Still can’t spot them by their appearance?

They do not look like copies of each other but they have general common characteristics. If you are careful enough and if you know even a little bit about face-reading methods, then you can see that from their faces.

They are called as Turks in some countries, Persians, Armenians, Jewish, Greeks, French, Chinese, Japans, Tay, Americans, Blacks, Brezillians, Argentines, Native Americans and more in some countries… But they are all gypsies…

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


They never lived like normal human-beings

It’s an ordinary day in China where the people live like bugs and without humanity for the last five thousand years… The Chinese people are a community that they haven’t been able to live as human beings for thousands of years because of they are gypsies. This truth can be clearly seen in the videos spreaded around the world from China for the last 5 years. Even the people who look at them from a distance can certainly understand what a trouble they are. They do not have decent faces, decent body shapes, a healthy logic, a healthy reasoning, a healthy language, cleanliness, conscience, mercy, patient or spirituality. They are genetically built this way thousands of years ago and they are still living this way, they are living in an inhuman way.

Of course, I exclude the very few exceptions among them.. Although, there are very few of them. In the video, so many cars were passing by. There are buildings on both sides of the street. No one stopped and intervened. That woman could be saved not once but tens of times. Because of the negative reactions from all around the world, they spreaded some footages that make them look like they have social solidarity in recent years. But it’s all a game…

The problems cannot be corrected without fixing their genetic codes or without they are being destroyed. They wouldn’t have only internal problems but they would make troubles for the world. I am not even laughing at those who claim that such a country as China can be a world leader, a super power country… I am tired of laughing it off. They are supposed to be cultered researchers, enlightened people who can teach people but they are closing their eyes not to see and accept the mind-blowing truths before their eyes. They are no different than the Chinese for acting this way. Besides, those who are acting this way in Turkiye have gypsie genes. (It claims that the driver didn’t leave the woman wounded and killed her to receive a lesser sentence according to the Chinese law.)

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


There is no real Ankebut network left anmore

Russia is in my hands at the moment… All the parties know that. They are playing games to hide it…

Hakkari and its surroundings are quite risky lately…

Also Muğla and its surroundings are quite risky lately…

The metaphysicists of those who are on my side, those who are hostile to me and those who are remained neutral should look at what happened in the metaphysical field around the world in the last a few hours. If they haven’t look at it, if they are still not informed… There is no real Ankebut Cult in the metaphysical field anymore. They are in miserable condition. There are serious problems in many underground cities of various parts of the world. The problems in the underground cities caused some of the recent earthquakes.

The Iblees and Dajjal are overexposing our metaphysical signals that they can’t even understand what is spoken properly. Their reasonings are problematic and they cannot even protect themselves.

The struggle in Russia is not limited to Wagner. Even if Wagner will be destroyed, this struggle won’t stop, it will not end and will achieve a result.

I’ve already written repeatedly and long ago what will happen to France. It will turn into a rubbish dump, it will be like a corpse, terrible things will happen to it. It will probably be plundered by the other European countries who are in hunger. There is no nation as French. Most of them are gypsies, too.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


They’re all Gypsies and they’re all pawns of the Devil…

By the way, there was a confusion in the jinn realm. Countless jinns have learned these subjects, have seen the Iblees’ lies and it caused a confusion. They continue to leave the Iblees’ system… They are very angry. The gypsies, the (so-called) Jews and also the Armenians are angry the most among the humanity. They tought that they were the children of the Iblees but they have learned painfully that they were produced through genetic engineering. The more painful thing is that they have animal genes in their genes. Soon, the genetic engineers will carry out scientific studies on this subject and they will see the accuracy of what I said with scientific evidences. Then, the Iblees will be devastated… Lying, sedition, scam, deceit are the job of the Iblees…

I caused a misunderstanding. I wrote that article at night without any preparation while I was tired and continuing to the metaphysical conflicts. I made the mistake. I have to correct that issue… The gypsies didn’t appeared in the time of the prophet Abraham. As I have told it repeatedly before that the gene codes mixed together on Earth after the flood in the time of the prophet Noah. Humans and aliens were living together on Earth and there were sexual intercourses between different human species and they were giving birth to children with defective genes as a result. They are the gypsies… The Pharaohs are descendants from them. As I have openly said in the article I wrote at night, we call the people who born as the result of the gene transfer between the humans and aliens as “gypsies”. Sexual intercourse between different human species and genetic engineering interventions cause gene disruption and the result is the same… The result is the gypsies…

Very high number of people in the world still don’t know that almost all of the population are gypsies in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Iran, Myanmar, Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Armenia, Israel, Yemen, Oman, Romania, France, the South American countries and in many more countries. Also, there are so many among these communities who don’t know their own descent. There is no race as Armenian, they are gypsies. There is no race as Chinese, they are also gypsies. There is no race as Persian, they are also gypsies. There is no race as Japanese, they are also gypsies. But there are different types of gypsies… There are gypsies derived after the Noah’s flood, there are also gypsies derived in the intermediate eras and in the time of the prophet Abraham. The disruption of their genes and therefore the disruption of their behavior, perception, mind and reasoning are not on the same level. There are different types of gypsies who have dominant genes of different alien species or of different kind of animals. There are countries which the Iblees converted the population to gypsies but not completely which tens of countries belong in this category including Turkiye. The problems in this world far from over for thousands of years because the people’s genes are already disrupted. The Iblees caused this the most. Then, he did everything he could to spread these people with defective genes all around the world in every era and he still does. I have already written that the Iblees wants intensive migration to Turkiye from Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Africa the most… He is trying to disrupt the genes of the people in those regions because he couldn’t disrupted them as much as he wanted. Thus, he will be destroyed the Turks and islam. Because he knows very well that morality, sense of shame, religion, knowledge, science, wisdom, cleanliness cannot be taught to the people with defective genes. These people would never correct themselves even if they would be taught and educated for millions of years. Therefore, Turkiye must stop the migration wave without wasting any time and export more than ten millions of people with defective genes. In fact, the children of those who got married them should not be allowed to stay in our country.

They brought the gypsies to our country and to Thrace region the most from Greece by calling them Turks during the well-known exchange. The Turkish men have been destroyed by the enemies on many fronts for tens of years and the number of them was decreased a lot. They wanted to destroy the Turkish genes in this way with very, very comprehensive and genius plans. The Iblees and Dajjal implemented these plans by putting England and the royal family in the center. The goals of Iblees and the satanists and masons who work for him was the same in that time. Since that day, decency, morality, religion, conscience, family institution, public order are collapsed in Turkiye. They used the gypsies the most for this process. The Tv channels, radio channels, the business world, social media platforms, Youtube, the administrative authorities, the newspapers, the so-called artistic community are full of gypsies who have defective genes. Some of them think that they are jewish but they were led to believe that they have to protect the gypsies. Some of them think that they are Armenians but they were led to believe that they have to take care of the gypsies. In reality, they are all gypsies and are the pawns of the Iblees…

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The person who made the world a single state for the first time was Hazrat Dhu al-Qarnayn and he was a Turk…

From what I know, this is the order of the rulers who rule the world as one state:

1. Hz. Dhul-Qarnayn

2. The prophet Sulaiman

3. Nebuchadnezzar, he also called Buhtunnasr

4. Nemrud. If I am wrong about this matter, you can enlighten me. I am a human, I have made mistake before and I’ve corrected them when I noticed. And I will correct it if I’m wrong on this one.

It is reported that there will be a fifth ruler of the world after these four rulers and that it will be Hz. Mahdi. From what I understand, Hz. Mahdi will be a Turk and he will make the entire world as one state just like Hz. Dhul-Qarnayn did. There will be important events in the time of Hz. Mahdi very similar to those in the time of Hz. Dhul-Qarnayn. When Ya’juj and Ma’juj (Gog and Magog) attack our world for the second time, Hz. Mahdi will lead the world humanity as the ruler of the world and he will win the war.

And also, there will be important events in the time of Hz. Mahdi very similar to those in the time the prophet Abraham. He will not allow those who have defective genes to win. Do not expect me to tell everything. Let your men tell the things they know and let us take advantage of you. We will listen if you have objections. You couldn’t done it yet, your men have been low-level and empty, and were mixing everything up. They didn’t have good intention, though. Maybe you can do this kind of a thing now…

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya