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Get out of South Korea

Withdraw your capitals, businesses, your men, devices and vehicles from South Korea. Ankebut Cult has no power to carry out an operation in Syria, to a war, to turn the world balances to their advantage based in Syria. They are trying their best for Turkey to carry out an operation in Syria, they have no power for this also and whatever the price, I will never allow them. They can cause a brief military activity but in that moment, they can’t prevent an internal conflict in Turkey and they can’t stop us destroy all the elements who work for the Ankebut Cult.

Likewise, the Ankebut Cult has no power to protect South Korea. They have no military, financial, human or moral power to fight for the South Korea. As of now, the North Korea has the power to defeat the South Korea for many times. People should not be deceived by the brain-washing politicians, press and media organization, the publishers who work for the satanist west/the greens. The Ankebut Cult made the USA look like a so-called super power with using these techniques but it was a puffed up balloon.

The South Korea has no future. The ground/soil in the South Korea region is not solid and the underground is full of alien cities. Even now, they have big problems down there. There is a high possibility that also the underground cities will collapse. If the expected collapses happens, it will cause great disasters above the ground in a short time. It will be worse than a nuclear attack, disastrous losses and material damages will take place. The South Korea is finished already and it will be in your interests to make realistic decisions.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


Let them find another homeland

I’m not going to repeat what I have written. All the political or military officials who entered Syria and brought/sent our soldiers to Syria by the order of Tayyip and his gang, all the tratiors in the media, press and social media who will aid and abet to this, should find another country for themselves. They may be alive this morning, but they might be dead by tomorrow morning.

It is a sin to breath for those who send our army for a real comprehensive operation from land by taking orders/receiving instructions from the ambassadors of USA, England, Israel, the other countries, or those who are aiding and abetting them, in this country. It is also a sin to breath for the so-called messengers, ambassadors in this country. Even if, not just the country, the world will turn upside down, even if the third world war will break out, our army will not enter Syria by the order of the Turkish/Islam enemies and AKPKK that is a pawn of them. The west will collapse, Israel will collapse. Our army will not enter Syria under the pretext of the tratiors in collusion in Turkey and the terrorists around. They will not expand their black money channels. If one more rocket will fall in Turkey, if there will be one more terrorist attack, our responses will be harsh within the borders of the countries in question.

No one will sleep, until the internal enemies goes into the grave and until Turkey is truly free… Bosphorus Bridges and golden horn bridge will be taken under special protection, immediately. No matter who they are or what authority they have, everyone who shoot the people, will be shot. The carcasses of the tratiors and the terrorists who were killed will be thrown in front of the diplomatic representative offices or into their gardens. The images will be spread around the world. It will be announced to the world who they really are, what they really do. Every authorized traitor will be shot in every necessary situation. If anybody has any objections or response, they should come to my place to find me. The judges, the prosecutors and also the law enforcement supervisors who obey the orders of the traitor Ankara government, even under these circumstances, will be executed from the beginning. We are standing up with our nation and our army…

Our holy war mubarak…

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


A world without war is impossible

There is either oppression, act of unjust violence or there is punishment with justice in legitimate conditions for those who deserve it. Besides, wars are made to punish those who deserve punishment. When large numbers of people became dehumanized, when they turned into harmful creatures/devils for the neighboring communities/states, for the world humanity and especially for their close ones/relatives/neighbors, it is a matter of law, humanity, conscience to kill them all. Not everyone who is born human can stay human. Like the forensics say, there is a monster sleeps inside of every human beings. And throughout the history, those who followed the monster inside of them is much more than the number of those who didn’t.

Without the armies/parties to protect the babies, children, women, the elders, innocent civilians, even the animals and the plants from the evil people in question, the world turns into a world filled with devilry, evil, tear, oppression, torture, rape, suicides, diseases, robbery, infamy, as it is in our time. Wars are one of the biggest blessings for humanity. No one who is truly evolved, who have educated himself, who understands the life and the human beings can oppose the wars. Those who are against the wars and want the evil parties to come out of the wars with the least damage, even though they are oppose the wars are always the satanist… Because the satan/iblees is leading them to a struggle like this. The iblees and his gang are trying so hard to demonize the people, using many techniques and setting up various games to make sure nothing bad happens to the communities that they demonized like themselves. They are playing deceptive games. Those who are against the wars and defend made-up criterias called ”disproportionate force”, should be investigated if they are brainwashed or are anti-human satanists who consciously work for iblees and the Ankebut Cult.

Those of us who remained human must be aware of these games, we must be locked on the goal of destroying all the evil people as soon as possible with the least damage. Therefore, we should not be deceived by the nonsense called ”disproportionate force”. Those who struggle day and night, who are united, who develop technology against the enemy, who have training, who prepare themselves by economizing, instead of living a luxurious life, will be the sides who destroy the enemy on the battlefield. Might there be more accurate understanding of law/justice than this? It is justice that those who work and struggle will win and receive the rewards of their hard work.

Even though the technology/means/vehicles, units, power has found to make the enemy powerless and destroy all of them, will they prevent it from being used against the masses who became monsters, who can cause great damages in the material and religious fields at any moment, who have no chance of turning into human, instead of using it as soon as possible? How can they talk about humanity, consciousness, truth, law, justice, goodness, modernity, evolution, being a civilized human, when they are preventing it? This is devilry… Only the iblees and those who consciously follow the iblees can do all that evil.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


All of them together, all they are one

The western world is trying to hold Tayyip and his gang in power for a while longer. The gang we called the USA in Russia or Israel in Russia has been trying for this and keep working against Istanbul’s will for this purpose. I’ve stated clearly and repeatedly that they are trying in vain, I’ve also said ”The End”, but they didn’t listen.

Actually it is a problem for them if Tayyip stays and it is also a problem for them if Tayyip falls at this time… But they are in miserable condition around the world. They are just shadows of their former selfs. They can’t set up games anymore, they can’t play it in the field as required. In these days when Istanbul is about to come to a conclusion, in these days that they can’t breathe because of the pressure of Istanbul, they all together with the westerners and the easterners shot themselves in the foot by making the Taksim attack. They are caught red-handed.

They can’t get organized, can’t unite/act in alliance with their base when they play their brutal games. Those who want to stand out from the Armenian/Christian gangs they have been, colluding, smuggling and doing black money business together now cause trouble to them. Ekrem Imamyan is one of them…

There are conflicts between the alien groups in the background and they have increased recently. On the one hand they don’t want to divide or conflicts, on the other hand they can’t stop the conflicts. Ekrem Imamyan is also a bionic robot, there is an alien inside of him from the green’s side, he is involved all the dirty business too.

When it’s come to the so-called bomber woman…
She might have commited heinous/ordinary crimes but she is definitely not the real bomber.
Do those who send her with boots on her feet and in camouflage… With a khaki shirt and a black jacket on her… With a garden shear in one of her hand and two roses in the other hand… Like it’s not enough, by taking her under control with medicine and metaphysic interventions, want to joke with people’s minds?.. The woman lives in a certain place for a year. Does a bomber wait at the same address, at the same environment for the police to come and get her even though her photographs are shared everywhere? The women in the team that went to take her from there is a member of the gangs in our law enforcement agency. The directors, the judges, the prosecutors who interested in the subject are all arranged. Just like what I have been through…

At the first sight, it looks like it’s the state, it’s institutions and personnel, despite this, it is a gang looks like a state within a state… It looks like they were doing business with legal validity while they were doing everything illegally, with violence, by involving crimes and to protect the criminals from beginning to end…

But I said ”It’s a good thing that you take me in. They should come from the anti-terrorism branch or you take me. I will expose a crime, terror and betrayal organization which all the members of the government involved in with tangible evidences”. They were surprised, shocked. They questioned the seriousness of the matters. I showed them my publications. Five or six policemen and one commissioner have checked my posts from their phones while standing. They have read the two e-mail that I sent Diyarbakır police department. They understood very well why the Diyarbakır law enforcement remained silent for that long, and why they couldn’t do anything in my favor or against me, as the policemen. They were interested in this the most at that time, but they didn’t do their job either. They were prevented from acting in accordance with the law. None of the judges and the presecutors that I have appeared before did their job. They haven’t taken my statement properly and lawfully. I sued the so-called judge who had a tantrum, couldn’t carry forward the so-called trial as he wants and started to throw treaths and insults.

They had no reason to turn my complaint filed against me, so they sued me for ” insulting the judge” because of I said ”the so-called judge”. They have proved that our state became a toy in their hands, no one in our country has life or property security. They have been deadlocked for all these years, they made, still making big decisions to prevent me from appearing before a judge or a prosecutor. There’s no such thing as corona. But they keep postponing the date of surrender of those who supposed to surrender to open prison. They were trapped, they wanted to finish it off with the hospital card. This also got in their way, my criminal complaints that I have filed based on tangible evidences and witnesses never handed to the prosecutor’s office by the prison administration. Start clean hands operations from there is a requirement of law but Turkey is not a state of law, it’s a state of gangs… I made them put my complaint file into process by arguing, the result has not changed. The main criminals there were also Tayyip Erdoğan, Devlet Bahçeli, Solomon Soysuz and the other people who are known, and they are the main criminals behind the Taksim attack… I repeated this, because nothing has changed, improved since that day. Our state institutions became more like a toy in their hands. Now, this system is trying to destroy an innocent woman.

There are many behind the attack. There is an Ankebut Cult mobilisation but they want to cover it up by blaming an innocent woman for everything in it to stop the truth from coming out. From first to last, the masons, sabetayists, armenians, jews, rums etc. in the state institutions are coming into action. The press and the media is full of them and it’s up to them. They keep making publications that might be their death warrant. This game will not work. The circle is tightening also for those who are aiding and abetting the so-called government. It’s only a matter of time, they will be exposed and will be taken in jail… Slowing the internet down, cuting off the internet, or cuting off the electricity around the country will not protect the so-called governments who get our state involved in all kind of terror, brutality, massacre, smuggling businesses for more than 20 years and their accomplices who are so-called opposing against them. This nation will be like a flood, they will clean up the mess together with it’s soldiers, the policemen, the civil cervants that are the sons of this country. The so-called judges and the prosecutors should prepare their shrouds now. Because even if the Ankebut Cult mobilized around the world, they are still so powerless and caught red-handed… Because we have come to the final scene that I informed you.

Every patriot should know that I will not allow the colluding gangs, savages, pawns of London to play an election game anymore. Also I will not allow some of them to do great harm to Turkey during the internal conflicts. I’m creating a tense atmosphere on purpose and and I will tense it up more. The showdown will grow, the atmosphere will be extremely tense and then the conflicts wil begin. Courts can be bought out, traitors can be placed at the top of the state institutions but the streets have justice. In such moments, when corruption is everywhere, when the state fell into the hands of the gangs, murderers and terrorists, it is not just the nation’s right, it is the nation’s responsibility, obligation to stand up, to stop this. If the Nation still does not stand up, then it means that all the nation has become dehumanized and great disasters will befall the nation that will cause mass deaths.

All the people, the groups, all the sides in question will be taken in jail and Turkey will be truly free. It will exit from the London-based system completely and in the most concrete way.

The Ukraine crisis was for USA, England, Israel to maintain their existence. The bomb that exploded in Taksim was for the same reason. From now on, this nation will not die around here to maintain someone’s existence. From now on, there will be no terror, massacre, robbery, corruption, high taxes, no one will able to collapse the sectors on purpose. From now on, there will be street’s justice but still The USA and England will collapse.

| Mfs – Ezber bozan – Akademi Dergisi


What protects Mecca and Medina from the Dajjal?

The real/actual dajjal is a member of the human alien species. He has very high material/technological means. He has been dragging the world humanity from one disaster to another by using these. He is extremely hostile to humanity and islam. The material and moral damages he did, the games he played, his deceptions are too many to count… The so-called conquest of Istanbul in 1453 was his middle game…

Even though he found strength to all this, he can’t do any damage the places and things in Mecca and Medina which are accepted as holy in our religion. Yes, even though he has all the high technology, his men/armies who are aliens, the jews, the masons, the satanists who are working for him from among world’s humanity, the satanist governments he installed as heads of tens of the states in the world, he still can’t do this. Because the holy places in Mecca and Medina in question are protected.

It’s correct that the places are protected through angels, but it is the sunnah of Allah that everything is created with a reason. Allah makes the angels instrumental in infidels’ acts who slaughter all the muslims. Even the infidels’ bodies can work through angels who fulfil their duty. But while all this was going on, no one can see the angels. Everyone knows, sees, evaluates the more visible reasons in the foreground.

What does the dajjal see as an obstacle against him when he wants to harm the holy places in question? Is it the angels that he doesn’t think exist?

This ummah has suffered, suffers a lot at the hands of those who are hypocrites like Ahmet Mahmut Ünlü called Cübbeli Ahmet, black moneyers, scammers mostly. Those who look carefully can see the deceptive behaviours in his eyes in that very short video. It is true that he doesn’t understand or know and he is not mentally competent enough to understand but he tells the things he can understand in a wrong way so as not to wake up the muslims.

Although he had to get caught in the winds blowing from the Akademi Dergisi. I shared my comments in writing about Mahdi (PBOH) and the events that will occur in his time that are breaking the mold. After a very short time, the human demons in the so-called Turkish media put Cübbeli on TV right away… They made programs, they have clouded the minds on purpose from the beginning to the end. He has disrupted and deflected everything deliberately, made the minds confused but he said ”there will be an Istanbul government and they will send hundreds of thousands of soldiers to the malhama”. At least he said this right. But who knows how evil his intention was, who knows what was he targeted from the background by saying this.

The holy places in Mecca and Medina are protected by highly advanced magnetic shields. The sphere-shaped magnetic shields that eyes can’t see surround the holy places. If a spaceship comes out of the ground to harm the places, the magnetic shields prevent that. UFOs that are seen everywhere and the human-looking robots the aliens built can’t get in. The other holy places on earth are protected with the same system.

He certainly knows that the Dajjal, Mahdi and the helpers of Mahdi have appeared but telling the truth is not in the interest of him. Because he is not a muslim, he is not even a human.

It’s been six, seven years, he said, himself and my community were going to sue me. Even his community was going to sue me. He was talking with a complaint filed that is prepared with false claims waving in his hand. His heart was beating fast from fear and it was reflecting in his voice and his body language. In his state of mind, he was making up stuff about me. What happened? Where is the complaint files? Where are the proofs of the allegations against me? The so-called Turkish but in reality Israelis, American, English Tv channels like CNN Turk, Haber Turk put this very dishonest men on tv.

Those who listen to this conversation of this impostor in 2019 would think about it. Even if they don’t know that the Saudi family who have the control of the country are black moneyers, massacrists, masons, satanists… Even if they don’t know that Cübbeli is a black moneyer imposter in the same system… They would think about the masonic logos of all the institutions of the so-called state that I call Saudi America. They would look at the people’s creed, deeds, the legal system, the education system, the regime’s choices in Saudi America. They would look at what conditions it’s people live under. They would look at how the Kaabe’s surroundings turned into a satanic place and think. And then they would question it. They would say ”should we consider that blasphemy has not entered, could not enter the cities that have bottomed out, have corrupted, became worse than Turkey. How could there be more blasphemy, rebellion, perversion, infamy than this, if it has entered.

| Mfs – Ezber bozan – Akademi Dergisi