I am not recognizing

If there is a message to be given to me and to my state, I am pushing it away, trampling it under my foot.

I do not recognize the prosecutors, the judges who are the pawns of the Bastards. I do not comply with the so-called Court and the law enforcement who obeys their orders.

Those who waste their times with such pawns, dogs on leash who are bastards and idiots… Those who are playing the role of the world leaders, let them come out and face me if they have the courage.

I swear that I will destroy their governments. I will ruin their money laundering businesses more. I will ruin their businesses more from drug trafficking to the human and organ trafficking and I will expose them. And the entire world will watch what I’ll do.

Now, let everyone pull out their guns and let those who have the courage come out and face me.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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