I can trigger the San Andreas fault line in America at any time I wish

I can explode the nuclear energy plants in the attacker countries whenever I want. I can explode the nuclear bombs they have in their countries whenever I want. I can explode their ships and submarines that work with nuclear energy wherever they are in the world. I can collapse the underground cities in those countries whenever I want.

The only obstacle I have is the “herd” in Turkiye… The time given to the herd has to end, first.

I am not spirituality responsible for the civilian casualties in the attacker countries and this is not an obstacle for me anymore. Because, there is retaliation. Retaliation is a human right.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

The whole world once again saw the power of the Turks, the power of Istanbul.

The French aircraft carrier which brought very close to our borders against Istanbul to protect Greece and to those who want to invade Turkey have taken a heavy blow. It is said it will stay in maintenance center for 8 months. It’s highly likely that it cannot be repaired and it will be scrapped.

We took one more aircraft carrier from the game in front of everyone’s eyes by declaring it to the whole world.

What we have done is the guarentee of what we can do.

Also, so many things in the attacker countries broke down, burned but they are trying to hide it. Also, the number of casualties in thier countries is high. Their armies in miserable conditions.

We didn’t even hurry to announce that we broke down the aircraft carrier, we waited them to put it on the news. We are also not in a hurry for the others. They cannot hide their conditions. They will put it on the news and then, we will write it here.

The whole world must know that we will take the revenge of the Maraş-based attacks in the harshest way.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

They will sacrifice the children they kidnapped in the earthquake

They will sacrifice some of the children they kidnapped from Maraş-based earthquake regions to the iblees in the rituals over the next few days.

The rituals will take place simultaneously in different places all around the world and also in  the Fener Greek Patriarchate and these children will be sacrificed. The Greek officials are coming to Turkiye to join these rituals.

They timed their visit on the full moon. They also observe the astrological and metaphysical balances. Then, they will try to make the artificial disasters, explosions, invasions, if they won’t change their decisions…

They consider the people who died under the rubble or died somehow after the earthquake as people who sacrificed to the iblees…

That is why they still resisting and trying not to send the State’s resources and assistance to the disaster regions, even though they are exposed.

Even from now on, they will cause infectious diseases in the disaster regions if it is possible and consider the deads as people who sacrificed to the iblees and they will be happy about it.

Satanism is such a damned thing and no one give them a hard time because the satanists have the control of this country through the Masons. Because the Masonry is a satanic cult. It is no one but the Iblees that they called the Great Architect of the Universe.

“I will travel to Constantinople(He doesn’t say Istanbul) tomorrow. I will attend the Sunday of Orthodoxy Patriarchal and Archieratic Divine Liturgy and will be received by his All holiness, Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew. (Bartholomew has no such authority and is not recognised. This is a serious issue can cause a crisis between the two states but the traitor Ankara government has no problem with that.)”

So, they are saying that “no matter what will happen to Istanbul and its surroundings, the Fener Greek Patriarchate is one of the epicenter of this evil…”

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

That Devil will come here, how long will he hide himself?

He became a recluse, they said. He must stop lying. He cannot go into the jinn because has turned into a roasted chicken from the blows I struck.

He couldn’t do what he said he was going to do, their plans didn’t work. This is also why he can’t go into the jinns. He sent billions of jinn to hell by sending them toward us. And he is left humiliated and miserable.

We can send more of them to hell right away. Those who run away should wear skirts.

The metaphysicists around the world have seen what Istanbul did to the iblees and his gang from the jinn.

The iblees knows that I’m not going to die. He also knows that my crew members are not going to die. He deceives you all, again.

This is idiocy. I have told you this for years, I still do. I was supposed to die years ago.

Stop dreaming this empty dreams… Me and my crew will manage the war when the Melhame-i Kübra(Armageddon) break out. We will send tens of armies of the enemy countries to hell. The Iblees knows this. He also knows that he cannot change the fate.

From now on, what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger…

If there will be military conflicts or a comprehensive war between Azerbaijan and Armenia or Azerbaijan and Iran, we will not be a party of these conflicts. We will not be on Azerbaijan’s side. We will not provide any support to them. In fact, we will make some interventions for Azerbaijan to lose the war.

Because those conflicts will only be a collusion. It will not be a real war. The war will be made for black money, kidnap the people and smuggle organs. It will be made to distrupt the plans of the Turkic world, the plans of Istanbul. Azerbaijan who is no different than Israel, who is a money launderer and treacherous will do what is expected of it, once again.

A country called Azerbaijan doesn’t exist for us. And we will trample them under the foot at the first opportunity. There is only a handful of real Turks and muslims among them. We will show sensitivity for them, only.

They have gone astray more than Sodome and Gomore, but they say that they are Turkish and muslims.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

I won’t allow Turkiye to be divided

I am not giving the East and the South East of Turkey, I will not.

I don’t care about how many people will die. I showed great sensitivity and effort but there is still not sincerity, seriousness, unity, effort, improvement enough as much as I expected in the field. Then, I am not responsible for the end of the herd that I cannot call the nation. I am not appointed to be a watchmen for them.

I didn’t say, “you cannot enter or attemp to invade our lands”, from the beginning. On the contrary, I said, “you can invade our lands but we will bury you in our lands”. It’s been so long since I said it and my decision hasn’t changed. In fact, I want you to invade the country and destroy some regions more than you. As they say “one misfortune is better than a thousand advices”. This country deserves not only one calamity, but a thousand.

The artificial disasters or the invasion attempts will not change the result. No matter how many people will die, I will not give any land to anyone from Turkey, I will not let them divide Turkey. Are we clear on that?

Also, I will include Iran, Iraq, Syria, Cyprus, the Aegean islands, Greece, all the lands that are taken from us with deceit and betrayals into Turkey. I will never compromise on my struggle, even if the whole world crumbles. Are we clear on that, as well?

Those who are with me is enough for me. For all these years, I have never been insincere and never gathered the useless crowds around me.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi