If you are selling Twitter, I can give you 10 million liras just to comply with the procedure.

Don’t be mad at me, when you bought Twitter, you already knew that it will collapse… If this goes on, Twitter will be rubbish in a very short time, it will go out of business before you sell it.

You are in a very, very difficult situation… I will be very surprised if it can continue to operate two more months.

I am the only one who can make Twitter survive in the world. I do not insist, but think carefully, talk with your people about my offer. Major events will take place across the world in a couple of months. And if you won’t make the right decision until that day, Twitter will be rubbish.

Just so you know, I will also buy many other social media platforms.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

They can’t take Tayyip away from me

Why are you mad at me? I already told you “If Tayyip owes you something, take it”.

If you don’t listen, then it is your problem…

No one can save Tayyip from me, even if under and above the ground unite against me… I will destroy everyone who still stands on his side. I will tear them apart mercilessly. I have warned them so many times, but they didn’t listen.

Who are those who carry out projects in Turkiye, Syria or somewhere else? Where are those? Where are those who called themselves arabs? Where are the Londener gypsies? Where is Alarko?

Where are those who consider the entire Southeastern region as their own farm?

What happened to Asad? Where is Nahyan?

They were entering Iran?

Where is the Putin’s character?

How is Netanyahu?

What about Trump?

What about India or China?

Which one of you can keep the USA afloat?

You are not fool, you are worse then a fool and you are the only one responsible for the situation you are in. Stop going places and crying out. You are done, you have lost, you went bankrupt.

Despite the hand extented nobly to you and despite so many opportunities, you couldn’t keep up with the era and you will be out of the game.

From now on, there could only be a couple of artificial disaster attacks but it will not change the result.

Those who didn’t comply with Istanbul will be destroyed.

I have no business with organ and human traffickers, terrorists, plunderers or LGBT people.

None of them will be accepted by Istanbul. If they come, they will return empty-handed.

I will destroy all of those people in this world in a very short time. I will also destroy those who commit these crimes.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

Its directly cause of war

Some of those who want to hold a so-called election which is illegal, against the Constitution and election law in Turkiye…

Some of those who try to help the other states, the secret intelligences, the international terror and money laundering organizations to reach their goals with this occasion will try to flee the country when things get out of control. No matter how careful we will be, there will be those who flee among them in this chaos and the transition process.

All the states in the world should know that the Mfs’ Turkiye will see their acceptance of those traitors and money launderers as a direct cause of war, will see them as an enemy of the Turks and Turkiye, will see it as support to terror, betrayal, every kind of crime and criminals. When the day comes, Turkiye will go to war with all the countries who commit this lawlessness and anti-human action that our neighboring countries will be first, the regional countries will be second and the other countries will be third.

No state/government can see the money launderers, human and organ traffickers, drug and arms smugglers, war and terror offenders, murderers, massacrists who have taken the administration of another country, who commited every kind of lawlessness and crimes and who are about to fall into the hand of the people as “political asylum seekers”.

All the parties should make their decisions, accordingly. Very soon, none of the excuses of the parties will be accepted.

Not only Turkiye, but Turkiye’s true allies will make necessary military interventions to those countries by organizing through MI. And they will have their share of the booty.

That’s how this is going to be… Whether individuals, communities and governments will comply with the law or they will get a harsh response that they deserve.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

Who are “they”, about who does Biden speak about?

Who are they, who does Biden mean by “they”, does he give a message in passing, does he challenge someone, I didn’t understand. But if he thinks that he is challenging Istanbul, he should know that I am the one who determine not only the future of Turkiye and the USA but the future of the whole world.

Until today, this path that I am a member of has determined the balances of the world. It has been that way from the first humans. The prophets, our prophet (pbuh) which is the last of the prophets and the Silsile-i Saadat who continues his way have determined.

I am under their command and I am in this world to make the life of the pedophiles, satanists, ritualists unbearable. This is why I am sent to the world at this time. And I will continue to make their lives unbearable. Everything that has happened so far was only the trailer, the movie has not started yet.

I will go down in history as the person who collapsed the USA and I am about to finish it already… The movie called “The collapse of the USA” will end as quickly as it started.

Biden was trying to say something the last time, too. He said, “We will fight” and he had trouble coming off the stage. How hard could it be to collapse such a country like the US…

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

Elon, we asked the law and freedom of expression in order to spreading the truth…

This is what we wanted as a nation. We wanted to use Twitter while we were fighting against the traitors and money laundering gangs who have taken our state, who are using our state system in an illegal way as they want and you have made your choice.

You fulfilled the illegal requests of those who don’t recognize the law. You aided and abetted the unofficial authorities in Turkiye who are money launderer scums just like you. You already work together on money laundering businesses and other crimes in the background. But this time, you openly protected each other in front of the whole world, you still do. That’s all… You are no different from each other.

And you write sentences like in the screenshot and trying to fool all the people. If the other countries’ administrators who do not recognize the law would request you a last minute goal… If they request you to openly direct the elections and destroy the opponents, would you fulfill their requests, will you? What you openly did, you censored them was a grave mistake already but what about the insidious censor on Twitter? You are a rare fraud and a scum. You are a anti-human satanist. You shouldn’t be allowed to live in community.

Also, you couldn’t stop anything. You want your men, the money launderers, traitors to stay in power by holding a so-called election in Turkiye with the mobilization of tens of countries, hundreds of big companies and so many international terrorist organizations, but you will see what will happen. You will see if this nation will let you hold this election…

All the exposures will be made from TRT. The true face of you and Twitter will be exposed with the documents during that process.

Twitter: In response to legal process and to ensure Twitter remaines available to the people of Turkey, we have taken action to restrict access to some content in Turkey.

Yglesias: The Turkish government asked Twitter to censor its opponents right before an election and @elonmusk complied.

Musk: Did your brain fall out of your head, Yglesias? The choice is have Twitter throttled in its entirety or limit access to some tweets. Which one do you want?

Krassenstein: I agree with this move by Twitter because of this very reason. My one request would be for a public announcement regarding the reasons for the block. Transparency would go a long way.

Musk: We could post what the government in Turkey sent us. Will do.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi