I declare openly to the world

The struggle which is happening in Russia is an internal affair of Russia. Those who are in power in Russia betray the people of Russia. These traitors have appendage in the army and Shoigu is in this betrayal gang.

It can be discussed separately if there are flaws, crimes in the struggle of Wagner to this day. But the struggle of Wagner and the soldiers who are centering around it and the Russian people against Putin and his gang is legal. It is in accordance with law. The governments, the leaders and the General Staffs of various armies who will attempt to intervene openly or insidiously against this right, legal and essential struggle will be commited a grave crime.

If this process happens, Istanbul will make interventions openly in many countries, particularly in Turkiye and will become a true comrade of the patriots who want to stop the betrayal and injustice in Russia.

From now on, everyone will pay attention to what they say, the decisions they make, what or who they will talk to, even to the reports and comments they will publish.

Otherwise, they will be the ones who start the fire which will burn the whole world.

They should flee to Qatar, UAE, England, the USA, Israel or Iran… There will be no one fleeing to Turkiye from Russia. Those traitors will be extradited immediately when the true patriots take power in Russia and when they demand their extradition. Everyone make decisions accordingly…

Even if there is only one person who is influential other than me in Turkiye, who have objections about what I wrote, who wants to set fire to the whole world, I am in my place. He can come and face me as he wants.

The CIA spies, the NATO members, the Israelis, the English, Russian and Chinese spies who formed a cabinet as the result of a completely fraudulent and illegal so-called election and placed all the tratiors, spies, money launderers in every institution of our state and then went back, and especially Aliyev and Stoltenberg should come, if they can.

I will be very “welcoming”. I am waiting…

The Turkish and İslamic elements affiliated with the Federation of Russia should know that they will sign their death/annihilation warrant with their own hands if they will continue to stay on the side of Putin who is the pawn of Israel/England/the USA and his gang in this critical time.

If they remain silent even under these circumstances like cowards and characterless’ and if they take a pro-Putin stances by crossing the line, Istanbul will throw them into the fire and send them to hell.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


How was those days, those years…


We had rebuilt the political balances of the world from scratch in favour of Russia.

The leaders who consider themselves political geniuses couldn’t even understand what we have done in favour of Russia. They were shocked and gave up in short time.

Russia has never been a real ally/friend of us. Because Russia is not ruled by the Russians. The Russian people have no influence in Russia. Russia was ruling by the pawns of England, Israel and the USA.

The traitors in power have deliberately destroyed the balances, the gains we have formed by weaving knot by knot… They only had to move forward, but they could not even do as much.

They already deserved to be crushed under the foot of the Russian people and hanged in the public places in Russia.

What you have seen for years was nothing. From now on, you will see the true power of Istanbul.

From east to the southeast…
Forward march!..

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya