Why? Why are you talking like that?

Putin! Why it’s legal when you cause a stir here and do every kind of evil lawlessly and it’s illegal and unlawful when I cause a stir respectfuly and bravely in favour of the people of Russia?

What kind of a way of thinking this is…

Your head is no use to yourself and it is no use for the entire nation headed by you illegally… You brand anyone you want as a traitor or terrorist for years. You are no different than Tayyip. Will you call me a terrorist, either? What will be the point of it?

Russia and Turkiye is not the only countries you have caused a stir and ruined. Because of you, millions of children go to sleep hungry, cannot afford treatment and cannot be raised in a proper family and in proper conditions of society in Turkiye.

So many women/mother live in unbearable conditions. When they cannot afford food for their children, when they are subjected to theft and fraud… You are stealing from them again and again by building a so-called nuclear plant. You are a devil who steal from even the abondened orphans, who even make people steal their bodies/organs and then sell them…I can write volumes of books here but you wouldn’t even understand. It has been more than half a century since you have lost your humanity. It is futile and illogical to explain things to you like shooting a bullet to the darkness.

Who are you to teach me what law, politics, humanity are, how to behave and make decisions?

You haven’t taken the Erkhov devil from here yet. You have reached to these days and conditions with a determination of devilry and stubbornness. You are in my hands, I can sign your death warrant anytime I want. The countries, governments, mafias, secret intelligences you rely on can do nothing about it but watch. They would only be preoccupied with their own troubles. They would begin to beg the Iblees to not being the next one/party. Although, they have already begun to beg.

As I always said, those who burned will be burnt, those who destroyed will be destroyed, those who shot will be shot and those who caused a stir will be stirred.

Now, do whatever you can do, don’t talk nonsense, take action. Let me see you and your gang and those who try to keep you in power…

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


They are hiding

There is a very deep and major crisis on most of the American continent but they are still lying and telling that it is the ocean current and seaweed.

The magnetic field is aberrant in the field now where was nothing wrong before I marked it in some of my publications months ago. The gas balances are unstable. The winds, rainfalls are out of balance. The ocean water is out of balance. The ocean has warmed up so much from the bottom. Ground movement during the earthquakes is abnormal… These events keep happening everywhere in the region which indicates there are grave problems in the region. Creatures are dying strangely. Even people become suddenly ill because of the gases leaking into the environment.

The major disasters which are unprecedented in the known world history are coming by screaming but the American officials are trying to keep the traitor Ankara government and the traitor Moscow government afloat against me instead of doing something for the American people. They are trying hard to keep the human, organ and drug trafficking and the exploitation system around the world afloat. They are trying so hard to fawning over England and Israel. They are trying so hard to make China look like a world giant even though it can be destroyed with only one blow.

Those who have heard me from the USA and the American continent should send my warnings to the people they know. There will be unimaginable sufferings in the region. They should take precautions by their own means in a short time.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


To hell with Ankara administration…

I will not agree with Ankara. It is not my interlocutor. It is not even my enemy. I will not stop until I smash those who support Ankara into the ground.

I will bury them in history, even if they are in the White House, in Kremlin, in the EU center, in the NATO center, in Vatican, in Spain, in Italy, in Israel, in Azerbaijan, in Germany… Even if they are in the underground cities under the ground of California, at the poles, even if they are above and under the ground of India, China or Russia.

And then, I will show the world that Ankara is just consist of a few bugs that need to be stepped on.

No one should listen to the rumors and no one should involve wrong plans. Those who were deceived before by similar games shouldn’t be deceived and exploited now and they shouldn’t waste time because of them.

I also will not agree with Putin and Asad. I will make Asad pay for what he did. I am just waiting for the right time and making the conditions advanced. I will not agree with the groups called FETO. I want to trample them before everyone else.

I will not only collapse the balances of Turkiye upon them but all the balances of the world. They will not be able to breath even in other countries. They will be extradited to Turkiye in time and I will get whatever needs to be done.

There are enough groups within and outside of our country. As I always said, if not this way, then we will do this my way. It’s time will be extended, we will reach those days by suffering but the result will not change. I am still saying the same thing. The world will turn upside down, and I will not involve or fix anything, I will not protect it. It will take place across the entire world. No one will be able to stand against me. This is why I will not be in a rush. I will not create opportunities by acting with good intentions and mercy. I will try to get the job done by sending the characterless, ruleless ones to hell as many as I can.

I don’t need the useless crowds. I don’t need the cowards, ingrates, devilish people, the unreliable ones, the worthless ones. Less is more… I can conquer the world and even the worlds with them.

Do not pay any attention to the plans, projects, promises which my name is involved without confirmation from me.

I will not correct this world without burning and destroying it. Because my interlocutors’ actions and decisions showed that they wanted it to be this way. And I am tired of giving advices to them, warning and tolerating them. Now, I am busy with preparing the mind-blowing, dreadful last scenes that they want.

Don’t worry about that, there is divine justice and everyones get what they deserve. I’ve got tea, eid tea, would you like some?

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


I already did what I said




When I wrote these articles on March 2, 2023 any of the influential and authoritative people in the world couldn’t laugh at them…

It became apparent that Istanbul already defeated Russia. A small number of armed military force was about to take over Moscow without encountering any obstacles. Because the government/state system is no longer functioning in Russia. Even in this time of crisis, they are trying to recruit the last criminals in prison by force. There is no longer a state system as Russia. They have no soldier, weapon, vehicle and ammunition, they don’t even have bullets. They don’t have money, treasury. The real Lavrov has been gone for months. The one who in appearance is not the real Lavrov. It is also not clear that if the real Putin is alive. Any state can take over Russia easily.









You forget so easily. Review the publication history of the Akademi Dergisi, search for it, you will see and remember all of it.

And do not surprise…

I have done what I have said. The USA, China, Russia, England, Taiwan, the South Korea, Japan, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Turkiye come to the forefront of these countries which are already collapsed.

There are false official statements, flase official data in all these countries and the press and the media in those countries are under censorship. Also, they use the unbacked money to make the countries look like they are still afloat. Even the character called the king Charles closely follows the unbacked money (sterling) businesses. In so many countries, the unbacked money, the foreign exchanges are printing by their own secret intelligences. The MİT prints billions of unbacked dollars and euros at their own safe places in Turkiye and roll them out to the market through their own personnel and the mafias under their control. These secret intelligences are getting organized through the Masonry and trying to keep tens of countries afloat. But it cannot work that way anymore. The covered wounds cannot heal, it makes it grow more and will begin to suppurate.

And also, tens of countries who are connected to the Ankebut Cult are working in an illegal and unofficial way behind the background to hide this major defeat. They demonstrate an extreme understanding to each other, support each other unofficially, and they tell lies/false stories to the world humanity in an organized way.

The world order has already changed, gentlemen! Are you still one of those who are deceived by them? It has changed a great deal that I don’t even need to interfere with the field.

There is tea, would you like to have some? Blissful tea?

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


Updated risk map

The risk is higher than ever for the area marked in green. The western part of the region may sink into the ground starting from the sea at any moment. Even if the right side of the area wouldn’t collapse, this will lead to major problems.

The risk will suddenly and greatly increase in the area marked in yellow after the collapse occur in the area marked in green. Although the chance of a collapse occurring in the area is very small, but major earthquakes and giant waves (tsunamis) enough to go down in history may occur.

The area marked in red will become an area which will never recover again because of what will happen. Even the technology the aliens have will be inadequate. It will transform into a completely unsafe region that no one should live in, it will be a region which will no doubt soon be collapse but it will be unclear when this will happen. Because there are underground cities under the region marked in red and even now, they are in bad conditions.

Their problems will become gigantic when the expected collapses begin to occur and will become unsolvable.

All the living beings will have to stay away from the area marked in red, both under and above the ground.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya