Very harsh things will happen to Twitter

If you have content on Twitter that its loss may cause financial or/and moral damage, then you should immediately back up them, copy them.

Because Twitter will be in big trouble. It will be inaccessible across the world. There is a high probability that it will never be active or open again. Even if it will be activated again weeks later, it will be unable to retain the data and will continue its way without the data.

As I’ve warned you before, if you have your business on social media networks and youtube, if your system works through them, you should have found an alternative to them. I don’t know what you can do, from now on. But, you should know that those systems which are standing against the will of Turkiye and the Turkish nation will be punished.

This election in Turkiye is so important that there is no one left who doesn’t interfere with it. Even the other planets interfere with it and there will be a violent conflict, accordingly. During the time, things we never expected will happen.

Those who do business with this scum called Elon Musk, those who are around him and support him or those who support him from a distance, even those who are on the same side as him and support him through publishing won’t believe what will happen to them.

Also, the underground cities and everyone from the alien species to the jinns’ groups won’t believe what will happen to them.

No one can prevent Turkiye’s struggle for freedom, they are only shotting themselves in the head and destroying their own systems.

Watch out, Turkiye is coming.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

They have to prepare the compensations

Those who I will give chance among the countries, groups, people who have been against me for all these years already know themselves.

Those who will accept Istanbul’s red lines, those who will come to Istanbul to make agreements in order to maintain their presence will pay huge reparations as the defeated of this war which has been going on for all these years. They will pay the war reparations. They should start preparing that large amount of money.

Otherwise, we will continue to conflict with them for a short while longer and we will take them out of the game by striking our final blows on them.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

Currently, real exchange rates are at an extreme level…

If we look at it its unpressured form by with the unbacked and bloody money, with the money from undisclosed sources, with the money that we don’t know what they have given in exchange… Also, with many manipulations and false statements…

TL/Dollar rate has been over 90 liras for months. And it is now over 150 liras… Very soon, it will be over 200 liras.

There is an unprecedented incompetence, betrayal, robbery illegality, pressure, manipulation, collapsing, hyperinflation and a major devaluation in Turkiye.

These are not the ways out of the crises. The way to overcome the crises is to comply with the Istanbul. It is to being honest, to establish justice and peace in the country, to be trusted and to attract the investors. It is to make huge investments, to increase the production rapidly by spreading it to the base and also increase the exports. On the other hand, it is to reduce the consumption and spendings and to stop the waste. It is impossible to do these without eliminating bribery and corruption on the other hand.

Do not be misled by the current situation of Turkiye. There is an Istanbul factor in Turkiye. The picture will be reversed in a very short time. Turkish lira will be the reserve currency and those who find American dollars on their way won’t even take it. It will be rubbish that much it will lose its value.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

I write clearly for those who still do not understand

All of them have tapes, including Tayyip and Kemal. Most of them are pedophiles, gay, rapist… Those are the people who spent their life sleeping with so many people.

Some of them are ritualists and they even sacrifice people in the rituals. They have the meeting records of some of them with the diplomatic representatives. All of them are money launderers and connected to the mafias and terrorist organizations. Not only their corruption and intimate relations will be spread but the evidences of their so many grave crimes will be spreaded around the world.

This is the reason they got panicked about the blackmails, montages, deepfake, Russians, Americans when there is little time left for the election that will not take place, when the atmosphere is tense… They think that they will save themselves from the trouble when they claim that the other evidences are fake…

It is not possible to distinguish between the original footage and the fake/montaged footage but it is technically possible to distinguish them and there are special and reputable companies that do this. You pay for it and they examine the footage. Everyone can do this.

The most of the evidences (sound and image recordings) were technically examined by different parties in a short time in the process of December 17/25 and were proved to be original which is why the most of them in the field went silent.

Also, if an image or a sound recording is exposed, there are other ways to verify the authenticity of those. It has happened in the process of December 17/25. They were talking about how they bought many villas from a luxury housing estate and eliminated the cash money in the sound recording. The sale documents of the related one’s lawyer who bought the villas that day were revealed.

If someone is talking about something or going somewhere or having an intimate relationship with someone, it can be revealed with not only its image or sound recording but with its documents and witnesses that verifies it.

There are just hours away to hit a hard rock for those who think that a so-called election will take place with the command of other countries, terrorist organizations and money launderers which is against the Constitution and our national security.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi