The whole world once again saw the power of the Turks, the power of Istanbul.

The French aircraft carrier which brought very close to our borders against Istanbul to protect Greece and to those who want to invade Turkey have taken a heavy blow. It is said it will stay in maintenance center for 8 months. It’s highly likely that it cannot be repaired and it will be scrapped.

We took one more aircraft carrier from the game in front of everyone’s eyes by declaring it to the whole world.

What we have done is the guarentee of what we can do.

Also, so many things in the attacker countries broke down, burned but they are trying to hide it. Also, the number of casualties in thier countries is high. Their armies in miserable conditions.

We didn’t even hurry to announce that we broke down the aircraft carrier, we waited them to put it on the news. We are also not in a hurry for the others. They cannot hide their conditions. They will put it on the news and then, we will write it here.

The whole world must know that we will take the revenge of the Maraş-based attacks in the harshest way.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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