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They already on an irreversible road

Let’s forget about the Ankebut Cult and the governments and the companies under its control…

They have placed themselves on a path of no return already. They have willingly entered a dead-end road. All I said is happened, is happening and will happen. We shouldn’t waste any time. We must develop new projects when they meet their doom, go bankrupt, collapse.

We should implement the smart pot project that does not require watering, that can produce its own water from the air. While we are farming on the deserts, semi-arid lands and cold steppes without problems, on the other hand, we can produce electrical energy and lots of drinking water. We can make all of these happen with the smart pots without establishing any facilities. Moreover, the unit cost of the pots wouldn’t be so high and its usage time will be long.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

They will go bankrupt all together

Those constructors who think they can continue making cement based constructions will go bankrupt very soon.

London cannot stop Istanbul on this matter, either.

Even five-story buildings will be rapidly manufactured in the factories. It will be mounted in the field in only one day. These buildings will not be like the prefabricated buildings or wooden houses. These buildings will be more solid and healthier than the reinforced concrete or steel construction buildings. The companies will be able to give guarantee for the outlines, the rough construction of the buildings up to fifty years.

For instance, a family who lived in a house for fifteen years will be able to remove their house to their homeland, village, town and mount the house again on that land and it will not cost them much.

If the buildings that are built with using these techniques have problems, the buildings can be restored without demolishing them.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

Istanbul will be the new Silicon Valley of the world

Dünyanın yeni Silikon Vadisi İstanbul olacak

The new Silicon Valley will be the entire region of the Marmara and Thracia in Turkey. And its center will be Istanbul…

The name of the region of Thracia will be changed. We will not call Aegan region as Aegean. We will also not use the name Anatolia. All the false names similar to this one will be changed.

These are the Turkish lands for ten thousand years… It is not our first time here, we just came back here. We made Istanbul the capital city of the Single World State in the Dhul-Qarnayn era. We led the entire world in Istanbul-based management. Then, we went to the other planets, conquered those planets and led those lands with an Istanbul-based management. We went all the way up to where the sun disappears.

Why would we use the names the Greeks and Armenians gave who are brought here yesterday and who have no clear origin…

In fact, the Ottoman Empire named the Aegean sea as the White sea.

They have been brought here to kill the humanity, to spread the perversion, to increase the murders, massacres and diseases, to prevent the Turks’ order… They even call us the problematic, the invader, the barbaric. There wouldn’t be a world history without the Turks.

I wrote it openly, there is no objection even though months have passed since then. There is no such things as traditional Chinese medical, traditional Indian medical or traditional Japanese medical in the world. All of them are the Dhul-Qarnayn medical, namely the Turkish medical… That is how we embroidered the world in the Dhul-Qarnayn era when the world was a single State that the Iblees cannot destroy the influence completely, even though he is trying it for thousands of years.

It is worse for him that we are entering the second Dhul-Qarnayn era.

Even the South American food ‘tacos’ is a Turkish legacy. Even Italy and Spain still live by centering the Turkish legacy.

It is already proven that even the Sumerians were Turkic people. There are Turks in the world and what else is there?

They should just stop the empty efforts, they can no longer deceive anyone…

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

Isn’t this form better than previous one?

Should we change our decision?

Soon, the west world will not only be on its knees, it will be crawling on its face. The world balances will concretely change. Istanbul will be the center of the world in a concrete way.

At this time, the alien cities under Iran will be defeated, there is the risk of collapse for some of them. It makes the most sense to start to turn the massive area into a sea when we include Iran into Turkey, very easily and very quickly. Because the entire country is arid and spiritually in darkness. Satanist savagery engraved on the region. After thousands of years, we should scraped all this ugliness away from there. We will make the underground cities uninhabitable which feed up with the aridity of the region.

We should dig that massive area and use the mines, gas, treasures that will come out from the ground to heal our wounds. We will take our revenge in this way from those who collapsed Turkey. And then, we will turn it into a sea. We will connect it to the sea by a narrow gate. And then, we will connect the artificial sea that we will create to the Khazar sea and build the entire of this into a offshore farm and produce sea creatures we want. The offshore farm will constantly make money… Every part of it will be under our control. Our navy will take a flight. We will sail across the ocean, rapidly.

We will build very wide and concrete filled lands by using the soil, stones, rocks we will obtain from the massive area and we will construct new and disaster-resistant cities on them.

Israel which is a country full of satanists seem to be collapse and will be submerged in the sea. It is not certain but, we can build a canal from there and connect it to the Khazar sea, if this happens. Then, we will also bring these canals and all the projects to other countries when we take back our lands called Saudi Arabia.

There are a lot of work to do. There are money, capitals, gold, mines, gas, treasure everywhere…

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi