Do not contact me via fake profiles or the real profiles of those who work for you.

Don’t you have work or duty to do? You couldn’t find anything wrong in tens of thousands of my publications and you will find it in our correspondence?

I am what I say I am in my articles… I am always sincere. I am exposing the crime, terror and betrayal organizations for you to carry out operations against them. There are others also who are exposing them and you know them, too.

So, did something fall on your heads? Are you light-headed? Is it not a security organization anymore and evolved into the organization of the gangs and the crime and betrayal organizations? Whose side are you on?

Do your job and do not get out of control enough to use this state’s power against the patriots. Make up your mind.

What kind of creatures are you?

The people of Adnan Oktar are everywhere… The members of FETO are everywhere… The terrorists from PKK and other terrorist organizations are everywhere…

The traitors are roaming everywhere… This state has been corrupted. Millions of citizens abondened to death. They deliberately distrupted the function of the state’s institutions to kill hundreds of thousands of those who were still alive under the rubbles. Our people were mobilized, the supplies began to pour into the disaster zone and the gangs stole them through the state institutions. Haluk Levent who is a traitor and a thief robbed our people. They make illegal cash transfers everyday. The terrorists and traitors move freely and do not care about the Financial Bureau.

The contradictory statements of the officials are everywhere. Soysuz who is the minister of internal affairs and a drug lord is still taking instructions from China and Xi. He still uses his official authority for the benefit of China and Russia. He is sending the copies of the state’s official documents to them. He is using the state’s institutions to keep the money laundering field available for them in Turkiye.

Our ports, our air ports and trucks are still using for the drug trafficking.

Our children, teenagers and women are still being kidnapped in this country. Thousands of citizens who survived from the disasters are disappeared and cannot be found. Those who struggle to find them are openly cencoring by the press, media and social media. The so-called diplomats of foreign countries are still commiting hundreds of grave crimes everyday in this country, directing the gangs, insist on a so-called election process. They keep giving bribes and instructions to the press and the media.

What about you? What do you do?

Do you want to collapse a real organized national resistance, a true kuvayi milliye movement, the people’s resistance?

You will be the one who will collapse if you will try it… You would be trampled under the people’s foot. Come to your senses, clarify whose side you are on. You do not have so much time.

Change the name of the organization. From now on, it should be named as “Gayretçukuru”… Those who stand against this nation… Down with those who stand with the traitors and money launderers who are the enemies of our people. Let them fall into the their own hole.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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