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Khidr (PBUH), high technology, the resurrection of dead fish, and Surah Al-Kahf

New and shocking information from the Groundbreaking(Ezberbozan)…

Those who prepare videos for Youtube by imitating the Akademi Magazine (Mfs/Ezberbozan), open panel discussions on television channels, write columns in various media, and also write books, seem to have slowed down a bit lately. In addition, the scientists whose horizons I have expanded, as well as influential and authoritative people, want to learn more about these issues. It seems that it is time to explain some things more clearly to all this humanity.

At a time when Turkey and the world politics have been extremely tense for a while, let me rest my mind on all these tense issues so that new discussion/research topics will arise for the people in question, and some questions will now be answered clearly, let me write down some shocking facts, albeit with their main outlines…

– I wrote many years ago that very high-quality/realistic bionic robots can be produced not only in the form of humans, but also in the images of dogs, cats, birds, and other animals. Again, I wrote that in our world, bionic robots, that is, robots with both mechanical parts and biological tissues managed with artificial intelligence, have been made for more than ten thousand years. Just as bionic robots can be made in the image of creatures living on land and in the air, bionic robots have been made in the images of creatures living in the seas, oceans, and streams for more than ten thousand years. Even now, among the dolphins, sharks, whales, and other fish species circulating in the various seas and oceans of the world, there are also bionic robotic fish, which can never be distinguished from the real ones with the naked eye. Governments around the world need to watch out for whales that can weigh up to 150 tons, especially those called blue whales or sky whales.

– A fish swallowed Yunus (PBUH) and he lived in the belly of the fish for a while. In fact, it was a large bionic robot made in the shape of a fish and covered with living tissue. Inside that bionic robot were humans of another alien human species. At that time, as today, some tools allowed you to perform stealth missions by looking like a real fish.

– I wrote a long time ago. The place where Hızır  (PBUH)   and Musa (PBUH) meet and is called “the place where the two seas meet” is the Bosphorus, which connects the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara. The young man who assisted Musa Aleyhisselam until part of this meeting is also Yuşa(Joshua)  (PBUH). The resurrection of the fish is also related to our topic. That fish was also not a real fish, but a bionic robot that looked exactly like a real fish. A problem has occurred that is preventing it from working, making it completely impossible to control. They were in danger but managed to take shelter on a cliff. In those tense moments, they couldn’t think of that tool called a fish. Not Musa (AS), but Joshua (AS) saw that the fish started working again after a short while and even went away on its own. He was going to tell this to Musa (AS), he forgot when he got there.

Musa  (PBUH)  had a great desire to meet and talk with Hızır Aleyhisselam, whom he heard to be a more knowledgeable person than himself and was very curious about. He desperately wanted this. He was even ready to go to great pains and risks to meet. It was extremely risky for people like Musa (AS) and Joshua  (AS)  who, besides being prophets, also served as administrators/rulers/commanders to go to far lands without taking large military units and large numbers of military vehicles. For this reason, they preferred one of the very, very special vehicles used at that time. This vehicle was a vehicle where they could travel thousands of miles without being noticed and hidden, even in the sea and among the shoals of fish. They went by using a high-tech vehicle covered with biological tissues, which is also called fish, which completely imitates fish movements, and cannot be distinguished from real fish with the naked eye.

As they came to the place we call Istanbul today, the fish died, that is, spoiled. Their systems, indicators/displays were completely disabled. It was as if he had no energy/power left and was neutralized. Using the emergency techniques considered when producing the fish, they were able to reach land and land on a rocky place, albeit with difficulty. They had very tense moments while climbing the rock. The fish was not actually dead. It was operable. However, the security of Hızır  (AS)  was at a high level. In that area where he was, a security shield that could not be seen with the naked eye was operational. Like Mount Kaf, the Van Allen Belt was a shield that did not allow enemy vehicles/UFOs, bionic robots manufactured by the enemy, or purely mechanical robots produced in shapes without biological tissues…

Then, with the intervention of Hızır alaihissalam, the malfunctioning state of this fish/vehicle was corrected, as the prophets Musa and Joshua never expected, and the fish moved towards the sea beyond their control.

The young man, Hz. Joshua, who helped Moses, said, “I forgot the fish when we took shelter in the rock. No one but the devil made me forget him. Surprisingly, he had made his way into the sea.” said. (Al-Kahf, Verse 63) Therefore, in response to this statement, Musa (AS) said, “This is what we were looking for.” (Kahf Surah, verse 64) That is, “We are in the right area, we are in the direction we need to go. This situation made me very happy. Hizir Aleyhisselam intervened in this fish and drew us here.” said meaning. He was not upset at all that the car was out of their hands. Then, when they came to the rocky place again, they found Hızır Aleyhisselam there, they talked and the fish was there in working condition.

– There is adam’s ale, that is, the water of life on earth. This is not a myth, it is fact. Khidr (AS) also drank from this water, because he found it himself. He has such high knowledge that he has produced a liquid that will prevent immortality, that is, death by aging. This is called adam’s ale (water of life). There is no immortality in the strict sense, and it never will be, it will never be found. Even those who drink this water die if they have a serious accident, if a deadly weapon hits them or if there are similar situations if there are simultaneous and heavy blows to many important parts of the body. However, since this water heals wounds very quickly and renews the damaged organ quickly, the probability of death of those who drink this water is very low.

– Khidr (A.S.) uses space technology but does not immediately think of aliens. No Greens, Grays, and the like. Their technology is like a toy compared to the technology of Hızır (A.S.). Moreover, this technology was not transferred to this world from other worlds. This is a completely advanced space technology in our world…

– The Coffin of Tranquillity, that is, the Ark of the Covenant existed before Musa (A.S.) and was in Khidr (AS). At this time, the Coffin of Tranquillity is still in Hızır (AS). Hz. Mahdi, that is, Süleyman Hilmi Tunahan (QS). He also drank adam’s ale. I have already explained in detail aloud that Hz. Mahdi, that is, our master Süleyman Hilmi Tunahan, disappeared suddenly and migrated. It was thought that he died, secret Armenians, secret Jews, freemasons, who were connected with the British intelligence, and the precious students of His Excellency Suleyman Hilmi Tunahan, supposedly, performed a death theater. They built the so-called maqam, which we know as the grave. They accepted the Islamic writings, which a Sabbatean secret Jewish traitor had placed plenty of scientific traps between, as the letters and treatises of our master, and had them read.

Hz. Mahdi’s student named Qahtani/Jahjah, mentioned in the hadiths, that after adjusting the world’s political, military, and religious conditions, our Master, that is, Mahdi. The Mahdi will return from his migration. He will continue to serve. This is the essence of what is called the “Mahdi’s occultation”, which is most common in Shia regions… Well, the Mahdi came a thousand years ago and then disappeared. There is no such thing as he will come again in the End Times. This is the truth… It was going to come in the End Times, and it did. It would disappear in the End Times, it did, and it will come again soon. I had made long explanations and publications about the very high technology of that Coffin of Tranquility before. They can also be viewed at

Our ancestors said, “Rest on your horse, rest on your horse”. That is, “Running on horseback for a long time will tire both you and the horse. Get off from time to time, walk with the horse, and both the horse and you rest. But even during this rest period, keep moving forward.” they said. So did mine. While I was writing, I rested a lot, it felt very good. Insha Allah, it will be healing for those who read it. According to the truth, it will cause those who will not believe to be devastated. “I am a Muslim, a son of Sulaimanian, I know the time we live in, how great and critical our service and jihad are.” May it be a means of trembling and coming to their senses for those who are still sitting in their place despite saying that, and who are afraid of people’s condemnation, exclusion, reaction, and threat.

Mehmet Fahri Ezberbozan | Akademi Dergisi

My wind blows according to a helpful person

There are alien parties among those who cannot understand some of the decisions I have made in recent days. There is nothing to understand. These are the issues that I have been talking about again and again from the beginning. Those who travel quickly under the wind that I blow, even the hurricane, and those who inflict heavy blows on their enemies or opponents, whether they are aliens or earthlings, cannot go far. They cannot get very far, whether they are a government or a conglomerate, a congregation or a cult.

How many times have I explained? My sensitivities will be taken into account. They have to agree with me. Agreements will be adhered to. No one will do anyone wrong. No one will say, “Only I will win”. Everyone must not only know how to win but also make others win. Both materially, morally, and politically, the contracted parties will gain each other. Those who say, “I’ll make my way around the corner, without meeting MFS, without agreeing with him,” will be let down. When they say, “It’s done, okay… Now we’re going to be huge”, they are surprised at what they’ve been through.

We will work harder than anyone else, but others will win. There is no such world… Yes, we do not fight for material values, but we do not and do not give what is our right to anyone. Those who want to travel with my wind by saying “Only we will win” until today, look how they are these days. If they do, I will soon strengthen even some of the sides that I sink because they persistently make mistakes and always try to win themselves, and I will also sink some other sides that need to go down through them.

No one can win without making an agreement with Istanbul and sticking to its agreement. They can’t be in the winners’ club either. They cannot take place in the Istanbul-based new world order either.

Mehmet Fahri Batırankaya | Akademi Dergisi

If there are seas and oceans, there is no drought and famine

I will cultivate in a giant area in the Mediterranean. I will carry out an agricultural project that has not been seen in known world history in an area of approximately 350 square kilometers.

The sun is abundant, the oxygen is abundant, the water needed is from the sea, and there are no agricultural pests, no chemical pesticides, and no poisons. It won’t matter if it rained or not, or if the weather was too hot or not. In this system, there will be no possibility of damage to the crops. Insurance companies will compete with each other to insure this place, but there will be no need to insure.

The world’s best quality, most delicious, and most nutritious fruits, and vegetables will be grown, not irrigated crops with low nutritional value, bad chemistry, harmful to health, and inflated crops. There will be those who eat it for medicine, and as long as it is eaten, healing will be found.

Only a handful of people will work in the giant area and they will be able to ensure the functioning of the system. Everything will be automatic. Even hurricanes, not storms, will not harm the system. Electromagnetic attacks, even shots from satellites, will not harm the system. As this system will have a self-protecting magnetic shield, it will be able to strike and destroy the ships, submarines, planes, even satellites, and UFOs of malicious parties that overstep the bounds.

It will cost a little to establish, but it will not cost too much compared to its return. It won’t take too long to set up. Nor will it need to be fully established in order to start working. Automatic systems, robots, and cutting-edge technology will be used during establishment.

It will have its own ports and an airport. It will also generate its own electricity. If desired, it can also be used as a fish farm at the same time. It will print money just like the Central Bank of Turkey, but of course, it will not print unrequited, worthless, counterfeit money like that. It will be a symbol of how those who do honest and clean work can make a lot of money consistently and without any hassle. It will be very long-lasting. Some parts can be renewed. If it is used cleanly and renewed part by part, it will be functional for thousands of years without any problems.

Although the area is 350 square kilometers, about 10 to 40 times the crop can be obtained from such an area. Everything will be so automatic that in this system, tractors, combines and various tools and equipment used in agriculture on land will almost never be used.

Thousands of tons of very high-quality honey will grow there…

Its location can be changed when desired. If desired, it can also be divided into several parts. It can be made small first and then enlarged, first made large and then reduced. If desired, it can be sold to other countries whose lands are not suitable for agriculture but are on the sea coast. I’m not going to stop making one anyway, and I’ll make dozens of copies.

Whoever wants drought and famine to prevail in this world, I will not allow it.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

My serenity is not of my nobility

Everything is ready, I have done my best and I am waiting for many great events to happen.

 I have also made my warnings. Those who listen, those who do not listen chose their own path. The whole world will soon see which side is right.

There are still many parties playing the role of standing on my side. They continue to deceive themselves, not me, and very, very soon they too will see the disastrous end of their game.

As I said, metaphysical conflicts abound. I have reduced the publications so that they attack very much and,  it will be thought that I have difficulties. It was very good, they were hopeful, they attacked in large crowds and were devastated. There are not as many huge clashes as before, but they still lost a lot of men this time. Their dead are still numerous…

During this time, we have also worked on projects. We have worked on a project that the white goods industry is changing completely in the near future. The kitchenware industry is also changing drastically. It does not seem possible for the companies of the Ankebut Cult, which are still trying to appear giant and have become a ball of problems, to keep up with this sudden and radical change. Since the change will be with patented inventions, it is impossible for them to keep up. So things are going on in perfect order on our side. Sometimes we work on how we will change Turkey and the world after forty years.

Sometimes we are working on which works we will leave to the generations/children of Adams after us. Sometimes we are working on how to end the cruelty and tears on other planets in space and how to fix them.

 I’m tired of saying “I won’t die”, but I’m still tired of seeing people who stand still with the fear of “if anything happens to MFS, we’ll be on the road”. I will live at least fifty more years.

Now is the time to act, this world must change… While this world is changing and the change is complete, those who want to be in the winners’ club should start working as a full staff.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya|Akademi Dergisi

Nobody leaves without saying goodbye

Bastard is very cornered and his days are numbered. Fahrettin Koca and Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu are the same… Fahrettin Altun and Numan Kurtulmuş are also the goers. Dozens of people will go with them.

I remember the days when I said to Tayyip, “Is that so, you will change that cabinet, like a lamb, and everyone will witness it”…

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi