India became waste

From now on, the big disintegrations and collapses that I already informed everyone will occur more frequently and often in India. The bigger ones will occur. From now on, there will also be so much bigger disasters in India. The time was given to India is over. The India card of the Iblees is garbage now.

India which was ruled by the Turks for over nine hundred years in total will come under the rule of the Turks again after it is well cleaned. The Iblees can no longer spread mischief in the world through India.

It is now in plain sight how coward, unskilled, discouraged, desperate and collapsed the gypsies who want to use the power of the countries that they insidiously seized their power against us and challenge us with it and nevertheless, they are still bluffing. Their last trick didn’t work and it turned against them.

And our courage, sincerity, dedication to our cause, justice, our genius policy we pursue, our endless determination and true brotherhood are in plain sight.

From now on, there is only one center that rules the world and it is not London, it is Istanbul…

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


I will fill the world with justice and happiness

I will crush and melt the mountains if they stands in my way. I will escape from Ergenekon if I have to and I will fill this planet with justice and happiness just as much as in the era of Hz. Dhul-Qarnayn.

I will take over control of this planet from the gypsies, therefore the Iblees and Dajjal completely. What you have seen until now was just the trailer. The film is starting now.

If there are those who think that they can challenge me, they should take one step forward.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


Collusion between NATO and Russia threatens world humanity

The Istanbul government:

The collusions between NATO and Russia cause major problems in many regions of the world. It causes authority gap problems… It causes life and property security to disappear… It causes people to die one by one or in groups, millons of people to become refugees or people left under persecution or/and die in painful ways.

The collusions for black money and exploitation between the Western/NATO gang and Russia is threathing the world humanity. It is threathing the world peace and stability. The collusions around the world between the Western/NATO gang and Russia and the collusions between the Westernn/NATO and China and especially the collusions in Syria, Iraq, Ukraine and the African countries and the countless crimes must be stopped.

As if all of those poblematic areas are not enough, we will not allow the parties of the collusions to shed blood in Azerbaijan and Armenia, to collude, to create authority gaps and to do black money businesses in those regions.

The Istanbul government:

In the last period, almost all the tense atmosphere and challenges between Armenia and Russia are collusions, games. The power/influence struggles between the Western parties and Russia and especially the USA and France through Armenia is also just a simple game. Almost all of these struggles are collusion games.

France/Macron is one the strongest allies of the pro-Western and traitor administrative staff of Russia… Also Scholz is not a anti-Russian leader. The world’s unresponsiveness and silence against the so-called war possibility between Azerbaijan and Armenia is a project rehearsed from the beginning…

They are trying to make fool of the world humanity and again, the known countries and allies are chasing after money to obtain with blood and savagery in one more region of the world.

Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and even Iran are acting together with the Western/NATO gang by colluding mostly. Israel and England command and control the collusions as they always do. Because of this situation/the balances, the Ukraine issue doesn’t end.

Netanyahu, Rishi Sunak, King Charles, Biden, Putin, Xi and similar characters should be tried
within the scope of tens of articles particularly for terrorism, massacre, genocide, crimes against humanity in an international and legal court. Right after their trials, Aliyev, Paşinyan, Macron, Reisi, Tayyip, Hakan Fidan, Abdullah Gül, Asad and ismilar pawns should be tried. Also, the senior executives of the state institutions and the General Staffs of the armies who obeyed the orders of these money launderer, savage, illegal leaders should be tried in the same Courts.

This is not a planet where a few masons and satanist murderers, the gypsies who worship the Iblees and consider themselves the children of the Iblees can break out wars in collusion, do black money businesses, kidnap even babies and children, smuggle even the organs of the soldiers in the fronts.

All the parties from all around the world must stand with Istanbul against this satanist organization full of humanity enemies called the Ankebut Cult.

No matter their religion and race, the Powers Alliance is an organization open to every country and nation who complies with the principles of humanity and who want to live in peace and safety.

The Russian Federation let their soldiers die on purpose in the Ukrainian front. Russia recruited even those who are not Russian citizens in their army after its their own citizens. In fact, they also started to recruit the refugees by force. Even in Kuba, people are being deceived by the promises of becoming a mercenary, they are kidnapped to Russia and they become a so-called Russian soldier and get killed soon and they smuggled their organs.

They are doing this to prevent the organ smuggling network from collapsing. Hundreds of thousands of people who were sent to the fronts as Russian soldiers were deliberately dragged to death and their organs were kidnapped. They still continue to this savage, inhuman, mind-blowing operations.

The Ukrainian party is in collusion with the Russian party in this from the beginning. Countless soldiers among the Ukrainian soldiers were killed for their organs and they were ripped off.

The USA, England, China, Japan, the South Korea, the Arab countries, the traitor Ankara government, Greece, all of the European countries, NATO, all of them are involved in this human and organ trafficking businesses… Also, Armenia and Azerbaijan are involved in those businesses and the illegal administrators of these two countries are getting along very well from the background and they are doing organized money laundering businesses…

They have created the Ukraine issue because of Istanbul started to prevent them from doing human and organ trafficking across the world mostly and made it harder for them. Even the people of Ukraine and Russia was sacrificed for this system. The Ukrainian women, young girls, young men, children and babies, hundreds of thousands of people in total were kidnapped. Hundreds of thousands of them are not alive now for sure. Some of them were sold to the rapist, sadistic perverts from the LGBT movement. Some of them were sold to the prostitution mafias. Some of them were sold to those who perform satanic rituals. Some of them were sold to the organ mafias. They turned and still turning all of them into cash somehow. They want to keep this system to continue.

Therefore, they want to re-establish the smuggling corridor called “the grain corridor”. The parties that are so-called hostile to each other can be organized without any problem and they want to move to the same direction. They get upset as the Istanbul government interfere with the balances and they even create threaths about surrounding Turkiye with their military elements.

Not only the USA, the EU, NATO or the organisations but even the UN and G20 organization are used for this illegal struggle to increase these savage businesses. They perform all the savagery, treachery, sadism, deceit by the masonic cult.

Istanbul is struggling not only for the Turkiye’s people but for all the peoples of the world. And now, for the last time, Istanbul is warning all the peoples of the world to rise up when the sign is given.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


Türkiye will not take sides in a possible war between Azerbaijan and Iran

In case of occurrence of a in armed conflict between Azerbaijan and Iran, Turkiye/The National Armed Forces will never be a party of this conflict. Shusha declaration is an unofficial, lawless and invalid declaration. There is no alliance between Turkiye and Azerbaijan.

Israel, England and the USA should protect Azerbaijan. There will be those in the National Armed Forces who obey the secret Armeniana at the head of Azerbaijan which is a money launderer and a pawn country. All of them will immediately receive a bullet as a gift.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


Turkish Armed Forces officers who oppressed the Turkish people in the past will be tried

The Istanbul government:

Some of the Turkish Armed Forces units led by the crypto-ID officials who are traitors, masons and money launderers burned villages for so many times in the past. They expelled people from where they lived. They commited crime of pillage. They commited torture and rape crimes. These are the undeniable truths of Turkiye. The traitors in question have organized and sparked the terror in Turkiye and in the region with their own hands and they continued to commit these crimes to not let the fire go out. While doing this, they used all the institutions of our state including the Turkish Armed Forces for committing these crimes…

These truths will not be denied, will not be covered up and there will be retrospective trials and also the traitor and mason retired officials of the Turkish Armed Forces will be tried.

Currently, the traitor and mason officials in the Turkish Armed Forces are trying to achieve their black money goals in and around Azerbaijan on the one hand, and on the other hand they are using the Turkish Armed Forces for murders, massacres, drug and organ/human trafficking businesses in Syria, Iraq, Libya and even Somalia. All the mason/traitors, money launderers will be cleaned from the Turkish Armed Forces as quickly as possible.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya