Don’t say he didn’t say, Ibrahim, things will get messy again

The money launderer and a colonist USA who is one of the leading pawns of the gypsies of England have found a town without dogs and wandering around without a stick. There is no a legal/valid government nor an army in our country, they are keeping them under their control through the masons.

Then, even under these circumstances, they couldn’t dare to invade or bombing anywhere, but after all of my publications, they brought a ship to our Strait to act up to the cameras. Again, they get their so-called ambassador who is a human and organ trafficker on the ship to make a scene. They said the visit of the ship is a so-called scheduled visit… These Americans are such dumbs, Ibrahim…

They have tried it a few days before February 6th, and unprecedented events in the world history have occured. Millions of people have died in favor of the Ankebut Cult in an extensive area under and above the ground. And the Ankara government which is under their command got in trouble.

It keeps coming to my mind that Mfs said “I see a high probability of a little Apocalypse before August ends” Ibrahim, do you remember that audio recording? Its name was “Straits crisis again” or something…

What does he know, what will happen again, will it happen only in Turkiye, what move we should make across the world, where should we stop?

Those dumb Americans are shaking like a dog. And they are trying to show the world that is a skill wandering around without a stick in a town without dogs. There will be a chaos, who will clean the mess up and how?..

My big brother doesn’t understand anything, Ibrahim, how will we survive from what is happening?

If I am a Mfs follower for years and if I can see what he does from the field which I do, then I claim that by putting my name out that Mfs will burn these dumb Americans. He will burn England and Israel who are using them. He will also hang all of those among the authorized or unauthorized who aided and abetted to those who brought this pile of metal they called a ship.

Let’s watch it now, Ibrahim…

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