Currently, real exchange rates are at an extreme level…

If we look at it its unpressured form by with the unbacked and bloody money, with the money from undisclosed sources, with the money that we don’t know what they have given in exchange… Also, with many manipulations and false statements…

TL/Dollar rate has been over 90 liras for months. And it is now over 150 liras… Very soon, it will be over 200 liras.

There is an unprecedented incompetence, betrayal, robbery illegality, pressure, manipulation, collapsing, hyperinflation and a major devaluation in Turkiye.

These are not the ways out of the crises. The way to overcome the crises is to comply with the Istanbul. It is to being honest, to establish justice and peace in the country, to be trusted and to attract the investors. It is to make huge investments, to increase the production rapidly by spreading it to the base and also increase the exports. On the other hand, it is to reduce the consumption and spendings and to stop the waste. It is impossible to do these without eliminating bribery and corruption on the other hand.

Do not be misled by the current situation of Turkiye. There is an Istanbul factor in Turkiye. The picture will be reversed in a very short time. Turkish lira will be the reserve currency and those who find American dollars on their way won’t even take it. It will be rubbish that much it will lose its value.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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