Is this a police job?

The police are investigating the chemical factory that exploded and burned in China and what caused it. Is it a police matter?

If the Ankara government won’t collapse, then tens of countries who support it will be overthrown and collapsed.

They started to call so-called strikes at the airlines again. The planes cannot fly, they are deceiving humanity with the strikes…

The so-called schools where they make rituals and magic are burning again… There are unending fires, accidents and troubles in India. 25 People were burned in a bus recently.

Satanism, masonry, magic and the rituals do not benefit anyone. Everyone should turn back before it’s too late.

They still continue to attack to the most experienced ones in my crew. So the explosions, fires, collapses, accidents, suicides, so-called sand storms, strange rainfalls, power outages,  internet problems and so much more will continue to happen… And under the ground will be even worse than above the ground.

I’ve written openly that so many factories will burn, will be useless and their systems will be malfunctioned…

These are what is reflected in the media. It will be a documentary one day. And the parts which is reflected and isn’t reflected in the media will be the subjects of the documentaries.

Hundreds of thousands of metaphysicists can see how these things are possible. Don’t waste the time of the police, the judges in vain.

You will see what will happen to those who called arabs, they will not get away with what they did…

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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