They can’t take Tayyip away from me

Why are you mad at me? I already told you “If Tayyip owes you something, take it”.

If you don’t listen, then it is your problem…

No one can save Tayyip from me, even if under and above the ground unite against me… I will destroy everyone who still stands on his side. I will tear them apart mercilessly. I have warned them so many times, but they didn’t listen.

Who are those who carry out projects in Turkiye, Syria or somewhere else? Where are those? Where are those who called themselves arabs? Where are the Londener gypsies? Where is Alarko?

Where are those who consider the entire Southeastern region as their own farm?

What happened to Asad? Where is Nahyan?

They were entering Iran?

Where is the Putin’s character?

How is Netanyahu?

What about Trump?

What about India or China?

Which one of you can keep the USA afloat?

You are not fool, you are worse then a fool and you are the only one responsible for the situation you are in. Stop going places and crying out. You are done, you have lost, you went bankrupt.

Despite the hand extented nobly to you and despite so many opportunities, you couldn’t keep up with the era and you will be out of the game.

From now on, there could only be a couple of artificial disaster attacks but it will not change the result.

Those who didn’t comply with Istanbul will be destroyed.

I have no business with organ and human traffickers, terrorists, plunderers or LGBT people.

None of them will be accepted by Istanbul. If they come, they will return empty-handed.

I will destroy all of those people in this world in a very short time. I will also destroy those who commit these crimes.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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