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Hazrat Isa (Jesus) has enormous technological capabilities

Don’t tell anyone that you heard it from me but no one else has the technological means that Hz. Isa has. He can cross through the Mountain Qaff when he wants. He also makes visits to the moon. He can come back to the world and no one can stop him.

It is said that a religious or a political leader will emerge when the comets are seen. Who is the one or who are they that will emerge along with the comet that will be seen in a few days? Why didn’t they make an issue of it? Where are the videos and articles?

There is more, hz. Isa is also turkish…
Also, most of the basic genetic codes of Europe is turkish…

There are muslim humans from Earth and humans from the aliens/ummahs with hz Isa. There are many different alien species around him…

Despite the overwhelming force he has, he doesn’t return to the world, doesn’t interfere with the balances because of the religious rules… He doesn’t return so as not to spoil the test of the worldly life of the people on Earth. He will return openly, when he is allowed to return. When the time comes, hz. Mahdi will be already established a great political authority and destroyed the Ankebut Cult. Hz. Isa will return to our world as a religious leader, he will not replace hz. Mahdi. He will not take the lead.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


It fits us

Lavrov’s character and the elements behind him are in the conditions that they cannot hide the death of Putin anymore. They are consider to stage a fake assassination for Putin’s death and take him from the game. In the continuation of this game, they want to create conditions against me if they can find a way and they want to put me under pressure at an international level.

The poor live by hope… Maybe they will make up one fake organization again and declare me as the leader of it. They may be hoping to do this.

More extreme things are heard. In the continuation of this process, they might even throw a nuclear bomb on Turkey and even on Istanbul Bosphorus that they cannot pass through.

What is going on in the world, the more I hear, the more I surprise and I cannot believe it.

It sounds crazy but it wouldn’t be bad. We cannot finish them by hitting them using metaphysics. A nuclear bomb would benefits us. It would be enough for us if the half of Istanbul have left which is fillled with filth. In fact, even the half is too much…

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


They’re killing civilians to keep Netanyahu afloat

The civilians are being killed to prevent the overthrow of the government and blood is being shed in Israel.

Netanyahu has done it before when he was in power. He has done it to prevent the overthrow of himself the last time and I exposed him. Their plans were ruined.

They are all the same. They regard everything as legitimate to stay in power, exploit more, steal, gain illegal benefits and to drag people into religious and moral disasters. Tayyip, Putin, Scholz, Macron and all the others are the same…

All the leaders, pay attention, all of them who made their people rise up to avenge the Palestinians’ are pawns of Israel and Netanyahu.

The world must stop Netanyahu immediately who is more savage than the savage animals.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


Are Qahtani, Jahcah, and Mansur the same person?

Kahtani, Cehcah, Mansoor are all three of them actually the same person?

Was this person who will live in the end times has been mentioned in the hadiths nearly fourteen century ago with different names because of his different characteristics, different ordeals he has to overcome in different times, the prominent characteristics/qualifications he has in different times?

Was he named Kahtani because of he will be emerged in very harsh conditions and will fight against it?

Was he named Cehcah because of he will be fearless in the face of his enemies, challenge them and raise a battle cry, because of he will wander/switch from war front to war front without hesitating and wasting time and he will fight in many fronts at the same time?

Was he named Mansoor because of he will have divine help, he cannot be killed, stopped or defeated, and he will help all the muslims and all the oppressed, because he will go on from victory to victory?

Isn’t it Mansour one of the names of our prophet because of Allah always helped him, protected him and has given him victories? It is stated in a hadith that Mahdi’s name is like our prophet’s name. Mansoor and Mansoor…

Names of our Prophet Muhammed:

1.Muhammad-Highly Praised
2.Ahmad-The Most Commendable
5.Qaasim-The father of Qasim
6.Aqib-The Latest
7.Faateh-The Victor
8.Shahid-The Witness
9.Hashir-The Awakener, The Gatherer
10.Rasheed-The Guide
11.Mashhood-He who is witnessed
12.Basheer-The Messenger of Good
14.Dai-The Caller
16.Haad-The Leader
17.Mahd-The Guided One
18.Maah-The obliterator of Infidelity
19.Munji-He who saves delivers
23.Tihami-From the Tihama
24.Hashami-Family of Hashim
25.Abtahi-Belonging to al-Batha
26.Aziz- Noble, Dear
27.Haris Alaikum-Full of concern for you
28.Rauf- Mild
30.Taha-Surah 20:1
31.Mudari-From the trib mudar
33.Tasin-Surah 27:1
35.Ha-mim-Beginning of surat 40:46
37.Ya-sin-Sura 36:1
38.Aula-Worthier, most worthy
43.Musaddiq-Who declares for true
46.Mansoor-Helped (by God)
48.Amir-Prince, commander
49.Hijazi-From the hijaz
50.Nazaari-Of nazareth
51.Quraishi-From the Clan quraish
52.Nabi-at-tauba-The Prophet of Repentance
57.Abdullah-God’s servant
58.Kalim Allah-He to whom God has talked
59.Habib Allah-God’s beloved friend
60.Naji Allah-God’s Intimate friend
61.Safi Allah-God’s sincere friend
62.Khatam Ul-Anbia-Seal of the Prophet
64.Mujib-Comping, Relying
65.Shakoor-Most grateful
66.Muqtasid-Adopting a middle course
67.Rasul al-rahmah-TheMessenger of mercy
75.Awwal-TheFirst AkhirLast
80.Hakim-Wise, Judicious
84.Muharram-Forbiden, Immune
85.Mukarram-Honored, Venerated
86.Mubashshir-Bringer of Good News
87.Mudakir-Remember, Preacher
90.Khalil-Good Friend
91.Mad’u-Who Is Called
92.Jawwad-Generous, Magnanimous
96.Shaheed-Witenessing, Martyr
99.Rasul al-malahim-The Messenger of the Battles of Last Day

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


Type of individuals who can do everything, anytime

The main purpose of the Quran-burning provocation that carried out for many different purposes was to strengthen the hand/conditions of Putin and Tayyip and to enlarge their room for action.

They have no value, boundary, moralty. If their plan had not failed, if they had lost the control while the process was continuing, they wouldn’t even care if millions of people had killed each other. They would be very pleased to remain in power and they would continue to every kind of devilry, exploitation, black money business, murderers, massacres. They would begin to calculate how they could smuggle the organs of the deads during this hideous game, and how many people they could kidnap in the chaos.

They were going to try something else in the continuation of the Quran-burning game in Sweden. They were going to even try to make moves to drop Istanbul out of the game, if the conditions were right. And also, Lavrov is like a mentor of them and is involved in every dirty work.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi