Balloon, balloon, balloon…

All of them are inflated baloons by CIA…

There is still no “Turkish politics” or “Turkish media” in Turkiye.

Everything in our country are under the control of other countries and secret intelligences through the crypto-ID traitors… CIA determines the number of followers of accounts like this one and they write “inflated numbers”. This cannot be done with bot accounts, it is not possible. In fact, the system wouldn’t allow them if it wants.

The foreign minister of the country is live for 13 minutes in a social media account named Haber Global with 1.67 million followers which is belong to the crypto-ID traitors but only 185 people are watching it.

Is this technically possible? Even though everything a foreign minister tells is so important, only a bunch of people taking it into account and watching it among the 1.67 million people. This is a news account, a news account that the people follow it to reach the news… And so?

The experiences of the pawns who attempted to run for President, who think that his follower numbers that the CIA determines were real, who couldn’t even collect a thousand signatures for days prove the same thing. The people’s accounts which appear to have millions of followers never receive a proporonal number of comments and likes. We supposed to have MIT in our country but it is managed from the same center which is CIA. They use it as they want. They brought the crypto-ID people’s social media accounts to the fore and the real Turks’ accounts are censored as the tratiors are everywhere in the betrayal and money laundering organization called MIT and they do not allow the real Turks to take part.

The live broadcast of Tayyip on Youtube is still on our minds. The people’s reaction on that live broadcast was seen and they were shocked.

YouTube which is owned by CIA removed the “unlike” button when they couldn’t manage the situation.

The so-called social networks and the video platforms of CIA censoring tens of peoples in the highest level. They are directing the elections, the religious, political, financial, sexual, military preferences of the communities through these networks with censor, deceit and sometimes with tyranny.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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