We will see it all together

Which one will collapse, Turkey or Shell?..

Which one will collapse, Turkey or the USA?..

Which one will collapse, Turkey or China, Russia, Japan, the South Korea, Taiwan, Iran, the UN?..

We all will see which one will collapse, Turkey or the states and the underground cities that formed the system of the Dajjal (the antichrist).

Just wait, you will see what will happen to JP Morgan, Sony, Samsung and Tesla.

You will see what will happen to the countries and the brands in those countries that I mentioned.

They still haven’t found who exploded the Nord Stream pipeline and these countries made you forget the issue with the controled/colluding political conflicts between them. They also still haven’t found who exploded the Crimea Bridge and how he did it.

Their metaphysicists easily see that it exposed to the signals of Istanbul. If you have metaphysicists around you, ask them, they will tell you. This is not so complicated…

No harm it has done to Turkey will go unpunished. No one will be able to smuggle organ or people in this world. No one will be able to spread LGBT perversion. I will destroy all the infamy by challenging them… Those who resist and who attack Turkey will be in these conditions… The mass/herd in Turkey who don’t straighten themselves out will be destroyed in this process.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

Let me also write this clearly so that everyone knows it

The so-called islamic countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia have no proper connection with islam. Their regime and law system are not islamic already but the people of these countries are not muslim as people assume. There is a handful of muslims among them. The others only call themselves muslims. There are every kind of devilry, evil, perversion in those countries as well.

At least 2 and a half million people died in the earthquake and giant wave in 2004 but it caused only a small amount of cleaning. The masses with half gypsy genes in those countries cannot be led to the right path, they won’t be, just like the people in India. Therefore, the plaques and disasters will never end.

We will be very honest, very clear, very determined on this issue. We will support the small minority who approaches us with sincerity and good intention and who trusts us but we will not waste our time and energy for the others.

Currently, both Malaysia and Indonesia are like cesspool. The countries connected to the Ankebut Cult can do every kind of dirty business without difficulty in both of the countries. The babies, the children, the women in these regions will be saved if the mass deaths occur. Even now, these two countries are openly on the Ankara government’s side, not on the Turkish nation’s side. They do every kind of dirty business with Ankara government.

Also, it is an undisputed fact :

The regime and the judicial system of an islamic nation cannot stay un-islamic for tens of years. A real muslim nation would replace the laws/system of their state with islamic laws, before long. Because the real muslims can never stay silent against peesecution, injustice, blasphemy, nudity, corruption, captivity, drugs, prostitution and similar evil deeds. If this is not happening after tens of years, if the law of the state hasn’t replaced with the islamic laws, then the islam of the most of this nation is a lie and hypocrisy. Just like in Turkey…

No one, no officials or administrations/parties can open a Brothel or keep it open in a muslim country, even if they are political geniuses or have a lot of political experience. No one can spread nudity, corruption, arrogance, fraud from the TVs to the streets.

There is no real islamic country in the world now and the rate of the real muslims in the so-called islamic countries do not exceed 10 percent. It is the same for Turkey… This country wouldn’t be in such a disgusting condition if the 10 percent of our people were real muslims. Any of the current political parties and leaders couldn’t stay in power after the recent disasters.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi