So let’s start…

The metaphysical interventions was also a decisive factor against Wagner. Wagner was not protected enough against the metaphysical attacks.

From now on, we will attack rapidly and harshly to everyone who attacks to Wagner and its supporters with metaphysics.

Also everyone and everything who will stand against the patriots in Russia even with only a news text or a social media post will be exposed to the metaphysical bombardment of Istanbul.

I repeat…

Don’t you hear all those jinns who screams?

Don’t you see their situation?

Their world is crashing down on them, don’t you know about that?

Don’t you know about the humn and alien mediums, magicians, even jinn magicians, even the high-ranking jinns who have died?

Don’t you know that the number of the rituals are decreasing, that they are depressed and about to bottom out?

The iblees is under my feet again… He looks like a fried chicken. There are wounds and burns all over his body…

Come on, run to help the iblees, the satanists, the masons and you will die, too.

We knew that these days will come for years. And we have been doing our part for these days to come, to happen for years.

The new president of Russia will take the seat of the presidency with a tremendous support of Istanbul. He will do his part and he will be loyal to Istanbul, he will be honest. He will fight for the good of the people of Russia.

Very soon, Istanbul and Russia will be started to enormous projects.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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