“Is a great new leader coming?”

I don’t know what happened but YouTube is rife with this kind of videos. They are telling so many things but they don’t give any clear information, they don’t describe anything.

Who is this person, for the love of God, if anyone knows, they should let us know. We are really curious… The astrologers can differ about every issue and give different opinions but they always give the same answer to the question of “Will a new and a great leader be emerged?”.

Isn’t this so interesting?

Sinan Hodja (an astrologer) was talking like that, I shared one of his videos and it was enough to spoilt him. Then, so many bad things happened to him, he lost his reputation rapidly. Would it be bad if he told us clearly and let us know from the beginning?

They say, he is a “spiritual person”. They say, “he will expand Turkiye’s borders”. They say, “he will be good in science and technique”. They say, “he will implement great projects in Turkiye, he will make the investors flock to Turkiye”. They say, “he will make Turkiye the center of the world”. They say, “he will be the leader of the muslims in Armageddon”. They say, “It is certain that he is not from the people who are in the field or from the people who are well-known”. They say much more than that but they do not say who this is. How could they know this much of information about him with only astrology, if they don’t know who he is?

We are really, really curious… That’s enough. Someone tell us now.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


Let the cracked burst, the destroyed fall down

There are partial changes in the decision and I declare it.

From now on, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Google (all of the third parties/services that Google feeds from the background), Gmail, WeChat, Tik Tok, QQ, Douyin, VK, OK, Tamtam, Sina Weibo, SnapChat, Pinterest ve Reddit and particularly Telegram’s application/system will be exposed our heavy metaphysical signals simultaneously until they remove the censor that has been put on my publications completely.

Their places/buildings, servers, cooling systems, electrical systems, their fire extinguishing systems, the cars belonging to the companies and also all of the bosses, their business partners and employees will be exposed to the metaphysical signals simultaneously.

It’s not finished, yet. We began targetting all the power plants (except the nuclear ones) in all of the countries which own these platforms.

Also, we began to attack to all of the civillian or military state institution buildings, all of their computing systems, cars, transformers, the employees in those countries with our metaphysical signals. Also, we began to attack to the communication cables under the ocean and all the vehicles and devices which are civillian and military, known and unknown with our signals.

It is not over yet, we will also attack the electronical and computing systems of all of the official and private banks in those countries with our metaphysical signals.

We will not let anything stay functioning properly in the underground cities of the alien species who are behind these censors. We will break their everything from the huge UFOs to their artificial suns. We will not even care what will be exploded or destroyed. They are all began to expose to our signals.

Now, everyone can play the way they want, those who defeated will be destroyed… This is the field, we’ve already started…

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


It’s time to fall for Denmark…

I think Denmark shouldn’t pass a law that ban people from burning, tearing up, throwing, trampling or insulting the Holy Scriptures… Even to think about it, even the announcements they made about passing such a law is a waste of time.

They shouldn’t even try it because the path of Denmark is so short and it has done enough evil… It is revealed that except a very small minority, the rest of its people are scumbags and are demonic people who have no morality, decency, conscience, law, mercy or sympathy. The savagery, the perversion, the exploitation, the ignorance, the cannibalism, satanism and devilry in their past is already in plain sight…

Do not bother trying, it is the time to be destroyed for Denmark… Let them live their numbered days the way they want.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


Everybody get your guard up…

I will crush Tayyip and his gang.
Even if the whole world will be burned and destroyed…
I will send most of the herd to hell.
The things has gone too far…

The iblees’ throne wasn’t shaken, I am trampling it under my foot. If you don’t understand what I am saying, ask your metaphysicists. Restore all of your political and financial balances on the fact that the Ankara government will soon to be collapsed and destroyed completely… Otherwise, you will be burried in the dark pages of history.

In the short time, high number of governments, state leaders and business groups have seen how heavy the price of supporting the Ankara government, they still do.

Everyone should learn from their mistakes and do not make the same mistakes at this last scene to not collapse and destroyed with Ankara.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


Russia will not give grain for free

Russia will not, cannot provide grain to the African countries which are in need for free of charge. I will put more obstacles in front of this business. On the other hand, even if there will be no obstacles, Russia wouldn’t give a penny to the countries/people who are in need.

For Russia, Africa is only a place to be exploited, to be crushed and nothing else.

Africa shouldn’t get into another cage when it is getting out of the cage.

Russia will not bring Africa any projects. Because they have no money for the projects that they have announced, and they don’t want to implement them in reality. Because England who leads Russia from the background do not want the exploitation system to be collapsed in the world.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya