Pakistan’s approach to China is none of our business

It is not our business if Pakistan getting closer to China or some other country or how it moves forward. We do not have business to do with Pakistan and we won’t have. I made the issue understood already. There are those who act like they didn’t understand. Turkiye does not have business to do with Pakistan. Only those who have a religion that has been corrupted, those who are immoral, who are savages, money launderers, colonists do business with Pakistan.

He should get close to China, and those Pakistani refugees, the black-faced gypsies shouldn’t come to our country, they should go to China.

Under current conditions of the world, having nuclear weapons, vast lands and a large population do not make a country powerful, it doesn’t. Those who get close to Pakistan will not have a friend or ally but a trouble.

What does Pakistan have, those who want to get close to it should get close to it and get in trouble. And do not involve Turkiye in their grave mistakes…

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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