The end of the way looming up

The expected earthquakes in the US will be so much more violent than the Maraş-based earthquakes in Turkiye. The USA doesn’t have the political unity, morality and determination to take precautions before the earthquakes. Also, they don’t have the financial means.

They don’t have the financial power to provide medical treatment, aid, rescue capacity, food, shelter after the earthquakes and/or the collapse events.

They wanted Turkiye to be very weakened and kneeled down after the Maraş-based earthquakes. Despite the determined betrayals of the Ankara government, they have failed against the struggle of Istanbul. But they cannot prevent the USA to be very weakened and kneeled down after the earthquake or earthquakes which will take place in the US.

If we consider that the people of the US is a collected nation, that most of them have genetic problems, that they have nearly no morals, that they are merciless and impatient, that there is hostility and conflicts among different segments of its people, the USA will destroy itself after the earthquake/s in question.

Only the states who foresee and accept these facts and leave the USA’s system, take precautions with their last financial means by retreating their own shell can protect themselves from this fate.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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