Russian bears are very angry

I wonder why they get so angry?

– Is it because of I destroyed Russia’s reputation in a very short time?

– Is it because of I made the army disobeying the orders?

– Is it because of I made the political system in Russia to start distrupting rapidly?

– Is it because of I am the cause the facilities, the vehicles and devices are keep burning and breaking down?

– Is it because of I am the cause of the explosion of the Crimean Bridge for the second time while they cannot even explain the explosions of the Nord Stream and the Crimean Bridge and is it because of they remained silent after the second explosion?

–  Is it because of I stopped and canceled the black money corridor called the grain deal corridor even though the whole world was shocked, even though they couldn’t believe that they did it

– Is it because I make Putin a whipping boy anytime I want

– Is it because of they see that I can send tens of countries of the world against Russia anytime I want

– Is it because of I told to the world that they are in collusion on the Ukraine issue

– Is it because of I left them without money, weapons, ammunition and food and I told it to the world

– Is it because of I made the whole world questioning if there is a real Putin in existence

– Is it because of I showed repeatedly that Putin and his gang cannot do any move against me or my system, even though I challenge them

– Is it because of I reverse the decision of the USA’s president about Ukraine not joinning NATO in only two and a half hours

– Is it because of it took me only two days to changed Tayyip’s status of being a poodle on a leash of Putin and to made him NATO’s most talked-about leader and the most acclaimed leader

– Is it because of I keep causing malfunctions of Russia’s nuclear plants and they are almost being exploded

– Is it because of they had to call for a Security Council meeting in Russia after a few hours I wrote the article “the last warning” about I will explode their nuclear plants and nuclear bombs where they are and is it why they had to announce that they called for a meeting with the agenda of “protecting the critical facilities of Russia”

– Is it because of the Crimean Bridge was exploded for the second time while Putin was trying to give messages to the world about “Ukraine couldn’t make the expected attacks”
-Is it because of everyone in Russia is telling each other about Mfs and a very strong Mfs wind is blowing in Russia

– Is it because of I revealed that those who are at the head of Russia are the traitors working for England, Israel and Vatican

– Is it because of I made the huge capital owners withdrew from Russia completely

– Is it because of I caused Russia to be in miserable condition and I will soon throw Russia out of Syria

– Is it because I disrupt its businesses in the countries that they are still exploit

-Is it because of I prevented them from reaching their goal about Turkic world and even I made them become insignificant in the Turkic world

– Is it because of I repeatedly revealed that they are the ones who are in the background of most of the black money businesses and the brutality

– Is it because of I prevented them to be ally with China

– Is it because I revealed that they are acting like they are allies but they are not

– Is it because I revealed Hagia Sophia’s true face which they consider sacred

– Is it because I showed the world that thousands of Orthodox clergy are the magicians, money launderers, saveges and pervert scumbags in reality

Is it because of I did all the things which the list goes on if I continue to write? Those who have problems with me must do the same as I do, they must give name openly and do whatever they want in that way. What will those who have dreams about to explode the Istanbul Strait and the Çanakkale Strait do if Moscow will explode?

I will take the land of Crimea. That Ukraine is an artificial country. The entire region is an ancient Turkish land… Those lands were under our rule for thousands of years and it was under our rule for centuries in the last few thousands of years. Come on, if there are those who think that they can take Turkiye, Istanbul, let them come, we are here. We can provide the petrol they need to come here. We know that they don’t even have the money for the fuel.

We are already in a war with Russia. I have repeatedly declared it before. It is not a problem for us to turn this covert war into an open war. On the contrary, it is working in our favor.

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