writing for a long time that they will be destroyed on every field, and that’s how it is left to strike the final blows.

It is said that the Sumerians were not from the Semitic peoples… They lived a very similar way of life with many different nations living at the same age as them… It is said that they were very religious people and attached great importance to spirituality. Still “Were the Sumerians Turks?” They do not answer the question, which has already been determined with a scientific basis. They don’t want to give. They don’t even want to get into the subject and even discuss it. They make a great effort to stay away from this issue. “Some historians have remarkable claims on this matter. There are about seven hundred common words between Sumerian and Turkish. Despite all this, there is no conclusive evidence that the Sumerians were Turks.” they can say.

However, they should say: “At that time, the world was a single state. It was under the rule of a single ruler and science/knowledge, ideas, culture, art, and technology were widespread all over the world. The Sumerians are none other than the Turks, who taught writing, astronomy, medicine, alternative medicine, mathematics, metaphysics, and knowledge/sciences in other fields to other nations living in that period in the world. When Dhul-Qarnayn was the ruler of the whole world, the Sumerians, that is, the Turks spread all kinds of knowledge all over the world. At that time, people’s knowledge of metaphysical subjects was also at a very advanced level. We can clearly understand that the Sumerians/Turks used the crescent symbol even at that time. The evil eye bead, which is most common among Muslim Turks today, also existed at that time. The Sumerians used these evil eye stones in order not to attract the metaphysical energy sent to people’s evil eye/eyes to their bodies and to break that energy utilizing evil eye stones. The Sumerians also had very advanced knowledge of natural/healing stones. We do not doubt that they have solved the secrets of matter and the atom at a much more advanced level than we do. The first known generations of the Sumerians, their generations about 7,000 years ago, lived in a much higher science and technology age than today, and technology did not advance in the next generations, on the contrary, it declined rapidly. It was understood that the Turkish people, which we call the Sumerians, did not live only in Mesopotamia at that time. They traveled all over the world very easily and quickly. There were even other cities where the Sumerians lived all over the world. They lived in the east, west, north, south, and everywhere in the world. This is the reason why the works, art, and writing of the Sumerians are found and seen in different parts of the world. The names of hundreds of settlements used in many different parts of the world, even now, were put by the people we know as the Sumerians, namely the Turks.

Look, there is no such thing as Native American medicine/healing. It is the Turks who teach them medicine, alternative medicine, metaphysics, wisdom, and moral values… In fact, the Turks became relatives with them. There were marriages and common genetic codes were formed. There is no doubt now that the Sumerians were both Muslims and Turks and ruled the whole world. Now that we have such concrete findings, we cannot deny such a shocking fact, even though it requires rewriting history. No one has the right to hide this fact from the humanity of the world for any excuse. We are scientists, not immoral, characterless people, who will go down in history as a disgrace.”

In this world, science, ideas, art, justice/law, technology, health, and everything good, useful, and good were learned and spread through the prophets. Not a single prophet lived in this world who did not work as a shepherd. Even our Prophet (PBUH) worked as shepherds. Humanity learned what animals, plants, minerals, and substances are from the prophets in every age. What is called “metaphysics” today, what it is not, and how to use metaphysical abilities, the prophets have always taught them.

Resisting does no one any good. All parties around the world must be prepared to face real-world history. The Ankebut Cult, which is taking the final blows, will no longer be able to sustain the lies of Iblis, the enemy of all humanity, has told them.

It is such a world that there is not a single nation that has not been ruled by the Turks with justice and has not established kinship with the Turks. Even many nations that continue to think of themselves as ancient European or Asian nations have Turkish origins… In fact, some Europeans say, “We are the continuation of the Sumerians. Our ancestors are Sumerians. We found the article for the first time. We moved to settled life, we established civilization. Give us astronomy, medicine, we developed everything,” they boasted. In doing so, they unwittingly told the truth, proclaiming that “our roots are also Turkish”. I have been telling for more than ten years that in our time, even those who think they are Jews are at least ninety-five percent Turkish.

Bulgarians are mostly Turks… Hungarians are Turks… There is no such thing as Georgians, they are all Turks… If we look from thousands of years ago to this day, the majority of Germans, British, Swedish, and Norwegian people living today are of Turkish origin. Even the Serbs who have been converted are mostly of Turkish origin. Almost all of the Slavic nations are of Turkish origin… Yes, yes, that question immediately came to your mind, even the Russians are mostly of Turkish origin. As it is always said, if you remove the Turkish nation from history, there will be no such thing as history.

It’s not even a question of verifying them. With DNA tests, origins and common codes can be immediately revealed. However, what I said has already been done. Among the top Satanists living in the east and west of the world, in the administrative staff of the Ankebut Cult, no one does not know this truth, who does not know these DNA results. They even know how aliens have been carrying out genetic attacks on Earth at the behest of Iblis over the past thousands of years. In other words, they also know that for thousands of years, many of the world’s nations have been deliberately caused to experience genetic code problems. They also know that such attacks continue. Wherever there is a nation/community/ancestry with proper genetic code, they are still insidiously fighting for their code to be corrupted. Recently, the problem of genetically modified foods has been openly experienced in the world, but the problem of genetically modified nations, albeit partially, will be discussed soon.

If all being well, after a few centuries, there will be no red-skinned or black-skinned nation/race in the world. Constantly angry, constantly aggressive nations will also return to normal. Nations, whose understanding is extremely closed, but whose names have been associated with terrorism and conflict for the last few thousand years, will also become normal. Colossal problems caused by code errors will always be solved. Even the problems of feet, heels, crooked legs, malaise, unhappiness, and distraction, which are extremely common in Asian countries, will no longer exist. The general appearance of Asians and Europeans will be much closer to each other.

I was going to write two lines of preliminary information, it took this long, but even this much remains like a grain of sand in the desert compared to what needs to be told.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya|Akademi Dergisi

Süleymanlılar community and the secret Jews

M** (Academy Magazine follower) Friday, March 4, 16:02

Dear Sir, I am curious about your thoughts on a subject. I am currently working on history lesson for kpss(Public Personnel Selection Examination) and there is a subject that is on my mind. Where did we Turks come from? It’s so fragmentarily that I can’t stand to reason in my mind. Or do you have a recommendation for a resource to read this topic?

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya, March 4, 2022, 16:41

“Is there a race called the Turk or not?”

We are descended from Yafes, one of the sons of Noah (pbuh) from his other son, Sam, the Jews  are descended. After the expiration of Noah (pbuh)., the sons of Yafes and the sons of Sam continued uneventfully and lived together for a long time. They intermarried, they got together. Every certain opinion and codes are mixed with each other. The thousands of prophets that came after this happened and that we call “the prophets of Israel” can be called both Semitic/Jewish, Semitic/Arab, and Yafesi/Turk. I’ve already made this known with what I’ve told you in the past. In the codes of Yusha ‘alaihis-salam'(pbhu), Musa ‘alaihis-salam’ and Davud’s ‘alaihis-salam’, there were both Semitic/Arab and Yafesi/Turkishness, and there were many Turks around them. Hazrat Zulkarneyn, one of the greatest Turks in history, was also related to the prophets we know as “the true prophet sent to the Children of Israel”. In other words, the races called Turkish, Arab and Jewish for tens of thousands of years descended from the same foundation. They’re all brothers, they’re all relatives… In any case, racism is strictly forbidden/haram in Islam… The Devil then played tricks, smashed the Semitic/Jewish ones and dragged them to Satanism. He has tied it to himself, told them about their ancestry and history, always with lies, and made them tell.

A professor from Erdoğan’s A team :There is no Turkish race

The Jews who were deceived by Iblis like this and the secret Jews in Turkey come out at every opportunity and ask, “Is there a race called Turks or not?” they argue. They believe that Turks are also Jews, that they do not know this and that they are assimilated. That’s why they call themselves “Öztürkler”. Many secret Jewish families in Turkey bear this surname and give this name to their commercial establishments. There is even a so-called mehter march written by one of these secret Jews. They also call it the “New Manzikert March”. They pride themselves on their superiority and the enormous victories of the Turks, which are indisputably visible in history. They believe that the Turks of that time were also Jews who did not know that they were actually Jews. Sedat Pek-er, one of the famous secret Jewish mafia bosses in Turkey, also opened a website called “Öztürkler” in his time. It was inaugurated with a ceremony. A large group of secret Jews attended that festive and entertaining ceremony. Who were among them?

Here, Fatih’s son, Bayezid II, was led astray by such allegations. He considered himself a Jew who later figured out that he was a Jew. Then he became a mason and progressed to satanism. There was no cruelty and betrayal, perversion and disgrace that he did not do. Finally, he was poisoned by his son, Yavuz Sultan Selim Han, and was killed as an example. Recently, his grave is also a center of disgrace/filth… Even this is not unwise. Some of the masters and teachers in our community have been saying for decades, “Your ancestry/origin is always Jewish. You have assimilated, return to your origin. Look, we always have the political, financial and military power in Turkey. They said, “Don’t suffer for nothing.”

Ferhan, one of our(Ustadh) master’s daughters, her children Gülderen Kuriş and Mehmet Beyazıt Denizolgun, and their children Alihan Kuriş and Fatih Süleyman Denizolgun also turned out to be people who consider themselves Jewish, Masonic and Satanist. They were recruited and caused great damage. They are involved in all kinds of betrayal and black money dealings, crimes that are considered serious crimes according to the TCK(Turkish Penal Code), and connections.

For decades, they have prevented our community from reaching its goal, slowed down, betrayed, persecuted the sincere Süleymanlı(Süleymanian) people, expelled them from the community, killed some, attacked with witchcraft, and recently, they have completely taken over the administration of our community.

Ferhan’s husband, Kamil Denizolgun, was not a Muslim either. His ancestry was partly Armenian, partly secret Jews. It will soon be clear to everyone how Hazrat Üstadh kept this religion alive with great suffering and ingenious policies that even everyone’s mind cannot bear at the most severe time of the Dajjal’s blasphemy, how he continued to serve under all conditions, and played a wheel within a wheel. No one will be left in any doubt. Because much more than what is wanted and expected, proofs and proofs will be scattered.

Do we misunderstand or Doğu Perinçek,also secret Jew and Armenian,claims:There is no Turkish race

Today, Jews distort this historical fact and say, “Turks are actually Jews.” It’s not like that, as I said… There is a lot of kinship, a lot of common codes/genes. If we look at it from that point of view, what we know as Jews can also be called Turkish and Arab. Those who are known as Turkish can also be called Arabs and Jews. Those who are known as Arabs can also be called Turks and Jews. It depends on how it is viewed. After all, all humans are the sons of an Adam and an Eve. In addition, if we look after Noah’s flood, the second father of all people today is Noah. In fact, I told you, that period was so complicated that even the genes of alien human species were mixed among the genes of the people of the world at that time. This is not what the Jews claim. Everyone has codes in everyone’s genes. Even to alien codes…

Just as Iblis deceived the Jews, there was no human lineage apart from the sexual relationship of Iblis and Eve.

When I told it and announced it ten years ago, it made a big noise in Turkey, and it has now become one of the facts that everyone has heard and known, that those people who thought they were purebred Jews since Sam almost became extinct in the past. The Khazar Turks became Judaized and accepted themselves as Jews, but those who say they are Jewish in the world have not been become extinct. As of now, at least ninety-five percent of those who consider themselves Jewish in the world are actually Khazar Turks.

These things are so complicated…

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

Some additions to the article:

Ferhan Denizolgun (in a blue suit) who started to see herself as a Jew and dealt great blows to our community for decades, and her daughter Ayşe Gülderen Kuriş (behind her, in a striped dress) who considers herself Jewish like her.

Alihan Kuriş’s mother, she manages our community secretly and Jewish behind background
Ayşe Gülderen Kuriş
Ferhan Denizolgun’s husband and is also secret Jewish / Armenian Kamil Denizolgun

Ferhan Denizolgun’s husband and is also secret Jewish / Armenian Kamil Denizolgun

In the name of the family -ol and – gun the syllables, the secret Jewish families in Turkey, the name and family names are used frequently. For example: Ongun, Oral

The person to the left of Kamil’s left is Arif Ahmet Denizolgun. The person on the right is Mehmet Beyazit Denizolgun. Kamil’s third child is Ayşe Gülderen. Alihan Kuriş is the son of Ayşe Gülderen.

These peel members are centuries between the Turks, including Turkish and Muslims, they live hypocritely.

He is a wacky person who sees no harm being deputy in AKPKK, organized crime, terrorist and treason organization, abuses our religion, case and values for black money and politics at every opportunities .

Fatih Süleyman is the son of Mehmet Beyazit Denizolgun. AKPKK criminal organization against Ahmet Denizolgun always supported Mehmet Beyazit Denizolgun, they wanted to bring him to head of our community, but could not succeed. He was also made deputy.

After him, his son Fatih Süleyman, made deputy in AKPKK or epanorthosis made militant of AKPKK.

Gülderen and Alihan Kuriş in the administration of the community frequently talk to Fatih Süleyman. This gang, their real identities, intentions, connections, crimes are insight, manages our community with the Jewish / Mason Mindset.These are the real reasons for these many problems which grow gigantically in the community and in the country. This is a betrayal mindset that wants not to resolve the problems and wants to hinder deliberately, break its function and disfunction this case.

Aforementioned New Manzikert March

Is Kamil Denizolgun the grandson of Mustafa Reşid Pasha, one of the secret Jews and one of the leading masons who destroyed the Ottoman state from within?

Is there any kinship between the famous traitor Mustafa Reşid Pasha and Kamil Denizolgun?

Hürses newspaper writer Fehmi Çalmuk, who is known for his closeness to the Milli Görüş community, wrote a remarkable article about the Süleymanlılar Community in his column dated 28 August 2018.

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