We will implement an emergency response plan against drought

Most of the projects that I’ve been announced will be completed years later. It seems that there will be a very serious level of drought and famine problems in Turkiye until the projects completed.

The parties who caused artificial drought and energy crises have taken a heavy blow by us in the last one year and they still do. They have suffered mass deaths many times in the last months. They cannot organized now and they have no peace left under the ground. But they worship the Iblees and the dajjal that they don’t even compromise their satanic struggle.

On the one hand, they will continue to being destroyed, their cities will be useless but on the other hand, we will be realistic and we will put the emergency response plan into effect against drought and famine.

The first thing is to built a giant tower in the middle of the salt lake.

Instead of solving the problem by making tens of projects in different places in a huge country, Turkiye… Instead of paying high costs for tens of different projects… We will make only one high-cost salt lake centered project.

We will dig a very deep foundation in the central location/at the middle point of the lake. We will prepare the foundation of the tower with the most affordable and quality materials by digging a solid foundation with one or one and a half km wide and hundreds of meters deep.

Because the tower will be at least 20 km high. The tower will be produced with very high technology. Every part of it will be planned separately and this one tower will have multipurpose use.

To put it in the most understandable way, this tower will bring the clouds down.

It will radiate energy from a very high point. It will direct the clouds. It will drawn the clouds to itself. It will drawn a great amount of clouds/moisture in the air to itself and will bring them down. The water constantly flowing through the extensive pipeline in the tower will come down to its foundation and will be sent to the targeted regions by the pipelines. On the other hand, the water will be released into the salt lake and in time, the salt lake will turn into a freshwater lake full of drinkable water.

Because of the salt lake is nearly in the middle of Turkiye, it will be a very useful part of the country. Drinkable water will be efficiently produced at a very low cost and will be shipped all over the world with various techniques and vehicles.

It is not limited to this. At the same time, this tower will direct and determine the weather conditions with artificial techniques across the whole country.

It will easily intervene in the air for rainfall in our country whenever we want.

Or it will intervene in the air to prevent extreme rainfall events before it take place.

It will be able to dissipate strong winds and storms before it occurs. It will be able to prevent the tornados. The artificial tornados that occur every year at the same time in the Aegean and Mediterranean regions will never occur again. It will prevent the drinkable water resources which are drying at a mind-blowing speed from drying and it will ensure the resources will be preserved.

The most critically important thing about it which we most urgently need is the fact that it will be impossible to make electromagnetic attacks to create artificial earthquakes in Turkiye. It will dissipate the electromagnetic fields that will be sent towards our country. Moreover, we will be able to do the same to those countries who commited massacres in our country with electromagnetic attacks.

It didn’t end there… While we built a high-cost and a difficult to build tower, we will drawn all the lightnings and thunderings in the sky upon the tower. And we will find a way to convert it into electrical energy.

If this tower does not allow them, not a single aircraft that are belonging to the friend or enemy elements will be able to fly in the Turkish airspace. Even UFOs won’t be able to enter Turkish airspace because of this tower. Turkiye will be able to hunt all the satellites which cause trouble one after another like as easily as hunting a bird, shot them down or break them down and burn them without shotting down. It will constantly shot down thousands of Starlink satellites Elon Musk sent so-called for the internet network. It will do the world humanity this favor as well.

And then, we will offer to build one of these towers to the countries that most of its land surface is desert or semi-arid. But the towers we will built for them will be only civil purposes.

It will be able to use only for drought and famine. It will be able to use for regenerating the desert and semi-arid lands.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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