They can never be true friends and allies

Just like Russia and China can never be true friends and allies… The North Korea and Russia also can never be true friends and allies.

The North Korea’s move of Russia who is cornered and trying to survive is a baloon… The North Korea only knows and cares about black money. Russia offers to the North Korea to increase its share on black money businesses and it can be the only and the biggest deal between the two countries. Without money, there is no deal. The North Korea plays its role, make some move in favor of Russia.

When I directed the North Korea against the South Korea in the near past, they stopped the North Korea with a bunch of money. They had no trouble doing this.

The North Korea is a starving country with nuclear weapons… I don’t know if it counts as a country which is a separate matter of discussion. If other countries wouldn’t give food and medicine under the guise of “humanitarian relief” to the North Korea, if they wouldn’t pay their share on the black money businesses in this way, the people of the North Korea would be destroyed. Its people would die of starvation.

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The starving country called the North Korea also cannot benefit/provide support to Russia which is an increasingly lonely country in the world. Russia is like an old men who barely breaths, very ill and weak, who is waiting to die… This is why tens of countries are trying not to stop the so-called special military operation between Russia and Ukraine and also the so-called Grain Deal in an organized way. Also, the friendship of the dogs lasts until someone throw them a bone. Those who have no spiritual values and causes and those who are chasing wealth can never be real friends, they can never grow or rise, they can never be prosperous countries, they can never have peace and never let other countries to have peace.

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As to the nuclear weapons, if high number of countries in the world have a high number of nuclear weapons, then it is not possible for some of them to scare or deter the others with the nuclear weapons constantly. Because if one of them throw a nuclear bomb, so can the others. In fact, they can throw tens of nuclear bombs in response to a nuclear attack.

Even though it seems like Russia surrounded with its enemies and almost all the western world and NATO are hostile to it, even though most of its enemies have nuclear weapons and Putin who is a spy of England is still talking about the nuclear weapons, then it is only a collusion. It cannot be explained in another way. Also the North Korea’s nuclear weapons are not really deterrent. The North Korea problem would already be fundamentally solved by now without the collusions. Even if a few nuclear missiles had been thrown…

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There is no real Russian state/party in the struggle in world politics now, Russia is no longer different than the North Korea. But they make it seem like it is the same old Russia. Russia cannot defend itself, cannot solve its own problems and cannot provide food and salary to its soldiers. Despite its harsh conditions, tens of countries known as enemies of Russia who are working together with Russia in every kind of black money and exploitation businesses make it seem like a strong country. No one should believe the virtual Russia wind blowing on the contrary what I told in the broadcasting/news organizations which is known to be under control.

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Everyone should be prepared for the after Putin and Russia. Because Russia’s inner dynamics haven’t done their part and there will be no longer a country as Russia, it will be disintegrated.

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