Obedience to the justice system is no longer obligatory in Turkiye

Our perspective on life is so much different but I appreciate Övgün Ahmet Ercan for the attitude he had, since the beginning of the process. I noted all the officials who have mediated to those who detained him after my recent rightful/accurate posts. I noted everyone who gave the traitor politicians the control of the judicial system.

Those officials have already lost their legitimacy and prepared their own end.

From now on, the traitors and their accomplices will be punished, not those who tell the people the truth.

I do not recognize and obey the judicial system that let the thiefs, plunderers, traitors, terrorists stay in the head of our state institutions, even though their guilt were proved, I don’t recognize the judicial system that doesn’t prosecute these people and put our people in every kind of danger but detained a professor who aim to tell the people the truth.

I do not recognize the judicial system that has been put on alert to protect the human trafficker and organ smuggler countries, the so-called aid workers, the so-called field hospitals and the officials who work for those countries.

The curse of Allah be upon these so-called justice officials…

Has anyone gone to the region to listen to those claims from the people? Did anyone find all those missing people who are alive? Or had anyone carry out a proper investigation in the field? Is it law, is it justice?

We are on the edge of the knife, now…

As of now, Turkey is not a state of law. No one has to obey to the administrators (the electeds and appointeds) and the official institutions who don’t recognize the law.

It is time to punish these bandits who threat the nation with the power of the nation…

A person who instructed his men to “take them down” for the people who were in pain and booing the leaders that their betrayals are obvious with the concrete evidences is an enemy of the state and the nation, even if his name is Devlet (State). He is a vagrant who does not recognize the law. He should be responded in the language he understands. The state institutions and the officials must get out from between this vagrant and our people who are in pain, immediately.

We will see who will take down who.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

I will destroy their satanic system on their heads

I find myself powerful as much as the moon. Understand it, right? As much as the moon…

From now on, we will bombard the countries who carry out naval, land and air forces exercises that are connected to the Ankebut Cult in the most heavy way with metaphysics.

From now on, Israel, England, the USA, Russia and China will be exposed to the signal the most.

They will be dysfunctional countries. They cannot hide what’s happening from the press and the media.

Even though they say “there are strikes” and will cancel the flights, even though they say “there are UFO’s” and close the airports, even though they say “we are under attack from hackers” and having serious problems, even though they say “there is an unknown sendrom” and “killed himself” and they will try to cover it, everyone will realize what is happening from the background.

If you have Samsung and Sony devices, you should change the brand in a short time, you should buy from different brands. Do not buy the South Korean, Chinese, Japanese and Indian brands or the electronic products produced in these countries. I have warned everyone in parts before, this is my last and detailed warning…

You will see what I can do, one more time…

Soon, some of the underground alien cities that are still trying to fight against me will be filled with lava and some of them will be filled with seawater.

Some of them will collapse, before the people inside of them could escape. This will be a great cleanse above the ground, also.

Even if I have to collapse everywhere, burn everywhere with lava, fill everywhere with seawater on this planet and start a primitive life, I will clean this world. I will destroy the system of the Iblees, the Dajjal, the satanists and the masons.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

I seeing, I am seeing very clearly…

I see all the foreign diplomats and soldiers in Turkey are getting shot. I see the Turkish people and soldiers are entering the NATO and the USA bases. I see that they are shooting anyone who gets in their way. They are shooting even those who known as the aid teams and the doctors. They are tearing apart the field hospitals, trampling them under their foot.

I see that Biden don’t know what to say and goes into hysterics. I see that even Trump cannot keep him in power.

I see that Tayyip cannot even understand what’s happening, he is left as confused and then he is getting shot, either.

Wait, I see that even Kılıçdaroğlu is getting shot. Also, the other opponents are getting shot, either.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

Be prepared for anything at any time

I can come down to the field at any moment. Everyone should be prepared for anything. I announce a precise and clear information to the world: Russia has gone bankrupt and even the countries who pretend to be enemies of Russia are trying to hide it from the humanity. Most of the political developments in the last period is just collusion…

The Maraş-based artificial earthquake attacks were created to prevent Russia’s bankruptcy. They have tried many things but non of them worked.

Everyone should know that the state system of the Russian Federation doesn’t work properly. The ongoing, shocking developments are not reflected in the world press.

The people who fell from the balcony, people whose obscene images are shared and similar events are nothing compared to the other events in Russia. Russia is in a very critical condition and its system doesn’t work properly.

Like I have said before, Russia cannot even defend itself in a real war…

Despite this, the countries who pretend to be enemies of Russia played upon Turkey, not Russia. They attempted to strike the final blows on Turkey, not Russia. What they were trying to do was to stop Istanbul/Mfs. They have failed and they are in major political, financial and military crises.

They played the “look, it’s a UFO” games to occupy the agenda.

The most of the military elements deployed in the region for the Russia-Ukraine collusion are actually being deployed against Turkey.

They know how much power Turkey will have on the political, financial and military field, if they cannot save Russia from disintegration. They are afraid of it, it’s like they are in a nightmare and they can’t get out of it.

Therefore, they use Azerbaijan as a tool which have no longer have a connection with islam and the Turks anymore, except a small minority. There are the real and hidden stories of all the events, meetings, announcements that are reflected in the press in the background.

I clearly showed the whole world that not only the USA, but even with tens of countries, they have no army, navy, financial strenght, education, experience, ammunition, gas or courage enough to invade Turkey.

They can only make an appearance with using the electromagnetic weapons, long-range missiles, nuclear bombs. And also they can bombard the regions partially with the fighter aircrafts. They have no other skills.

The most effective card they have is the tens of thousands of traitors who are the secret Armenians, the Jews and the Mason who has been given authority everywhere in Turkey.

They are the real threat to Turkey and Turkey will be the world leader in a concrete way, after they are dropped from the game.

There are these facts in the background of their fear and aggressiveness.

There would not be an election and it will not be. Everyone across the country should be ready for the OHAL conditions (state of emergency). This OHAL will not be declared or managed by AKPKK or any other political party. Everyone must be ready and stand up. Everyone should think about what they can do and do their part.

They neither can destroy me nor Turkey… Now, this is our turn to make a move and we have come to the right time for the move.

“Meetings in open areas, demonstrations, sit-down strikes, rallies and similar events” cannot be prevented arbitrarily by the officials.

No one has to obey the orders of those who are publicly betraying our country, who don’t recognize the law, keep threatting our people, trying to scare people with the mafia bosses… Who have not launched any “real” investigation after hundreds of thousands of our people abandoned to death, deliberately… Who didn’t send our soldiers into the field and made tens of false statements… Those who are elected or appointed and didn’t even resign… There is no such requirement in the law.

All of those orders are void, they are not legaly binding.

Turkey, is not a state of law, at the moment. It is under the administration of those who are trying to rule our country by the law of the jungle and who are attempted it publicly and repeatedly.

It is not a choice for the Turkish people but a national duty to stop these betrayals, murder, massacres, immediately. It is treason to obey the orders of the people in question.

Our citizens no longer have to carry the burden of the region that turned into a disaster zone after the Maraş-based artificial earthquake attacks.

What happened to the earthquake taxes they collected by force and unlawfully? Those who stole it must bring it back immediately, it must be used for the benefit of our state and nation or whoever is responsible for this historic illegality and robbery should be brought to account.

It will be done, if Turkey is a state of law. But if it’s not, whoever responsible will be trampled under the foot.

Where is the aid money they collected after the artificial earthquake attacks? When will they “really” use it for the disaster region?

It has been revealed that the Kızılay officials were having fun with the prostitutes in their place, two or three days after the earthquakes. Whose money they were having fun with?

It is clearly known that Kızılay selled the tents they produced with the aid money to AHBAP, who bought them with the aid money of our people. Who will interfere with it, which institution or official will? They will interfere, if Turkey is still a state of law. But if it’s not, those officials who never interfered will be trampled under the foot.

Where is Binali who is the secret Armenian and a big traitor? Where is his family or relatives? All of those responsibles will be tried for what they did. Those who will turn our states power against our nation will be trampled under the foot.

Why did they allow tens of thousands of people in the disaster region to lie on the streets wrapped in blankets in the winter conditions, if they have the tents? Whose permission did they wait for?
If a governor of an occupying country would be in power in our country, could he move this freely in this country?

Why did they made the moves to bring the aid teams from the foreign countries to our country, if we already have the tents, medical resources and health workers?

Turkey still has a large number of field hospitals, enough medical equipment and health workers, so why do we have the foreign elements there in the disaster region?

Why the tens of countries and the NATO which built the field hospitals in the disaster region are allowed to make a human, organ harvest?

Why are those who standing around the field hospitals to take images with their phones are stopped? Why are our police and soldiers forcing our people to delete the pictures that they took?

AKPKK-MHPKK the organized crime, terror, and treason organization who takes instructions from England, the USA and Israel have the soldiers and the police ready in everywhere when they want.

They have the machinery, the fuel and the trucks ready in everywhere, when they want. They let the system work properly. They organize everything in the best way when they want to, so why don’t they organize the real aids and the national security measures?

Why did some people say that it’s “negligence, incompetence” on the press and media, despite the obvious betrayal and intent?

The negligence and incompetence are in the second plan, there are obvious betrayals, intent, massacres, how could someone see all of these and distract the people? Is it the freedom of press and media to do this? Isn’t this complicity in all the crimes against humanity. Everyone must pull themselves together. Now, everyone prepares its own ending with their actions and the line they are standing in.

No matter how much I challenge the world, there is no world to stand up. There is no world to come over us. They are in way worse conditions than Turkey…

I will not differentiate between the rightists, leftists, or the others. I will support everyone, every group/section who are standing tall, questioning, claiming their rights, seeking for justice, who rebel the betrayal. I will support them with my armed elements, if it’s necessary.

No one should hesitate, there is no other Turkey…

Russia, Iran, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Syria and Iraq are acting together. AKPKK, MHPKK, CHPKK, HDPKK, Muharrem and Ümit are also acting together.

The related parties and groups in the African continent must be vigilant. The African continent will gain its freedom after the Ankebut Cult will be publicly overthrown in Turkey. The Ankebut countries will be worrying too much about themselves and will be unable to intervene Africa.

England may go bankrupt, in any moment. It may go complete bankrupt, even before the USA.

Very good things will happen. The cowards will die, the braves will be victorious. The herd will meet its doom, the people will be saved.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

I won’t see any single foreign military element there

Even the enemies are frauds. They have no virtue or a cause to fight for. All of them are cowards, weak… They are all after money, fame, lust… Even all of them together, they do not equal one enemy.

I don’t like this kind of games, it is unpleasant.

All the shocking decisions I have announced recently are canceled. I canceled them as I declared from the beginning, because they we had no response.

Again, our previous decisions and stance still apply.

I do not want to see a single foreign military element in and around Turkey.

I will not allow the NATO and the USA bases breath.

We have the right to intervene to all the foreign elements in and around Turkey, including the bases, and especially the evil people who work in the so-called field hospitals and we will.

The Ankara government is finished, it doesn’t exist anymore. It is dysfunctional and trying to maintain a presence with the provocation and support of the aggressive countries.

Even though, most of our nation is a herd of people now, we will continue to preserve our state and our nation, we will continue to destroy the administration and all the opposition parties who are in collusion, despite tens of countries.

We will take surprising decisions to preserve the nation and exterminate the herd, throughout the process.

The tens of aggressive countries have no power. All of these countries are so desperate, so weak… They created artificial disasters as I’ve been saying for years, they received support from the aliens for this, but they cannot even move forward with it.

They have problems in the important parts of the devices, systems that they created artificial disasters.

They have tried to destroy Istanbul for so many times before the Maraş-based artificial earthquake attacks, but we could prevent it.

One of the reasons of the unending disasters that are happening in the USA is our struggle, in recent years. We are harming their very high technology system that keeps the world’s climate under control in artificial ways, for years. I have written it and announced it from time to time, for the last two and a half years. That is how I interpreted the disasters that took place in China.

As a result, strange climate conditions are being experienced not only in the USA or China, but in many countries in the world. On the other hand, they want to keep this system in operation and control the climates as they please, like they used to do. On the other hand, the finances of these countries are in wretched conditions. They want to lock the people in their houses and towns to dicrease the spending and delay the crisis.

JP Morgan is in hard conditions that they even almost come to my door and beg me on their knees… I’m telling you, be smart.

Likewise, it wouldn’t be surprising, if Elon Musk come up and beg to me on his knees. He is in such bad conditions… The system of the USA has collapsed simultaneously with the people like them and they couldn’t achieve the result they wanted with the recent artificial disaster attacks they created. Even the union of Galaxies cannot keep Biden in power anymore. They cannot maintain the USA in one piece. Even if the union of Galaxies exists and even if they want to come to our world to intervene in the balances of the world, they cannot cross through the Mount Qaff, they cannot get in.

States and governments are two different things. The governments are temprorary but the states are permanent. Even the Constitution and the regimes can be changed, but the states remain.

Not only want a change of the government, even want a fundamental change of the Constitution or the regime is a lawful behavior, it is not a crime. These actions can be carried out in the stadiums, on public transports, on the street, in front of the buildings of the public institutions or through the press and the media, and neither of these is a crime.

Tasking and directing the institutions of our state and the intelligence with the law enforcement illegally the most and sending them against our citizens who are taking a legal stance is a grave, in fact a fatal mistake. And this behaviour displayed right after we had lost millions of people because of the malicious decisions of the government and its partners… Right after such a big destruction and pain in our country.

It is a very grave mistake for Bohçalı which is clear who he really is and who he serves from the start, to put Alaaddin Çakıcı on the field, a dirt bag just like himself.

I will not allow this kind of lawlessness, vagrancy, recklessness in this country. Everyone should watch their steps.

Those who try to silence the voices rising from the right wing or the left wing will face me and my organization.

We will not argue them unnecessarily, we will talk to them in a language which they understand.

I never had a favorite football team, let them go and play their game, let’s see who is from Kasımpaşa and who is from Cerrahpaşa and we will respond them accordingly.

If there is no state system, no rule of law, no Constitution, no validity of the law and if everyone should move forward with the might of his own hand, then the whole world should know that I am the State, I am the Law and I will crush anyone who stands in my way.

Turkey is not an unofficial colony of the USA, England, China, Russia or any other country.

From now on, those who carry out activities by not recognizing the freedom of Turkey will receive a bullet gift.

We will make no distinction between the native enemies, foreign enemies, enemies who look like health workers, enemies who look like aid organizations, the political enemies, the military enemies and the diplomatic enemies.

If there is no investigation or operation launched against Kızılay, AFAD, AHBAP, even in these circumstances, then Turkey has become an unlawful country and the administration has turned the state’s power against its people. There is no more security of life or property in Turkey.

Then, Turkey is under an insidious occupation of the countries who support the administration and who created the recent artificial disaster attacks. Then, there is a need to start a Kuvay-i Milliye movement. It is time to punish the traitors who stay in power by force and deceit and the countries who hold these traitors’ leashes.

The herd aside, the Turkish people do not have to be patient, obey or remain silent to this. The streets, the squares, the institutions, the soldiers, the police, the universities and everything established by the taxes of our people are belong to our people. No one will obey to a couple of so-called political parties that are the pawns of others and to the traitor leaders of these parties.

Today is the 28th February…
Today, is a different day…

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi