What happened?

A war was supposed to break out between Azerbaijan and Armenia? There were many plans about it to provide the black money flows?

Did that plan hit a hard rock?

What happened?

They were showing off with the US warships and staging a show of force?
Did it work?

What happened?
No one speaks up as much as expected after the G20 summit?

Where are the activities for perversion? Where are the new plans to destroy the institution of family? What about satanism?

What happened?
There were some cool attitudes in the North Iraq, a few looter were even dreaming about to take the Southeast region of Turkiye, the terror and savagery state called the USA was deploying soldiers?

What happened?
Those who were daydreaming were dreaming about taking me and killing me?

What happened?
Haven’t they established a new government?
Hakan Fidan who is a mentally ill, unsensible man will be the new president?

What happened?
What about FETO had a historic opportunity and made the move that they were planning for years and elbowed Istanbul?

What happened?
What about the billions of dollars worth investments they said there will be?

What happened?
They said they will open the so-called grain corridor? If we start to count from the USA, China, Russia, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Japan, the South Korea, tens of countries are not strong as much as Istanbul?

What happened?
Even the Straits and canals are closed, you were bottomed out, can you open them?

What happened?
Didn’t the USA who displayed a show of force and conveyed the message: “Don’t pay attention to Istanbul, look, we anchored our ship in the Istanbul Strait, we made our show. We made Tayyip and Hakan Fidan talk the way we wanted. We anchored our largest aircraft carrier in Antalya, we made a joint flight with the Armenian pilots in TSK.” have to announce a disgraceful project that disables the entire lands, the Straits, the territorial waters of Turkiye completely?

Doesn’t it mean that” We lost most of the control in Turkiye and we do not believe that we can take it back.” Isn’t it a huge confession?

Let them crush and destroy, can they do that? If they could, why would they waste time with ridiculous projects and announce them?

What happened?
As I said, Germany, Japan, the South Korea went broke and entered in massive crises?

What happened?
Could Netenyahu, Sisi or Putin make official visits to Turkiye?

What happened?
Does the Netenyahu character still exist?
Did Israel who wanted to take the Southeast region of Turkiye hit the hard rock?

What happened?
Can Sisi raise his voice? Can Putin put on a show? Can Lavrov challenge us as he did a few months ago?

What happened?
There was a China who consider itself the ruler of the world, hasn’t it learned its lesson?

Aren’t Xi and his gang humiliated even in his own country? China cannot even explain what happened to its ministers, its military movements are unbalanced, its financial indicators are completely false and it can’t explain the realities in any fields, it is even collapsed in the property industry.

Was it a dream or a reality?

What happened?
Didn’t I suddenly disrupt the balances in Syria?
Weren’t all the parties including Israel, Ankara, the USA and England shocked?

Didn’t they beg the Arab tribes for days?

Didn’t the YPG/PKK terrorists escape from everywhere? Did the baloons explode or not?

What happened?
Could you implement the gas center project and the other projects? Could you overcome Istanbul obstacle?

What happened?
You are chasing after Vietnam?

What happened?
Hasn’t the China-Taiwan collusion been exposed?

What happened?
Your giant companies including Toyota, Samsung, Tesla and Apple are in miserable conditions, aren’t they?

Was it only a dream?

What happened?
You were going to play a pendemic and a variant games as a last resort by declaring it in the process of challenge against me.

Couldn’t you do that? Can’t you do that? Did you hit the hard rock again?

What happened to your military build-up in Greece? What happened to your plans against Istanbul?

What happened to all of your deceits on Cyprus and the policy you applied?

Did it hit the hard rock? Did you see the fear of the gang called TRNC and did you hear the heartbeats even from your own country?

I said, “I will collapse everyone who support the Ankara government, even the giant companies.” Were you laughing at me?

Can you see the situation at the moment?

You should get yourselves out from the fantasy world…

Confess yourselves, did you establish a new Ankara government or you made a very foolish move?

You did that, why did you prefer a mentally ill man like Hakan Fidan who cannot even go to shopping without being guided?

You did that, why did you bring a man people are silenced when they look at his face and stay away from and is a demon already exposed like Abraham Kalın at the head of MIT?

Did you consider yourselves God or what? Did you think that you have the power to do everything you want or you consider the tens of millions of people in Turkiye garbage?

Wait, did you trust magic again? Did the Iblees give you the orders and you did that without weighing its consequences?

You are experiencing countless disgraces. You are still deceiving your base and saying that Mfs will die. You are waiting for him to die for years…

Also, a bunch of idiots are playing on the Büşra Tülü Karadayı cases to prevent themselves from being destroyed and to find a way out.
What can I say to the demonized people like you? You have lost your minds. Play it and die, collapse, disintegrate again and again.

Some of your groups are planning to create artificial disasters to kill Mfs. How couldn’t they do that for all these years and kill me yet?

Don’t you see that Mfs wants the disasters to occur even more than you do? Don’t you see that he is praying all the time for the disasters to fall upon the world and clean the world and is leading everyone to do the same? In these conditions, you look like a bug swarm and it gives me no pleasure to conflict you.

I think you should sacrifice yourselves to the Iblees as a last resort. Maybe it would work.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


What are you waiting for? What should i write?

He is not good. He announced a project but which part of the project should we start to criticize? We can criticize it for hours without stopping…

They think that they announced a great project by disabling Turkiye, the Straits and the projects that I will carry out.
You cannot laugh at it but you can’t take it serious, either.

I prefered silence. The doctors should talk about Biden… There is a vice president in there. It is understood that his head is full of perversion. They are such losers who are obsessed with sexuality…

The have all the state system at their disposal. There are so many advisors and universities they are working together. If they are announcing such a project like this one and if there is no one in the USA saying that “What is happening? Is this a joke?”, then we should remain silent. It is obvious that it would be useless to talk about it.

They are collapsed, they are finished, they are   stinking. They have bottomed out. How can a man in this bad condition stay at the head of the USA for years? How can a people remain unresponsive against it? How can the press and the media delivered it by remaining unresponsive or with low response. It is conceivable. What is the stubbornes for, who are those behaving stubbornly against each other and why? How much longer will the so-called president Biden and the USA which is called a so-called super power continue to disgrace itself? How much longer will the American people continue to disgrace themselves? How many times should we feel ashamed for someone elses? Even we are embarrassed here. We cannot put ourselves in their place.

They said they will load the cargo to the ships and then to the trains. And then they will use the rail network in temperatures around in 50 degrees. And then, they will use the ships again and then trains to travel Greece…

How can they built the rail network while they don’t have money. How can they wait for it while they don’t have time. Even if they built those, how can they overcome the sand storms? How can they prevent the expansion of the rails and how can they prevent it from stretching like a snake in the 50 degrees desert heat? How can they prevent damage to the cargos? Everything in that trains, even their vehicle trains and wagons will constantly cause trouble.

Okay, they cannot pass through their black money businesses from the Suez Canal. They got stuck in the Straits and Canals simultaneously, their ships carrying black money cannot pass through. They are looking for an alternative way but would a men who have the power to close the Suez Canal let the train line in the Saudi America stay in operation? Would he let the ports that they will use for black money stay in operation? Would he let the demonized people who will work for these black money businesses without being harmed? Would he let the Cyprus and Greece exist?

Some people from around the world are laughing Biden for days… And they say, “Why don’t you make the ship pass through the Suez Canal instead of doing this, you senile.”… He just cannot make it.

We understand that he can’t but still, this project is a disgrace… It is desperation, it is weakness… I wrote it recently that “they are finished”…

He is trying to make the USA look powerful with a few warships that run he have left. It wouldn’t matter if they have nuclear bombs, those bombs can be exploded from distance in their lands. They are still trying to make it look like the USA, China and Russia exist. They are all weak, desperate, miserable and they have no way out. Their black money income and even their legal manufacturing, sales and income are bottomed out…

The USA which is the so-called super power of the world is too weak and desperate to open the canals and the straits of the world. Those who don’t want to see this truth are throwing themselves off a cliff at great speed.

After all the warnings, after all the show of strenght, after we have reached this point/level, after all the challenges that I came out victorious,
I wouldn’t even look at those who throw themselves off a cliff by not evaluating the things in front of their eyes just like animals and fitting into the environment. They can go to hell…

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya