You will die in miserable and disgraceful conditions

If the iblees continue to drag his feet, you will die in terrible and miserable ways.

Just look at the realm of the jinn, it’s indecribable.

Look at those human magicians, mediums who have died. Look at those who killed themselves, shoot themselves in the head, those who cry out and go insane.

Look at those corpses in the underground cities. Look at the signal covered the whole world.

Look at the politicians who works for the Ankebut Cult across the world. Look at the disasters, accidents, the financial damage that we caused.

Look at the Kabbalists and Satanists and their dead bodies. Look at the filthy conditions of the magicians and ritualists of India.

Look at how pathetic your men who have died screaming “Mfs” during the rituals.

Look at your magicians who have died in Hatay, Mersin, Izmir, Istanbul.

Look at how the several of the immortal jinns died. Look at how weak and desperate the Iblees’ skeleton crew.

Look at the armies, soldiers, vehicles and devices of the states on Earth…

Look at this view that tens of countries who cannot even show presence as one country. The day is breaking for the satanists and the sun will not rise for them for centuries. Or maybe for thousands of years… Look at the sun rising for the muslims.

And do not hide!.. Come out, come out to the field. Protect those jinn, the magician and medium humans.

Come on, all of you, come out to the field and die.

There will be dead bodies removed from the palaces where the countries led… Or maybe they will remove them in secret.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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