Beside the USA, even the NATO does not have the strength to fight against Turkiye

They can only carry out bombings from distance and use missiles and kamikaze air crafts.

Or maybe they can carry out bombings in some of our cities on the land and sea borders. There are some regions they can conduct a landing operation but they cannot move forward, it is not even possible for them to stay there.

They can get this far because the Ankara government, the so-called opposition political parties, the General Staff of TSK in Turkiye are working for them. Otherwise, they cannot get this far, even they cannot come anywhere near us…

No one should be deceived by the traitors among us who are trying to show the collapsed, devastated Western world as a great power and a civilization. Even now, there is no a real NATO exists. When I make Turkiye leave NATO officially, NATO will only be about its signage, it will have nothing left.

The USA, the NATO, the UN without black money are null and void. It is blood, savagery, exploitation, it is human, organ, drug trafficking and arm smuggling that feed them. They have lost most of their businesses in these fields and they will continue to lose.

We must not slack off. Even if the sky falls, we will never open our Straits to the black and bloody money businesses.

We will not open them, even if the Russians will insist on doing bloody and black money businesses with the West.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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