I sincerely supporting the Catalonia’s independency struggling

From now on, my crew will break the metaphysical pressure, control in Catalonia, including the technological mind control systems. They will target all the human and alien sides who stand against Catalonia. Everyone who fights against the freedom of Catalonia, especially the alien alements will be exposed to the intense metaphysical signal. Everything, including the armies, vehicles, devices, public institutions, computer systems, banking systems, servers, power plants, internet networks of Catalonia’s enemies will be exposed to the metaphysical signal.

I also believe that the struggle of the people of Catalonia will grow day by day and they will not miss these opportunities. The people of Catalonia have been lied to about us, the Turkish muslims and I am sure that the Catalonians will like us, the Turkish muslims when they meet us.

Soon, I will take over control of Turkey and the region and I will support the freedom struggle of the people of Catalonia with my armies.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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