What will you do?

Will you arrest most of the ranking officers in the Russian army?

You are trying in vain. You cannot stop the wind of Istanbul blowing in Russia. Even though tens of countries continue to collude with you, even though they continue to lighten your burden, even though they try to keep you afloat and support you from the background, the process have a certain outcome, you will be overthrown.

I will liberate Russia from the control of the Ankebut Cult. I will make sure that peace, justice, happiness, freedom of religion and worship and health will be brought in Russia.

Although, it will be a bit noisy…

If there will be an attack to Belarus by Russia, Russia do not have the means to protect itself or to give a military response. There is no Russian political authority or a military system in function in Russia. Russia is boiling up. They have so many crises at the same time. Russia have no weapons, ammunition, food or money.

It can threat others with nuclear weapons but it would retreat when it sees the elements with nuclear weapons.

Russia is already about to be disintegrated but England and Israel which are ruling Russia from the background do not want Russia to be disintegrated. The wind of Mfs is now blowing in Russia and because of I don’t want Russia to be disintegrated either, there is only an appearance of a Russian system…

If the balances and the decisions will suddenly change, it would be loudly but I can make Russia disintegrate in a short time.

I am extremely nervous about the ranking officers being arrested. And I don’t think I can calm down as long as they are being held under arrest.

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